stuck in a rut!

frend? or foe!

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stuck in a rut!

hi all i've finally got the gear together for my fury wolf
jalals 196%
enigma balrog skin (high str but looks cool)
vundergos (can't remember stats)
draculs 10%
frosty 20/198
bul k 5%
storm shield um
stormspire on swich

my dilema is i've also aquired the runes for botd but can't decide wether
to make it in a eth giant thresher or eth zerker axe
both will have there good/bad points
g-thresher= insaine dmg
zerker= safety with shield

could any of u guys help me make up my mind as i played long and hard to
get these runes and and don't wanna mess up with a bad weapon choice!

p.s playing sc nl eu and will want to play pvp&pvm


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For PvP, one handed is going to be superior to two-handed 90% of the time. If you do more PvM, however, Giant Thresher is the way to go. I'd do the Zerker, personally.


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Me want BotD Runes... on ladder, I can easily sell a Reg char and make it, but that isn't fun...



(Btw, make Zerk... oo Drakengard commercial... man I'm putting off my english homework...)


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dont be a wimp that has to hide behind a piece of metal!!!

make them look at the HUGE BADASS 2hander and make them cower in fear

if ur wimpy make a zerker


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Don't listen to raving Tor. Yes if you are PvM a nice big scythe is sexy, but for PvP and Resale value if you ever want to sell the weapon Bezerker Axe is the way to go.

Don't trust Tor... :uhhuh: he has Strid for his tar

Strid for Mod :drool:



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Tor's only saying that because he stole my cruel giant thresher of quickness. ;P He now has confidence in two-handers.

But yes, I would make the zerker.


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I think a long range weapon will help you more in pvp because you need the range against casters, (smiters) and lets face it you will be dueling more casters than melee chars in public pvp. You wont need the shield in pvp so much against casters.

Having said that, you have a very fine long range weapon there in the stormspire, which hits 4 frames fury correct me if I am wrong, so try that against casters.

So I would not use the runes on a giant thresher simply because a zerker axe will serve you better if you ever decide to use it on a different char/build and it has better value than a giant thresher.

Stick with the stormspire or other fast long range weapon like tomb reaver etc.


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Tor said:
storm spire is 5 fpa shael'd

:innocent: :innocent:
Thanks Tor.

You give the best, most informative one line answers.

I checked it, stormspire can't reach 4. Also botd giant threasher can't either. But I can see why botd would be a good pvp weapon.

Also had a quick look at tomb reaver, the resists on that weapon would help against casters.

There are some choices other than botd in a two hander.

frend? or foe!

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well thx guys you've came up with the goods again!
only here on the druid forum can i get such friendly and helpful info :worship:
well i've slept on it and based on the info u guys have given me
i've decided to wimp out and go 1 handed. jova was right i think the stormspire should cut it for a two handed wpn,
and knowing if i need to sell, my investment wont have been wasted
i agree with thekbob, its much more fun wheelin & dealin as opposed to
selling all your other characters good equip!(thekbob i'm sure you'll get your botd on
ladder eventualy, i'll wish for a miricle and pray that a ladder zod will drop for u real soon :surprise:)
well i'm off now to try and find me that eth sup six sok zerker! :wave:


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If you're going two handed, I would suggest that you used a Great Poleaxe instead of a Giant Thresher. They attack at same speed, only the GP has more damage.

@Tor, baah, I have a 292% Dual Shaeled one ... :p