Summoner having problems in hell


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Summoner having problems in hell

Well basically I have reached Act 1 hell, and I am going through at a decent pace, but even still, those damn ghost things, I don't know what to do about them, same with the PI's they seem to just rape me. I'm sitting with most of my resistances above 0 and my merc is in the high 60's, with decent gear. I'm +5 to summoning and +2 to all skills. It just seems like I'm starting to slow down in hell mode. I might start making an MF char, to run Hell Meph. Do you guys recommend a meteorb sorc for that? I just need to get better stuff I think. I follwed the summon guide posted here and am currently level 75.


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what's your gear? And what curses do you use and do you have one point in corpse explosion?


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mhl12 said:
what's your gear? And what curses do you use and do you have one point in corpse explosion?
My skill points at level 75 are

20 raise skeleton
20 skeleton mastery
19 corpse explosion (20 soon)
6 revive
2 summon resist
4 amp damage
1 decrep
1 dim vision
1 confuse
1 attract
1 clay golem
1 golem mastery
1 terror
1 weaken
1 teeth
1 skeleton mage
1 blood golem
1 iron golem

A lot of those 1's are obviously just skills I needed to get to get other skills

My gear is

Peasent crown helm
The Spirit Shrowd ghost armor
Sanders Taboo heavy gloves
The Ward gothic shield
+3 summoning skills necro ammy
2 rings with reistances on them, one has 14 mf and 14 energy and 38 mana
Boots with 24 light resistance on them
crappy wand with +3 corpse explosion
belt with fire resistance and faster hit recovery

stat points are

80 str
25 dex (base)
300 vit
45 energy

So there ya have it, and a might merc level 67 wearing

the tannr gorerod pike
rockfleece armor


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Your build is a pure summoning one so your best bet is to keep the ghosts occupied in killing each other using confuse and attract. If you spam the curse often enough your mercenary will be able to attack the ghosts without being retaliated against allowing for your first corpse. Use your skeleton magi in conjunction once a boss pack has been sufficiently weakened by the first corpse bomb.

One point in revive or buy a wand with +1 to revive to help, the revived ghost cannot be harmed by its former friends allowing you more time.


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your gear is not very good, but considering skellymancers can beat the game naked your doing something wrong.

Basically corpse explosion can kill entire mobs at once with a single click. Your merc needs a better weapon. Are you using amp? Yes, running hell meph would be good if you want to get better stuff. From the looks of your gear though, it looks like you are playing untwinked. If you beat the game untwinked it'll be more satisfying than if you beat it with xfered on items, at least, imho.



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I think I will do what you guys said and use that curse to make them fight eachother. I never thought of that! Youre right, once you get that first corpse, it's game over for everything even the fire immunes. I might have to make an MF sorc to run hell meph methinks to get better gear.


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what was sugested might not work as well as stated here.... u gotta remember monsters have huge HP's and do little damage compared to their hps... even stuff like frenzytaurs i've had trouble getting themselves to kill each other... best thing that does, for me, is that it takes some load of my skellies from being hit too often and allows them to keep on inching away at their life... other than that, from my own experience.... dont expect miracles



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You got to remember that skeles go slower than other characters in general.
You will not sweep through everything like a javazon or bash things up at the speed of a zealot.

You have to wait for the first corpse and then after that blast away with CE.

GIVE your merc a better weapon, get him a bonehew or something, give him Guillaume's face too.

Skeles aren't great at getting the first corpse, usually its the merc that does it.

And LEVEL that merc up too.

I've made 2 of these fishymancers already and never had any problems
Maybe you got to manage your expectations.


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Ghosts are the PI guys? I'm pretty sure Amp breaks the immunity on them... last i checked, anyway.

Also, do you play online or single player?


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There is a difference between "breaks immunity" and "breaks immunity effectively"

With him being untwinked, his skeleton's damage is a lot lower than the average twinked out beyond all recognition necro.
When it breaks the immunity, the monster still has physical resistance, in the case of unique monsters, it still may even have the resistance.

Amped ghosts, take a long time to twiddle down on life because they still have a good chunk of resistance or seem to take very small amounts of damage from skellies(untwinked).
For this reason, Fanatic Ghosts or might Ghosts can typically overwealm and destroy untwinked summoner's armies before a corpse emerges for the necromancer's gleeful explosion party. Crushing Blow on a merc or elemental damage on a merc weapon can help here(if immunity is broken), but the merc is subject to dying just as fast as the army. Decryptify if it breaks immunity may be more beneficial in slowing the army as well. Dim Vision and Attract are managing tools you can use.