Suggestion: Standardise text box width for 'Post Reply', 'More Options' and 'Edit Post'


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Hi Mods/Admins,
@Elly @Rushster @maxicek @Thyiad
[NOTE: I've tagged a few of you, I hope that's ok, it just doesn't seem like this subforum gets much traffic these days and I'm asking as a primarily SPF member as we have quite a lot of tabular data]

I've noticed that the text boxes (iframes) for the following:
  • Post Reply - at the bottom of each thread (Quick Reply)
  • More Options / Reply to Thread - For longer replies
  • Edit Post - Floating
...are all different widths!

I've done a comparison here:

Diablo II Forum text box width comparison.png

I tend to do a lot of table editing for tourneys in the SPF and it would be great to make all the boxes the same width as the 'Post Reply' option because this has the best user experience:
  • Doesn't wrap lines
  • Looks like you expect in the final post as the widths match the actual forum posts
  • Better for table editing

I do understand that there may be some limitations/reasons I'm unaware of. I can think of a few potential issues with the 'Edit Post' box (it's hovering so you don't want to obscure stuff below etc.), but I was hoping you could explore the idea of increasing the width to 978, most importantly for the 'More Options'/'Reply to Thread' box as there seems to be plenty of room for that one and then possibly for the 'Edit Post' box.




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@Rushster That is an improvement.

When you altered this, did it give you the option to specify the size in pixels or was it a drag to resize type of thing?

If it gives you the option to specify pixels, please could you amend the width of the edit and more options reply to exactly 978 pixels to bring them into line with the quick reply textbox?

The final post has a width of 980 pixels (height 102 pixels):

Out of necessity, the quick reply text box has a width of 978 pixels (height 100 pixels) but for all intents it is the same size as the final post (the text box itself has an inner margin of 1 pixel so that when you type into it the text isn't right on the edge and it has to be smaller so that it doesn't alter the avatar or overall width of the forum):

When you make a post in quick reply it always looks like the final post (I don't think the 2 pixels will have any affect in 99.9% of posts)

The more options reply is now a lot bigger...perhaps too big at width 1088 pixels (height 260 pixels):

The edit box is still a tad too small at width 934 pixels (height 260 pixels):

The heights in all cases are not of any concern as the box grows, however, it would be good to standardise all 3 boxes to 978 pixels wide - the Goldilocks width, it's juuuust right!

Of course, I don't know what sort of options you have at your disposal in the admin screen and I'm probably not aware of certain limitations or risks to the overall layout, so if that isn't possible, please let me know.

Anyway, it would be great if it could be tweaked just a little bit more.



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@Rushster that's almost perfect and I think I just realised something, the screenshots show the inner dimensions I'm aiming for, but the bit it lets you edit is probably the outer dimensions. If I give you the correct outer dimensions, we should be able to get it perfect (see below for example). Apologies for the confusion, I put it down to me not being able to see what options you have on your end - I'm flying a little bit blind but I think we've got down to the bottom of it now.

Edit box:
I gave you a width of 978 pixels which you dutifully entered, however my 978 was inner and your 978 is outer. The inner size is 2 pixels smaller than the outer, so really the size I ought to have given you was 980 so that the inner dimension becomes 978. By giving you 978, the inner dimension has become 976.

Inner dimensions:

Outer dimensions:

So whatever you did to this, add 2 pixels!

Advanced reply box:
This one is a bit strange, I can tell that you've edited one of the dimensions to 978 pixels, but it appears to be for the overall container:

The outer width then becomes:


Working backwards, in order to get an inner of 978 for the advanced reply box, we need an outer of 980 and the container is 60 pixels wider, so if you can alter the container to 1040 pixels (the same thing you just tweaked), I believe it will do what we want.

Thanks, appreciate the time you are taking to fix this.


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@Rushster Hi, not sure if you saw this at the start of last month, but any chance you could tweak those same options from my post above.



Not had time to look at it as I am not really working as much on the site as I used to these days. If I get a chance I will when there is some maintenance to be done.


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Hi @Rushster

If you have time, could we revisit this thread to tweak some things?

Since September last year, at some point we seem to have lost 100px from this box (that text input area should be 980px but is currently 880px):

SPF - Rich Text Editor - Wrong Size.PNG
If the page is a responsive design, the change in the size of one element somewhere could account for this weird situation we have. Whatever it is, the main content area has shrunk away from the sides, leaving these weird gaps compared to the footer (marked in red).

I hope my previous suggestions didn't cause any issues?