Suggestions for IK kicksin


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Suggestions for IK kicksin

I was thinking about an IK barb, when I realized how much more fun it would be to have a sin running around with the Immortal King's Stone Crusher.

Here's what I'm thinking:

IK Maul for min 35 CB
Guillame's for another 35 CB
Upped Gores for 15CB
then Rattlecage early on for 25CB (overkill) and Duress later for 15CB

i don't have dracul's, but i do have trang's for poison dmg
and I can put on the IK belt for +Str and a little elemental damage on the maul

So the build would be the usual: str for gear, no dex, no energy, all vit

as for skill points, I was thinking
20 venom
*20 talon (whatever gets me to the next kick #)
1 blade fury
1 bos
1 cloak of shadows

I don't know what to do about fade, mind blast or shadow master... Any recommendations? If possible, I want this build to be hell viable -- not slow and painful, but still fun and capable whether questing or going for bosses/mini-ubers etc.

What do y'all think?


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Re: Suggestions for IK kicksin

Here are my 2 cents...

The first thing I think you should do is to max dtalon for more AR. One point in dtalon could mean 500 more AR depending on how much dexterity and AR from equipment you have. Using The Immortal King's Stone Crusher you need level 9 BoS for fastest dtalon kick.

100 CB is always nice. The monsters go down quickly, and you can then lay death sentry for corpse explosion to bring down the rest. So invest in Death Sentry, preferably as high level as possible for larger corpse explosion area.

What you need to survive while kicking is 48 or 86 FHR. The faster you recover once you get hit, the better. Also, I'd use a defensive merc so the monsters will hit you less, and keep casting CoS all the time. How much resistance will you have? The more the merrier of course. Lastly, if you go for a two handed mace, try find Cranium Basher which has 25 resistance to all AND 75 CB. All you would need is Goblin toes upped twice to reach 100 CB. Another good thing about Cranium Basher is that it has a chance to cast level 1 amplify damage(!), which means that you will be able to kick PI's to death without added elemental damage. IAS is a problem though, as you need level 16 BoS and 25 IAS from equipment for fastest kick with Cranium Basher. Or you can go with level 13 BoS and 30 IAS from equipment (not including 20 IAS from CBasher).

You won't be using fade with a slow weapon, so I think that you shouldn't put points into Fade. Mind blast the monsters if they are surrounding you, because you don't want to get into a stunlock and keep waiting for the FHR animations.
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