Stupid Idea?


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Stupid Idea?

Well I've seen many lightning/WW trappers, I was wondering if it was possible to make a Fire/WW trapper. I know usually fire is used for stunning, but I guess it could work the same way as a lightning/ww. WW would be your main source of damage and fire adds a little bit along with a a lot of stunning. I'm just not sure how high the dmg of WoF is? Any feedback would be appreciated.

20 Venom
20 WoF
20 WoI
20 FB
1 in all Shadow Disc
Rest in Claw Block? Or Claw Mastery?

Chaos / Fury (w/ +WoF base)
MP Enig
2/20 Helm
2x FCR ring
Trap / Shadow skillers

I'm pretty sure its a dumb idea since i've heard bad things about fire traps, but I was just wonderin :laugh:


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It can be done, and it can be very successful. Even low Wake damage is equatible with high LS. Your build has a few problems though:

The second FCR ring is doing nothing for you. You have the 65 Bp with 20 Gloves + 20 Helm + 20 belt + 10 ring. Build in a Raven, which essentially provides 60 BOable life, 40 BOable Mana, up to 250 AR, CBF and a cold bonus on your attack. This is an indespensable ring.

Second, you are still a WWsin, don't trade trangs for Magefists, you're Venom will take a HUGE hit, and magefists add a pitiful amount of damage while supplying no other good mods (Trangs cold res is a very nice thing).

Just rely on stunlock even more.


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HappyAssassin said:
It can be done, and it can be very successful. Even low Wake damage is equatible with high LS.
For someone new to the assassin class - what would be the advantages of making a hybrid using lightning traps over one using fire traps? Disadvantages? Thanks.


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This list is by no means comprehensive, but:

Lightning Advantages:

Longer Range
Fires Faster after you lay the trap
More overall damage
Much more damage against non-stunlocked opponents
Fires more times, easier to hold a lock with only MB and WW
Slightly harder to absorb

Fire Advantages:
Wider area of effect
Much better stunning
Shows desync better
Less skill points to maximize damage
More complete stunlocks


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So I should make dual element Trapper/WWSin? I read your guide and you said to put a single point in WoF. I was hoping to try something different though :/


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I have build a ww/kick/ fully syenergised wof . Its fun to play - kills most opponents overall but has problems against strong paladins . If you want some more information about this build just pm-me ill give you everything u need to know