Suggestions for a mid-level Druid Dueler please!


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Suggestions for a mid-level Druid Dueler please!

I'm making a mid-level dueler, basically to cope with the idiots who lose to my L34, then bring back a high level PvM character.
I was thinking L50-60... but beyond there I really am swamped... too many ideas.
He will be WW/fury...
But should I go high on Deadly Strike & Crushing Blow?
What for gear?
Definitely will use Shaft & SoE, and have something with nice res in stash for sorcs.
Guilliaume's Face for helm?
Boots? Goblin Toe? Or something faster?
Gloves - I do have a pair of crafted ones with 10%ias/7%CB/+a lil' life... or IK?
Shield - think we're good there: Whirstan's
The big question: what weapon? Lightsabre? (kinda high on dex)... Honor? (kinda low on damage)??... I could make a cresent moon runeword, but is that my best bet?

Any suggestions welcome!


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Hmmm a suggestion on boots. Gore riders would be pretty good, better than goblin toe probably. Does IAS affect the weredruids attack speed now? If not then lightsabre wouldnt be bad because of its attack speed. Or maybe 6x shael something?


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I would just make a Zerker, but if you insist on making a Druid:

Lvl 66 WW/Fury Druid:
Guillame's Face
Highlord's Wrath
Coldsteel Ataghan (I really think this is the only way to make the build work... this is why you have to hit 66 though)
IK (or Bloodfists)
dual Ravens or Raven/Dwarf

Going for more DS than CB here. I would throw max dmg jewels in everything to capitalize on the high DS.

EDIT: I just remembered that the unique Tomahawk has a bunch of DS on it too... that might be another possibility.


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Perhaps a little higher than I want to go... but within realms of possibility. Coldsteel Ataghan works out slightly better than Razor's Edge, largely due to speed. But... if I were to go as high as 66, 70 isn't as far away and then Death Cleaver (a whopping 66%DS & very nasty damage!) becomes available. Expensive - but maybe an option. But a L70 druid looks scary... pehaps too scary for a lotta people. I guess that's the point, huh?


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I agree, 66 is about the max lvl you want to go... that Coldsteel + Highlord's combo should be pretty rippin'.


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Yes. Forgot about Highlords... if I were to go that high, then definitely: highlords.
We're on a different wave-length tho' Phat ;) - by scary, I meant that isn't that a good thing? Primarily used as 'fear-bait'...
If I were going to 66, I'd go the extra distance and probably make a 70... as the difference between the coldsteel Ataghan and the Death Cleaver is vast.
How do you think this Druid would go against other duelers of higher levels tho' (on the off chance someone has one?)... by my count he'd have 122% DS & 50% CB... and quite nice damage...

To tell the truth, I would prefer to go lower - as I originally stated, 50-60. If I were chasing DS, then Honor runeword has 25%...

Tho' the L70 is... appealing. If he'd do ok against others of his ilk (HLD).


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hmm I think you should go lower level because once you start going to the 60's alot of the elite uniques can start being used which could complicate alot of things. I would suggest going lvl 49 (i think) and using etheral upgraded ribcracker ( is this lvl 49). Massive 2h dmg and great speed. You dont really need a shield if you can 1 hit kill and that weapon is a 1 hit kill.


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quite right A...

That was my initial thought... sooner or later, my L70 (nasty as he would be) would die... and be quite an expensive loss. I think I'll aim for L50ish... having said that, I might just put a upgraded Ribbie on switch, BUT... I DO need a shield on this build, 9 times out of 10 he will NOT get the first blow, I have to be able to withstand a charge... whirstans is great for that (any other suggestions?). So... primary weapon I'm looking at either
* Honor something
* Crescent Moon Runeword Cryptic Sword/Naga... depending on what I can find.
* Lightsabre...



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Firstly if you need a gore riders send a pm and I'll lend you my pair (login/pass) until you get hold of another.

If you can deck yourself out with ias jewels and good max dmg charms, a bear druid is rather nasty with maul/bear/lync (that order). Ignore the spirits.

mmm, i'm a bit rusty on pvp considering I haven't played in a while now.


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Thanks Rah...
Should be able to lay my hands on some Gores... thanks anyway.
Already started making my wolf (name's EIvis)... perhaps NEXT a bear...



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what ammy do you recommend for a lvl 50ish WW druid?
all the good uniques are lvl 65 and im thinking there is a better ammy than angelic. any thoughts would be apreciated.



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Saracen's chance is 48 or so. Also, alot of people in the 25-40 range are blinded by the nice bonuses from Angelics and forget about other options. The best being Mahim oak Curio + crafted/rare rings. If you get decent rings, that combo can easily beat Angelics.


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Maybe use that eth upgraded Ribcracker as your "real" weapon, and throw on a whistans and honor weapon (to throw maphackers off) Use this to fend off the first hit/charge, then swap to your ribcracker and pound your opponent. If you manage to block the first hit (or even get hit and full juv ;) ) then your opponent is right on top of you, just waiting to be pummeled by your eth upped Ribcracker. As for jewelry, i would say drop the saracens, its main benifit is massive leech, not too useful in PvP IMO... I would agree with doubleOO on that, Mahim+crafted ammy/ring.

I would say this (off the top of my head)
Eth upped Ribcracker (shaeled?)
Rockstopper (less DR, better other mods than gaze for PvP, the extra dmg reduce can be compensated) (max'd)
Shaft (max'd)
Mahim oak
Crafted ring
IK gloves

Whistans+a decoy weapon (honor or regular butchers pupil maybe?)

Charms: As many small Vitas as you can get, to be idealistic, shapeshifting w/ life, but i highly doubt those will be "gettable"
See you online Mali ;)



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Personally I would go with some deadly strike. The chance for double damage is just too good to pass up - especially with such a high damage weapon such as an eth upped ribcracker.

Higher max is a better chance to deal nasty damage. Double damage means that you get those high end rolls more often.


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I like Matt's idea... IF I had an eth Ribbie... =\

And I'd imagine an eth ribbie would be QUITE expensive...
I guess I should just search for a high ED regular ribcracker.

Still wondering...


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70 is a bit high because theyd bring in a level 80 something char to fight that instead of their 60-70 something char.


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The problem is you won't get kills nearly as quick as anyone else.

I advise against a druid. Even an idiotic charger or a Zerk barb would probably get more ears (unfortunately, I do love druids)

My suggestion : Go with the cold steel eye. Blatant rip off of my 34, but hell, it's still good.^^


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I'm not looking for ears... most people are using chickenhack (unfortunately!) these days any way...
What I'm looking to build is a L50ish character that will beat the crap outta most PvM higher levels that idiots tend to run and get after my L34 Druid (Thanks NS!!!) beats the hell out of their lower character... (tho' NS, I have struggled mightily against good WW/Conc barbs & good Sins...).

Now, people with suggestions/ideas - post away! Those with moronic statements to make: respectfully, stay the hell outta my thread!
(**cough cough - annr - cough cough**)


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Use a Charged striker.

Twitch + ias
Whistans (ias)
+3 java skill circ (ias jewels)
Sigons gloves/boots
+3 java skill ammy
Dual ravens
+2 throwing spear of 10% ias

The ias comes out to 9fps

Maxed charged strike
5 in dodge
5 in avoid
Maxed lightning bolt
The rest into lightnin syns.

On switch : Sigons + lower res wand

Comes down to it : This build will do alot of damage very quickly. Isn't exactly a druid but...gets the job done.

They run, you blast. They melee, you strike. They die.