Summoner and Bo: Dilemma


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Summoner and Bo: Dilemma

well i my nec has 15 skellies/mages and 21 revives with hoto/homo combo..

when i change to cta/splendor and cast bcommand and bo my skellies/mages drop to 14 and revives to 19.

can this be avoided some how or do i just have to live with the fact that 1 of skellies/mages and 3 revs can never have bo? :hanky:


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get a spirit monarch instead of splendor and it won't be a problem anymore.

if you don't have the strength then stretch for an extra summoning gc.


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no str for spirit :undecided: but cta/splendor works nicely to boost up mf abit..

have to think about that summon gc (even tho i like 2x4 inv space for drops). but anyhoo i think i can live with it, what else can i do xpet recast summons while they wack off monsters :grin:


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DIEnamic said:
what's your gear setup? maybe you can squeeze a +skill in there somewhere then.
+2 nec/cast/res ammy
chance guards
rare ring with cast + mods

4 summon sks

all i see where to snap a skill point would be swapping to maras and change the ring to cast ring OR just swap the ring..

im prettey sure im swapping the nagel ring for soj/bk when i get some ists/find it :rolleyes:

but you guys are saying it would fix my problem of loseing skellies/mages when spawwping (dont give a fk about revives, they are immortal alredy)?


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I count level 39 skeles with full gear, however by switching to cta/splendor you lose +2 skills giving you level 37 raise skeleton.

I just checked my summoner and level 39 raise skeleton is required for 15 skeles.

unless my math sucks (like usual) and the gap is not 2 skills, you need to squeeze 2 more skill points to keep 15 skeles up when switched.


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Why would you need to BO anyway? Do your skellies die that often? Maybe if your playing 8-people games or HC I could understand. Based on your set-up, the game should be pretty much a cakewalk if you are patient.


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You have 4 summon gcs? Whats eating up your space. I have 6x summon gcs and got plenty of space left (trying to get the 7th). Yes, the post above wass correct, you need +2 skills in order to get there. Easy, squeeze in 2 more gcs/sojs/bks/summoning circlet/golemlords ammy, endless possibilities.


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If you use cube to pick up items, you can manage 8 gcs, torch, and anni which would be nice. extra cast rate isnt that important on a summoner, mine does just fine with 40 fcr with arach and trang gloves, beast as wepon.


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well dont know what i left out or not but my skellies are lvl 40..

well the bo is mainly for me and my merc, even more on my merc (and gosh i hate those damn dolls that explodes!)

only place where my skelies usualy die is uber trist (same goes for my merc)

so i need 1 more skiller to keep 15 skellies when i sawp to cta/splendor? need to go hunting from the etf or trade channel :rolleyes:

what comes to casting i think 75% is minium that i could spare, cause i hate slow teleing!

about my inventory: from left to right
id/tp tome on top of each other
torch/ani/set of keys
summon sk/sc (4 x)

and as for game being easy? yes it is.. iron maiden/ce (including dolls) are mainly the only thing that can really stop me :fortuneteller: