Stupid noob Question


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Stupid noob Question

I haven't played Diablo online in a long time, and I've seemed to have forgotten the commands to use to talk to my friends. I feel like such an idiot but would be grateful for some help.


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/f m "type your messege here"

Hope i got it right been a while since i used it


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You also have to have your friends added to your friend list /f a (= add friends) /f l (check your list). If some of your friends are online with you, you can chat with them with /f m. Also you can use /w *acc name (you write acc name, instead of "acc name" text:laugh: ).


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I think it'd be better for you to use
/w *<account>
With <account> being replaced with whatever the person's account name is. I say this simply because it is INCREDIBLY annoying when people use /f m, since that sends it to everyone, not just the person being spoken to. I hate having my screen filled with half of somebody else's conversation, and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way.