Stupid Question im sure...


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Stupid Question im sure...

This is a stupid question, but how do you add people to your "friends" list? Some guy said "/f add 'person's account'" but when i tried that nothing happened... Input anyone?


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XiXWiseGuyXiX said:
So I push backslash f in game? then a and the account name?
lets say your friend's account name is abc123. then what you'll do is type /f a abc123. if you want to see who is online from your buddy list then you type /f l. If you wanted to remove someone then the command is /f r and then name. using the same example it would be /f r abc123

hope this helps :)


Just in case you didn't know: To access the chat window ingame, you press "enter". Then you type /f a accname + enter :thumbsup: