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Stuff ft

Don't know if any of this stuff is worth anything but it's worth a shot to try and sell them.
Here i go.
Harlequin Crest
110 def
2 to all skills
2 to all atributes
1.5 to health (based on char lvl)
1.5 to mana (based on char lvl)
10 DR
74% MF
socketed 1 (ptopaz)
required lvl 62
Zakarum's Hand
damage: 36 to 67
scepter class-very fast attack speed
6% chance to cast lvl 5 blizzard on striking
ignore targets def
8% mana steal
2 to holy shock and holy freeze (paladin only)
10% mana regen
15% stamana heal
required lvl 37
damage: 36 to 106
Axe class-normal attack speed
2 to druid skills
25% chance of crushing blow
1 to fury and maul (druid only)
50 def vs missile
10 to all atributes
required lvl 43
String of Ears
Def 103
6%life stolen per hit
15 def
15% DR
10 MDR
required lvl 29
The Impaler
dam 25 to 92
Spear class-fast attack speed
ignore target def
150 to attack rating
40% chance of open wounds
5 to impale (amazon only)
3 to powerstrike (amazon only)
prevent monster heal
required lvl 31
PM me in game if i'm offline leave your offer here with your account name so i can PM you in game to accept
Username: PM fickles or coneconecone (my mule account)
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