Suggestion for fun sp char pls


Suggestion for fun sp char pls

Just wondering what kind of builds ppl think are fun for sp, personally i like my frenzy barb and bowzon :clap:


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The Fishymancer is real cool, a nice little army n stuff :D

The guide should be here on the SPF somewhere :scratch:


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for me its

sniperzon, LF/PJ zon, Meteor/frozen orb sorc, hammerdin.

will probebly make a magezon next


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it's not an uber-build, but I love playing dual claw assassins using mind blast appitizers and a PS/DC main course.


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Funs chars
sniperzon, LF/PJ zon, Meteor/frozen orb sorc and dual claw assassins using mind blast appitizers and a PS/DC

Easy chars but less fun
Hammerdin and fishymancers .


Thats kool i like fishymancer too bunch of skeles walking around like your private army :lol:

i haven't tried the assasin build before tho does anyone know where i can find the stats and stuff to try?

has anyone tried the whirlwind assasin? you're supposed to use dual claws with that new runeword that give you +to whirlwind :uhhuh:

also i was wondering.. should i make a javazon with Enigma armor? i was thinking it'd be pretty kool with the dmg reduction and tele and stuff


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if you make enigma i would put it on a fishymancer instead.

for the benifits he would get by being able to drop his whole army on the place the tele too.


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pure summoner druid
fire elemental druid
wind elemental druid
WW druid
bonecaster necro
poison necro
IK barb
light trapsin

thats the chars im playing atm and i think they are fun :)


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My personal favourite builds would be charged strike zons and chargers. I don't really like to use builds that don't do much clicking. Always prefer builds that require clicking like charged strike and such


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If you don't care to beat hell, there are many build are fun to play, but may not beat hell with their skills/itmes.

I was planning to build a Jedi, or a TX (the sexy terminator - sorc with xbow or melee zon with xbow), but I decided to semi-retire from D2.


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My favorite would have to be the Trapsin, however Durial has to be the hardest boss in the game when playing a trapsin.

The ninjasin can be fun but you have to tweak it for SP.

"kick" sins seem to be all the rage on the assassin forum.

note: assassins can be the most challenging chars for a SP game.

FO/CL sorcs sound like they would be fun.


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If you've never played an Assassin, try one. A kicker/trapper hybrid will get you through Hell just fine and she can do Baal/Meph runs no prob. C-Beat has a guide for this in the Assassin's forum. You just can't beat the plethora of skills this character has, a real jack of all trades, BoS, Fade, CoS, MB, Venom, the list goes on and on, and lvl 20 Shadow Master/Warrior can really dish it out (although not like the Valkyrie).


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Meteorb Sorc is a fun build for ranged attacks. You can kill most enemies without ever getting hit yourself...not for the melee-lover.


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Energy Shield sorcs! Gogo base vit/no life hell characters!
Fading kicksin is fun too, as is frostmaiden...gotto love 1 shot minion group kills (if they're not CI). I just like the strategic firing as opposed to pumping out as many arrows as you can.
Melee Enchantress is ok this far, it should get more fun when she levels up a bit and doesn't suffer from blocklock as much anymore.