Suga's first sell thread!

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Suga's first sell thread!

I've got a whole bunch of stuff piled up and I want it gone. But I'm new here and probably have a terrible idea of what any of this stuff is worth, so feel free to take advantage of me, heh. I'd rather do in game trades but I suppose I can mule trade if you want a bunch.

ISO (I have no clue really)
Orb sorc stuff
Auradin stuff
Act 2 Merc stuff
Runes (Sol and up)
P Gems

Unique Armors
Wormskull x2
Spirit Forge (416d)
Rattlecage (329d)
Bverrit Keep (77d)
Infernostride (95d, 46 gold)

Unique Weapons
Culwen's Point
Swordguard (172%ed, 17 res)
Kinemil's Awl (90%ed, 6-38 fire)
Gavel of Pain (133%ed)
Razortine (35%ed)
Battlebranch (56%ed, 52%ar)
Grim Reaper x2
Suicide Branch x2

High Sets
Aldur's Rhythm (3os)
Immortal King's Pillar
Rite of Passage
Hwanin's Blessing
Naj's Circlet
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

Low Sets
Sigon's Sabot x2
Sigon's Gage
Cathan's Mesh
Cathan's Seal x3
Isenhart's Horns
Isenhart's Case
Milebrega's Orb
Milebrega's Rod x2
Milebrega's Diadem
Arcanna's Flesh
Vidala's Barb
Civerb's Icon

Adding stuff as I get it.
Can contact me here or ingame *sugaholic. All of this stuff is on *sugatrade currently.
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Re: Suga's first sell thread!

Rare orb with +2 sorc skills, 20% FCR, +1 chilling armor, +3 blizzard, +16 life, +87 mana

I have this orb FT if you're looking to make a blizz sorc. It's level 42 if that matters to you. Had a few people tell me it's an amazing orb, but I've never had an offer on it. I need nothing off your trade list, so if you want it, just offer in runes.


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Re: Suga's first sell thread!

That is a really nice blizz sorc orb. But I'm an orb sorc (Orb and what, I haven't decided yet...Still have two respecs left) And I'm just trying to sell off this stuff.


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Re: Suga's first sell thread!

Bumping. C'mon offer somethin up... Someone's gotta want something on this list.


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Re: Suga's first sell thread!

hi there, and welcome to the forums.

plz take a loo over the rules so u know exactly how to trade properly here as this thread will be closed due to early bumping.

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