summon/bone hybrid


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summon/bone hybrid

im sure im not the first person to make a post like this

i got a lil bored with my pure bone mancer so im going for something a lil different.

so ill list gear skills and what not and hopefully the pros can give me some tips:D

wyrmhide nigma
umed shako
umed boneflame
2xsojs/fcr rings(will swap these out at given times)
10 summon gcs if i can get

basicly a typical bonemancer except with 1 point into all summon skills and let +skills do the rest(and summon gcs of course)

str-enough for nigma
dex-debating enough for max block or none
vita-everything else

note:any pvp tip anyone could give would be great since im new to pvp with necros(primarily melee chars).

and also info on golems would be great(i think i saw a link for a golem faq so i think ill go read those now)

thanks you all for your time :thumbsup:

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callmejay said:
note:any pvp tip anyone could give would be great since im new to pvp with necros(primarily melee chars).
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses.

Reading Soulesschild's Bonemancer guide is a good way to get to know PvP.


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The only things that are really worth your while with 1 point and plus skills are the clay golem, summon resist, and revives. I wouldn't waste any points trying to get anything else. If you're getting bored of your bonemancer, try using bonewalls strategically. It's really cool to box enemies in and turn a tough fight into a shooting gallery. Between those and the curses I found that bonemancers were a lot more fun to play than sorcs or hammerdins who merely spam their attack skills. I took revives with my bone guy. They're fun but not really necessary since they're not going to do particularly amazing amounts of damage with only one point in skeleton mastery and you can use AI curses to keep enemies immobilized anyway since bone doesn't rely on a curse to aid damage.

Also try multiplayer games more often. Bonemancers can help a party out in all kinds of handy ways that sorcs can't while still providing excellent ranged damage.