Summer MFO - Gauging Interest and Availability


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Thanks for the links to the tables.

For those interested in the MF/RF warm-up tournament: Rough overview of suggested time, rules and format in spoiler below.

Time frame
14 July (00:00 local time) - 29 July (23:59 local time)

To me this seems to fit nicely with the envisaged MFO time frame. Could be one week before or after depending on availability of those intending to run.

20h cap
Same as RFL/WSK, we will run for 20 hours (= one batch). Multiple batches are allowed for those who want to run more, in that case each batch must be completed before a new one is started.

Scoring & placement
Combined rune/S&U system like WSK: Scoring is based on top 5 qualifiers in two categories, runes and S&Us, with the following items qualifying for scores:
  • Runes Pul+
  • Elite S&Us
For both categories, the best 10 batches of all participants get a score. For any 20h batch, the combined score vis-à-vis other runners in both categories (runes and S&Us) will determine overall placement.

No separate categories.

See below for areas allowed, but I'd like to allow switching in between areas as desired. For example, if someone is 10 hours in and found 3x Tyrael's Might but zero rune qualifiers, he/she can switch to an area with better rune drop odds to improve overall placement. (Yes this may result in different S&U scores being applicable, but I'm sure people will manage :)).

Areas, qualifying drops and qualifier scoring
  • Areas: Level 85 areas, Baal, Pindle+ (= MFO areas) + Nihlathak + LK + Travincal + Cows
  • S&U scoring: Based on individual tables for MFO categories (lvl 85 areas, Baal, Pindle+), Nihlathak and Cows only. LK and Travincal S&U drops do not qualify.
  • Rune scoring: RFL/RFO scoring system for all areas (no separate system for LK)
This should cover what most people would be interested in running. Otherwise let me know about any other desired targets.

Explanation: I will make a Nihlathak S&U table so that @Yng and @T72on1 (and anyone else for that matter) can run that guy, he's a pretty decent target anyway. I also want to allow LK, Trav and Cows so that people most interested in runes are encouraged to participate also. However, S&U drops from LK and Trav won't count, they are garbage for elite S&Us anyway and creating a table for drop chances there seems like disproportionate extra work (and I'm definitely not going into poppables :)). I will check but I think Cows drop a decent enough number of elite S&U I guess so that I intend to create a score sheet for those as well, but subject to change.

Regarding LK rune drops: I don't plan to account for the totally-upside-down-rarity of HRs there. In other words, for example despite Sur being a very common rune there, the RFL/RFO scoring will apply. That way some people may actually run it (with very slim chances of overall victory obviously). ;)

Of course, banning areas like LK/Trav/Cows makes this easier, but I don't see people shouldn't be allowed to run them. Just a bit of a scoring dilemma.

So, that's what currently seems reasonable to me, but I am open to suggestions!

Objections, additional ideas?

I plan to fire up a sign-up thread in ~10 days or so.
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Very interested. All the dates should work for me.

Warm-up tourney sounds good. My untwinked druid is gonna run those targets anyway, so might as well participate in a tourney. Probably not very competitive. I'll save the heavy hitters for MFO, don't wanna burn myself out with those before the actual Olympics.


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That's a interesting point: is a tiara exceptional or elite? All other base-types have 3 sub-types, but circlets have 4 (Circlet, Coronet, Tiara, & Diadem). So are there 2 elite-types, 2 exceptional-types, or semi-elite/super-elite? I think the last was assumed the case since there is no unique for either Circlet or Coronet. I assume it was removed because someone felt they might get edged out by a Kira's, and whined until it was removed (just a guess, based on how these things tend to go)
Arreat Summit has this text on it's "Circlets"- page:
*Circlet and Coronet are Normal (Basic) grade helms, Tiara is Exceptional and Diadem is Elite.
GoMule report consider's Kira's as an Elite item, for what it's worth. Treasure Class for Kira's is 72, which is awfully high for Exceptional Item. Guess there were enough other reasons to leave it out. Dunno if it really makes much difference in the MFO though. What was the score for Kira's in 2012 data?

edit. fixed the quote gone awry.


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@Burgomaster3 beat me to it, but I was going off Arreat Summit information too. Kira's is definitely Exceptional because you can upgrade it to a Diadem - simple as that!

It was only worth 4.7 in the Baal data anyway...


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@ffs - one suggestion on the warm-up tourney is to go down to at least Ko and maybe even Hel+ like Gripp did for the WSK tourney. It increases the chances that we can fill out a top-10 for awarding points on the rune side.
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Warming up tournament rules, time frame and such seem ok to me. No objections to allowing Hel+.
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Obviously, I can't participate in the MFO itself, but I will get involved in the warm-up tourney if I am able to. That is, if I manage to sort out my MacBook...
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Gentle-people, start your engines!
(actually, it's more about marking your calendars . . . )

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I figured that we should confirm the timing, and I took the liberty of including the MFO warm-up that @ffs will host.

MFO Warm-Up
: combination MF/rune-finding tourney
Timeframe: 14 July (00:00 local time) - 29 July (23:59 local time)
Host: ffs
Sign-Up Thread: sometime soon-ish?

: SPF staple
Timeframe: 24 August (00:00 local time) – 2 September (23:59 local time)
Host: PhineasB
Sign-Up Thread: early August


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Nice! Will try to create the thread for the warm-up tomorrow. So here are my preliminary questions for these tournaments:

Will @Gripphon finally return?
Will @NanoMist ever stop getting the drops when it counts?
Will @T72on1 continue staring at 98.5 with his untwinked 99er Sorc? :p
Will @Grape find the ultimate Zod God item?

And most importantly:

Will I take annual leave from 24/8 to 2/9? :D


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A85 stands for level 85 areas, like the pit, ancient tunnels, the chaos sanctuary, etc. What makes them interesting is that the bosses spawning there can drop any item in the game.