Summoner vs Diablo


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Summoner vs Diablo

I've just tried making my first Summoner. For some reason, I never tried it before and I'm amazed as to how easy I got through normal untwinked. The one exception however, was Diablo himself. I found it absolutely impossible to get past him without help. My army was vaporised in seconds and reserve troops didn't fare much better.

Anyone have any suggestions on how a summoner should kill Diablo?


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I'm in the same boat as you. It is my first time playing a summonmancer and found the exact same thing. The game is rediculously easy, untill you meet D. I had to make several trips to make new skellies but I beat him on my own. I was using an act2 defiance merc in normal. Once you get through D, the rest is easy untill you get to Hell. NM is a breeze.


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Same problem. The key is to get decrepify before you meet big D. So don't put so many points into RS but get decrep first. Majorly important. Of course, you will still get smacked by his fire thingy but by and large, decrep is the winning curse


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ye, hes a pain, deceripfy help a lot, but i found good when u get skeleton mastery in bigger levels, cuz skeletons have more life and damage, although u can maybe have 1-2 skeletons less
i would use blessed aim merc, cuz every hit is important and i didnt found that defense acctualy helps out...

although i never beated him without goin to stony field at least twice..


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along with decrepify, try and use bone spirit if possible (ie. you have the mana for it and recasting decrepify repeatedly) in between healing your merc. maybe try a fire golem to distract him, since diablo's fire attacks should heal your golem

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Almost everyone runs into this problem. There are some very useful threads on this subject about. It may be hard, but not impossible.


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Keep spawning Gumby, and let the merc do the killing..

BigD will focus on Gumby, just make sure you doesnt face him, and keep on decreping..


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From this Guide; it's the first guide in the Necro Stickies.

Nightfish said:
Put the very first skill point you get in amplify damage and make sure you get 1 in Skeleton Mastery pretty early, too. One point early on in corpse explosion might be useful for clearing the maggot lair and the arcane sanctum. Make sure you get decrepifiy before fighting Duriel and get summon resist (and as a consequence clay golem and the mastery) before fighting diablo. You don't really need the other golems, curses or revives before you enter hell.

And that's basically it. Simple as that. Deviate from the suggested skill progression at your own risk. I wish I had a nickel for every person that complained about getting his *** kicked by diablo after spending skill points randomly. Yes, the final result is the same but your journey until level 70 might look differently.


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i remember someone posting that he crippled baal 100%...had decrepify+clay golem and merc was wearing blackhorn and Kelpie Snare (exceptional unique spear)


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In case you forgot to get Decrep, there's an even easier way to kill Big D

That's what happenned to me, was building up my summoner with skellys and stuff, and totally forgot about Decrep so early in the game.

Well you know what, it doesn't matter.

I assume you have at least 1 in Amp Damage.
Now you need 1 in Iron Maiden you either have it already (extremely powerful curse for the young necro vs hard hitting bosses) if not it's ok, go back to River of Flame - City of the Damned and level up. get 1 in IM

Now back to Big D.

Forget your skellys. Forget your merc. At this point of the game they are just funny moving things for Big D. And you will waste most of your cash and time reviving both. Just forget them.

Cast Clay Golem and I.M that's it!

Keep runing around Big D at a safe distance but keep him on sight. Cast Clay Golem and I.M, Big D is not the smartest, eventually he will engage your golem and get himself killed on IM.

That's all you need to do, will probably required 3-4 trips to town to refill Mana pots and Life Pots. 10000 times easier and less expensive than using your skellys and merc.

Also Decrep is nice but depend on your build and gear it might not even be a good solution at all if you don't have hard hitting skellys and merc.