Summon Necro Baalrun Guide


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Hey guys, i just made a quick Videoguide (no great artwork or whatever, but i think imporant information for specificly baalrunning)
The guide itself is mainly based on my untwinked necro.

Probably its useful for some people who wanna go 99 necro and maybe dont want to stay in pits as poison nec.

If posts like this are against the rules, im very sorry, please just delete it then.
otherwise, enjoy :)



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Cool man! Stopped leveling him at lvl 64 for now due to *unforeseen circumstances*, will check it for sure in the coming days!


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Nice summary of the relevant tricks and tweaks. I agree with the build, used the exact same with my 99er Necro when he did Baal runs until 97.

As mentioned in the 99er thread, for me it was faster on average to raise the army at Pindle (and got many S&U drops by including the quick Pindle kill with minimal time loss). But I fooled around with raising the army on the way to Baal as well and it can be better with reliably high density in WSK.

Regarding gear, one thing to note is that CE counts as a Fire skill. That's why I always use Magefist on a Summoner, especially considering he doesn't have much + skill gear adding to the P&B tree (as opposed to a PN/CE Necro who always has good CE range). Magefist also means free choice of all jewelry. I used Mara's/2x BKWB, but things like Wisp/Nagel for MF are good alternatives. Basically in your case the tradeoff would only be 10 MF (Chancies => Magefist; rare ring => Nagel) plus no FCR needed from ammy -- on top of higher CE range.

I didn't do any weapon switching because I found it too annoying, but if you don't mind it you could also consider to just use Hoto and go with 125 FCR until Throne Room. When I tested CS/Diablo runs with my 99er Necro, I went down that route, only switching to Beast for the Diablo kill. For these runs, switching was indeed faster than using Beast all the way (but again I found it too annoying to do for thousands of runs).