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Hey guys. new here. I just finished logging several months into d2. Here's what I think can be better.

Advertisers posting walls of text on every open game and chat channels need to go. It's downright infuriating. Cheats and dupes need to go as well.

The game needs a manageable and approachable currency

For a player who wants to level up or find items the fastest, the mechanics of the game make it more efficient to create lots of short games than a few long ones. The system, however, will ban you if you do. This is inconsistent.

There is just not enough space. Also there is no easy and safe way to transfer items between toons. (on a related but irrelevant note, i was told that charms were actually added later to the game. In the light that we have no space to begin with, it seems sadistic to me)

The game needs a loot system. (rolls, personnal drops, whatever works)

There needs to be a middle ground between getting one-shot and having no trouble at all. In other words, skill should be involved more.