Summoners and PIs...


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Summoners and PIs...

I wonder, can a merc wearing Pride, Dragon, and Dream take out PIs in hell in a decent amount of time? I'm thinking of going with wearing Beast on a summoner, and hiring a Might merc so my summons can have Fana, Might, and Concentrate all at once. The one big problem I see is PIs, so I was thinking stacking all those auras ontop my merc might be enough...but do you think I'd need a WWS on switch or something?


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My Summoners merc is wearing Pride, Andariels Visage and Leviathan, my skeletons are getting the benefits of Might (merc) and Conc (merc). If I decided to add Beast to the Necro, it would be so overkill. The skeletons can kill everything in the game in less then 10 seconds, even with more then me in the game. As for PIs, one point in every curse (never get a necro without) and the problem is solved, Amp dmg for normal monsters and Decrep for bosses. IF however there is a unique mob boss with phys imune that I can't break with Amp dmg, I simply ignore that boss and tele on.

Coinclusions: If your skeletons have both might and conc aura, a Beast is not neccecary. I would get something to tele with. (I use a Hoto atm) fast cast rate, mana, +all res, you gotta love it =)


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he's talking about a summon druid

Your merc isn't gonna do well against pi's. easiest way is to put a point into lycan and werewolf, and get a baranars star or something that deals a lot of elemental damage to take em out yourself

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A suggestion I've seen floating around the threads in regards to shifters dealing with physical immunes has been to equip your merc with a Reapers Toll. You'd lose out on the concentration, but you merc would have a 33% chance of casting decrepify on striking. Maybe that's an option?


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well... crushing blow might do it. Maybe just you using a 'Jah' ribcracker on switch--then put one point into fury...? I dunno, I usually just ignore phys lol. There's not many. I wouldn't drop your Pride over something like that ^^ Naw, dragon and dream without conviction sux, I tried using dreams on a sorc with Beast... just didn't cut it 4 damage : / That would be a lotta $$$ to do so little, but go ahead if u wanna


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Since the OP mentioned a wws I assume he's more of a hunter than a pure summoner...therefore.


Best solution I've found yet.


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trade for a reapers toll

Your merc will break most PI's and your summons will get the benefit of decrepify's increased damage anyways