Suggestions for an Aldur's Windy Druid


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Suggestions for an Aldur's Windy Druid

As some of you might know, I am a big fan of using complete, character specific sets. I know that they're not the "optimal" items to be using, but it is just so darn cool to walk around glowing all the time. My next project will be to create a Windy Druid using the Aldur's Watchtower set. My question is, what items should I wear to supplement the set, and what should I socket the Aldur's Rhythm with? I was thinking of Magefists and SoJs, but I don't know what to wear for the ammy, belt, or shield. Also, any suggestions for what to socket the (nearly useless) mace with would be helpful.


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shield: ss or spirit
ammy: mara
belt: arach
rings: soj's as u said
gloves: magesfists

you could socket that mace with io's for more life, Lum's for more mana, ko's for more dex or fal's for more str, depends what do you need..



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Yeah you'd have to look at what your lacking. For a windy, aside from +res, I think the other crit buffs are mana, fcr, resistance, life, and damage reduction helps. I also am a big fan of max block.



I would put facets in every available socket if you are going with fire or hurricane as a main skill. I can't believe nobody suggested this. Every bit of damage counts.

The other important stuff has been said: Mana (sojs), FCR (Arach), Life (Cta). My old windy used a crafted ammy and belt that both granted FCR, regenerate mana, +resists and +mana. Nice caster items can be crafted with high level characters.

You will be short on damage reduction and resists with this setup, so finding something that casts fade will help immensely. You can drop in some um runes if you need resistance.


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Aldurs Rhythm gives +15+15+15=45 strength for full set, which gives u enough to use armor alone, so I wouldn't waste Fal...imo, hurricane damage is negligible (tornados your killer),so I'd go with the life ^^ Yeah, If I were u I'd try to strength glitch some items till u get full set and pop em all on, it'd save u a wasted 30 strength or so. Full set gives like +45 all attributes, so I'd totally try to milk it till I get to use rhythm.

my ideas:
I've never really had problems with aldurs & resists...really? I mean, you'd already wanna use spirit which gives great resists too. I mean, helm is 2 soc so if u wanna throw in an um or 2 that's cool, but otherwise keep that low since u use cyclone, and go with the life.
well, think about it:
lets say Dtorch(15%)+Anni(15%)+(~30%spirit)+30%(quests)+50%(set bonus)+50%fire/light<cold(items)+w/e scrap resist/lifer're looking at +190% for the major resists, without an um rune. Just seems to me either 2xpRuby or Jah that helm/armor up... 'cause the set really does give great attributes.

I'd say FCR is your biggest deal. (if only there were fcr jewels :[ ...a good 3 15% fcr jewel set) <thumbs up 1.12>