Stupid Me...


Stupid Me...

I want to transfer my stuff, so i make a game called xfer/1. I drop a bunch of stuff like pgems, low runes, mid runes, 1 lo rune, skulders. Realize that somebody i know is in the game helping me transfer, and that this all took about 20-30 seconds.

Now, what are the chances of somebody guessing passwords for this exact game at this exact time? Well for me, it turned out the chance was 100%. Somebody came in my game, picked up all of my stuff, and started calling me a stupid chink.

Afterward he brought in his smiter with an eth vortex exile and wanted to duel me. After i smashed his face in the ground he started spamming "ROFL" and some other ridiculous bnet slang.

The only thing i cared about was the Lo, but i guess i wasnt fast enouph.

Im calling it a night.


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Actually... thats not that hard to guess..

You should always make sure your game name/password is something obscure but rememberable, even if it is only by you.

I mean, the chances of guessing xf3r/p1e are a lot less, if not miniscule, compared to xfer/1

Just some friendly advice for the future ^__^


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Had something similar happen once when I first started... I hadn't droped anything yet, but someone I didn't know came in, and started chit-chatting... This person then told me "You should never make a game name and password that easy to guess. I always check this very same combo to warn others." I'm not sure if he was telling the truth about that, but I took his advice to heart...



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I think there are programs which can guess the password right.

I used to make cow games with random names/pass like:

For example, and I'd still get the odd person come in.


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Game with password won't show up in "Join Game" list, so the only way for someone to guess your game is that s/he tries to create a game with the same name. As long as you make your game name obscure enough, the password shouldn't really matter.


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My brother was messing around trying different game names and passwords and voila, he entered a game were these 2 guys were transferring all these hr's and runewords. He said it was hilarious watching the 2 guys scramble to pick up all of the items. Long story short, he talked with the guys for a little bit and they gave him an um rune because he didn't take anything.


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"We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true."

not my line, but on any given night on bnet, there's certainly hundreds of nerds trying different game/pass combinations .. it's not unusual for one of them to be right. we're not talking about Shakespeare here. :wink3:


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I work in mainframe security. If you use the maximum characters available in the game name and password, mix in spaces and non-alphanumeric characters and make both the name and password unrelated to each other and the game, it would be as secure as you could reasonably expect for that type of environment.


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some one added me on their f list after i helped them with ancients or something. That person could only communicate to his friend by /f m constantly - even commenting about how slow i was in killing the ancients for his lvl 60 char in hell!! Asked him several times to directly message or please take me off his f list, no response...

Bit later he tells friend to join his mule game -- I decided i had enough of this. So i started trying different passwords such as '1', 'pw' and a few others till I got in with the pw same name as game. Lots of juicy things on ground. Picked up a fort and arach belt before they could snatch up everything.

I again politely asked him to take me off his f list - now he was very responsive and apologetic. :rolleyes:

Dropped his armor and arach and left -- been quiet ever since :grin:

Evrae Altana

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The only time I use simple private games like blah1//1 is when I'm xferring some stupid crap that I could care less about. For the more expensive stuff, I make a more complex game and password, and usually bring a friend in to help mule.


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kuafu said:
Game with password won't show up in "Join Game" list, so the only way for someone to guess your game is that s/he tries to create a game with the same name. As long as you make your game name obscure enough, the password shouldn't really matter.
Exactly. He tried to create the game. Since it was taken, he tried to join it with a common password.


Or maybe your friend whispered him the password so he could come in and steal your stuff.

Great story, jag. :thumbsup: