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style of play/shortcut keys/hot keys post

Discussion in 'Classic' started by goomba, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. goomba

    goomba IncGamers Member

    Apr 27, 2006
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    style of play/shortcut keys/hot keys post

    not sure if this has been posted before, but the discussion on hammerdins using charge, and switching to hammer's had me thinking about why I have never switched the shortcut/hot keys from the default function keys. I play a relatively wide variety of characters quite frequently, and also use the laptop from time to time, which doesn't have as nice of a keyboard to play with. but here goes.

    for my WW/MF baba (this latest one still doesn't have a skill point in beserk)
    F1 = WW (left mouse)
    F2 = Leap (for stunning) (right mouse)
    F3 = BattleCommand (right mouse)
    F4 = BattleOrders (right mouse)
    F5 = Shout (right mouse)
    F6 = item find (right mouse)
    F7 = Leap+attack (right mouse)
    F8 = town portal (right mouse)

    for my hammerdin
    F1 = Hammers (left mouse)
    F2 = Charge (left mouse)
    F3 = Salvation (right mouse)
    F4 = Conc (right mouse)
    F5 = Vigor (right mouse)
    F6 = Redemption (right mouse)
    F7 = Cleansing? (can't remember, I don't use this one much)
    F8 = town portal (right mouse)
    (holy shield lasts for an entire CS run, so I don't need it as a hot key)

    For my blizzer
    F1 = ice blast (left mouse)
    F2 = glacial spike (left mouse)
    F3 = Blizzard (right mouse)
    F4 = Teleport (right mouse)
    F5 = Telekinesis (right mouse)
    F6 and F7 I honestly don't remember *sheepish grin*
    F8 is also teleport (right mouse)

    my chantress is similar to the blizzard, only substitute fire spells, and the chant is on F7 (right mouse)

    Bone Necro
    F1 Teeth
    F2 Spear
    F3 Spirit
    rest are CE, and various curses, with F8 always being TownPortal (I haven't played him in forever)

    I have found this set up pretty easy to use pvm, and while I don't like to toot my own horn, I get frequent requests for rushes, and/or to join in CS runs (but aside from my tendency to be overly generous with drops, I also tend to enhance cooperative play, and quite frankly, they may just also want an extra body in the game *sheepish grin*)

    that being said, I think one might quite obviously spot the problems with these key set ups for pvp, in that they do not lend themselves to the various quick switching for CLAG, or farcasting for the various character types. I also wont load a 3rd party hack to make it easier.

    altho, I wonder if my intelipoint mouse software would allow me to put blizzard on the left mouse button, and keep teleport on the right... hrm....
  2. norvi11erogers

    norvi11erogers IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Don't recall everything, but generally, my key setup involves:

    I generally keep my offensive skills (like ww for a barb, fa for my zon, etc) at R, with other common spells at E, W or F. Scaredy spells like tele I keep at Q or A. BC/BO/Shout are at A S D respectively. Other warcries, when I use them, sort of dance around the main attack, like QWE and F. In the past, when there have been sets of skills that go together (like say zeal+fanat, veng+conviction), i would keep those in pairs, like ER and DF (or QW), for instance.

    That's all I remember right now. Dunno how you've lasted so long using the F keys.
  3. goomba

    goomba IncGamers Member

    Apr 27, 2006
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    LOL I get the "O.O" quite a bit when I mention that in game to folks on my /f list.

    At one point, I had even made a couple of shared mules with a pal, that I then started levelling. the other two people I shared the mules with were like ."o_O I can't believe you CS/Raid with that set up and don't die more often"

    I guess I have big hands, and with a regular typing speed of approximately 80 wpm, I know where the function keys are even in pitch blackness...

    the few times I've tried duelling, in other than my WW baba, were on my sorc, and being an SVS festival, it was rather amusing as everyone just kept teleporting around with 70+ fcr (or the 110) and it was luck whether someone would teleport into another's blizzard, or get dinged by hydra's/meteor's :grin:

    I don't duel with the din, he's not a pure enough vita build, and I know the limitations of my key set up that prevent me from desynching and then killing rapidly.

    I do desynch in the CS tho, and only have an issue when I get careless and charge headlong into a pack of mana burning bad guys *sheepish grin*
  4. fledgeling

    fledgeling IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2005
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    f4 frozen armor
    f5 orb / fireball / chain ightning
    f6 teleport
    f7 meteor / meteor / lightning / 2nd offenive skill (e.g. lightning storm)
    f8 static

    f6 vigor
    f7 holy shield
    f8 redemption

    f1 the skill shout (battle command?)
    f2 BO
    f3 shout

    f5 ww
    f6 leap attack
    (f7 leap)

    f4 wall
    f5 spirit
    f6 spear
    f7 armor
    f8 trap
    f3 amp
    f2 iron maiden
  5. Chow Yun Thin

    Chow Yun Thin IncGamers Member

    Jan 7, 2005
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    Another ASDFQWER player here. I'm more into FPS games, so WASD is a natural key config. It only seems natural for me to use the keys closer to them than the function keys. The ASD keys tend to be offensive skills while the QWERF keys are bound to supporting or defensive skills.

    For avenger:
    A = Zeal
    S = Conviction
    D = Vengeance
    F = Holy Shield
    Q = Redemption
    W = Cleansing
    E = Vigor
    R = Salvation

    For blizzball sorc:
    A = Blizzard
    S = Frost Nova
    D = Glacial Spike
    F = Static
    Q = Teleport
    FB is on Mouse1

    For skellimancer:
    A = Raise Skelly
    S = Raise Clay Golem
    Q = Amp. Damage
    W = Decrepify
    E = Attract
    R = Unsummon
    One day I'll add Corpse Explosion as a skill, then it will be bound to D.

    For WW Barb:
    A = WW
    S = Concentrate
    D = Bash or Stun
    F = Leap Attack
    Q = Shout
    W = Battle orders
    E = Battle command
    R = Find potion

    For LF Javazon:
    A = Jab
    S = Lightning Fury
    D = Plague Jav
    F = Valkyrie
    Q = Decoy
    W = Slow Missiles
  6. Dacar92

    Dacar92 Community, Amazon, DH Moderator & Inc Clan Officer

    Nov 2, 2003
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    I use the F keys myself. I also map skills to right hand control button and shift. I never liked the WASD set up in RPG's but I use it for games like Oblivion. I guess I am too lazy to remap most skills. Either that or I don't trust my memory.:rolleyes:
  7. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura IncGamers Member

    Aug 17, 2005
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    Add me to the lazziness team.
    From the top of my head:
    F2-Ice Bolt(left)
    F4-Glacial Spike(left)
    normally keep FO and Tele 98% of the time.


    F5-War Cry(change for Howl if needed)
    F6-Battle Orders
    F7-Battle Command
    F8-Find Item(change for Taunt if needed)

    F6-Frozen Armor

    F3-Holy Bolt(left,hardly used now)
    F8-Holy Shield
    It's been some time I don't play Classic now. Am I the only one who doesn't hotkey TP? I find it so easy to hit I and right-click the TP Tome...
  8. quadeddie

    quadeddie IncGamers Member

    Jul 20, 2006
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    CowaZon key bindings:
    Baby's Setup, AKA: None

    Just set left to Charge Strike, right to Lightning Fury

  9. goomba

    goomba IncGamers Member

    Apr 27, 2006
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    interesting perspective. I too loved fps games, but using keys that normally I would think of for movement, for changing attacks/spells in a more 3rd person perspective/quasi top down game just didn't seem intuitive enough for me.


    I may experiment a bit.

    altho, I have my new str/vit baba to lvl 71 on east ladder after only a day...

    I need to lvl him a bit more, then start experimenting with this mephy 'bug' I hear about...
  10. Akukami

    Akukami IncGamers Member

    Aug 25, 2005
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    Out of curiosity, to the F Key players, why is it that you use F Keys? I personally stick with my WASD setup with G as my all purpose TP. Is it more comfortable for you?

    - Akukami
  11. Dacar92

    Dacar92 Community, Amazon, DH Moderator & Inc Clan Officer

    Nov 2, 2003
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    To be honest, when I first started playing, I just played without reading the manual and didn't even think about remapping the keys. Habits formed and I never changed it. Whether I am playing a strafer or a barb, I use the 8 F keys and maybe the control and shift keys (added later, I might add). I never needed more skills than that anyways.

    Town portal is always F1
    Then F2-8 are the skill keys. On my strafer I am playing now I use the lower right control button for the strafe skill, but there are F keys that are doing nothing on her. I just wanted to be able to switch between decoy and strafe on the same mouse button easliy so I set it up that way. I mouse with my left hand, most of the time, so my set up may be different than others. If I mouse with my right hand I would set it up differently again.
  12. purplelocust

    purplelocust IncGamers Member

    Nov 4, 2003
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    I play on a lot of different machines and with all the different keyboard layouts (Mac, PC and Linux) I do the following to keep it reasonably memorable:

    1-4 potions
    5-6, maybe 7 left mouse button skills
    maybe 7, 8,9,0,-,= right mouse button skills

    This works pretty well. Periodically cast spells and safety spells (Holy Shield, Bone Armor, Frozen Armor, Enchant, Teleport, Valk/Decoy) go on the "=" key area and main attack skills are ususally in the 6 and 8 positions. So a typical Blizzball sorc has, for example:

    1-4 potions
    5- Glacial Spike left mouse
    6- Fireball left mouse
    7- Meteor right mouse
    8- Blizzard right mouse
    9- static right mouse
    - teleport, right mouse
    = cold armor, right mouse

    My thinking is that I need to know where 1-4 are anyway for potions and on just about any keyboard, 5-0 are right next to those, so why not use them? Occasionally I drink a potion by hitting 4 when stabbing for 5 but that is not so terrible, and that way it works basically the same on all machines. The rest of the keys (Inventory, Character, Run, etc.) I use the defaults and am accustomed to them. The left thumb is usually on the "alt/option" key for hightlighting drops and may be on the shift key often for attacks like fireballs or hammers where you don't want to accidentally move.

    For barbs, there is the sequence of war cries which are usually adjacent, so a typical setup there is a little backwards, for me:

    1-4 potions
    5- Battle Command
    6- Shout
    7- Battle Orders
    8- whirlwind
    9- concentrate
    = Leap Attack
    0 taunt or War Cry
    - Howl or Find Item

    A typical pally set up, say Frost Zealot, would be

    left mouse (left side of top row)
    5- normal attack
    6- Zeal
    7- Charge

    right mouse (right side of top row)
    9- Salvation
    0- Fanaticism
    - Holy Freeze
    = Holy Shield

    So doing Holy Shield and then going back to Holy Freeze (equals and then dash) becomes automatic very quickly and the keys are right next to each other.

    In expansion, there are 16 possible skills assigned instead of 8, so for those I use the upper-right part of the keyboard more: p,[,],\,;,' and so on and that works well for me.

    Don't get me started on using French keyboards, by the way- having to hit shift to get the numbers? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
  13. goomba

    goomba IncGamers Member

    Apr 27, 2006
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    the function keys on my home desktop are spaced appropriately enough that I can hit them fairly rapidly without looking down, and even in the wee hours of the morning in near total darkness.

    again, in part due to swapping from Din, to baba to various sorcs mostly, and the different attack styles, as well as movement 'skills' I found it easier to stay relatively consistent with my key mapping. In addition, the defaults of alt for looking at the dropped items, tab to turn map on and off, q to hit quest log, c for character screen (to check to see if I was hit with Conviction, or LR OR to apply stat points when applicable) and hitting it again rapidly to close, t to check/apply skills it all just fit nicely with my left hand, as I mouse with my right.

    it has it's limitations in pvp obviously, which is why I'm not much of a dueller, and since I'm not much of a dueller, I'm thus out of practice, and not the most skilled at it. The obvious biggest hurdle is hvh, or hva since I dont' do the charge/switch very well. I usually manage it well enough in cs runs, but against a target that is not limited by the game's AI, and perhaps has a much faster rate of movement in it's own right, I'm just not there yet.

    Baba duelling, I've done some of, and really find that it's very much more gear/build dependant. I would probably be marginal as a duellr using an orber, or fballer, but never really did much of either.

    maybe the next mf sorc will be an orber, and I'll switch off to do some more duelling eventually.... hrm...

    dang, and I just got the remade baba/mule to lvl 80... the din of course needs to hit 91 before I spend too much time on other chars as well :laugh: :grin:
  14. WarlockCC

    WarlockCC Diablo Classic Moderator

    Feb 21, 2006
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    Unless otherwise stated these are mutations for the right button.

    Barb :
    F1 Bash or Doubleswing(in case of Frenzy)
    F2 Leap Attack
    F3 WW or Frenzy(Main skill)
    F4 Bezerk(Yes, I allways have it even on duelers)

    F5 Howl
    F6 Battle Command
    F7 Battle Orders
    F8 Shout

    Sorc :
    F1 Glacial Spike or Meteor.
    F2 Teleport
    F3 Orb or Fireball (Main Skill)
    F4 Telekinesis (I'm lazy, I do as much as possible with it. I wish I could talk to NPC's with it)

    F5 Static
    F6 Precast 1
    F7 Precast 2
    F8 Precast 3 or TP

    Paladin :
    F1 Holy Bolt or Charge (left)
    F2 Vigor
    F3 Blessed Hammer (left) (Main Skill)
    F4 Concentration (Main aura cept for my healer where I select a aura fitting the party) (main Aura)

    F5 Salvation
    F6 Holy Shield
    F7 Meditation
    F8 Redemption or Holy Freeze
  15. KoalaBearThirtyThree

    KoalaBearThirtyThree IncGamers Member

    Aug 22, 2006
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    I have pretty much stuck with the default F-keys as well. I hardly ever swap skills that much. In fact, I don't even have my left hand in use most of the time (I have my hand near the ALT key for show items on ground but not near the hotkeys). Maybe it's because I don't PvP or maybe it's cuz I play a laid-back style :) The only time I ever needed mad use of the keys was back in the old days when paladins were able to flash conviction and switch to fanatism (that's the craziest micromanagement I ever had)...

    I mostly play paladins (and formerly amazons)...

    F1=regular attack or secondary attack=normal (zeal on some chars)
    F2=main attack=zeal/vengence/blessed hammer/strafe
    F3=primary cast skill=holy shield/valkyrie
    F4=auxiliary skill=salvation/cleansing/etc
    F5=town portal

    F6=main aura/helpful skill=fanatism/conviction/concentration/decoy
    F7=secondary aura=redemption/resist lightn

    Important keys are F1 (if main attack skill is not possible (eg. out of mana with vengence)), F5 (town portal; easy to reach on keyboard), F6 (main aura)...

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