Strongest, survivaling assa build


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Strongest, survivaling assa build

Hey all,

I'm new at the assa guild and I must say, the char doesn't speak to my ideas or imagination. But I hope to change my opinion after making my first assa.

I'm searching for a build that is strong, can survive alone when needed, do big dmg and none mf is needed.

Anybody can get me started with a good (even if it's a lame) build?

thanks in advance

Jeroen STooker


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Lightning Trapsin is generally considered the strongest Assassin build. A quick search should turn up like 50 build guides. If you're willing to sacrifice a lot of your killing power for some ridiculous survivability, max Fade and Shadow Warrior (best tank in the game), load up on FCR gear, and use Psychic Hammer, Mind Blast, and Cloak of Shadows liberally. Generally, doing that will slow your playstyle to a crawl, so unless you like deviant builds, you're best off just sticking with a Lightning Trapsin.


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Thanks :D

Gonna try that, got a good build? Cause I find 50 but don't see a reason why I pic one above the other.

Thanks again !


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Thanks :D

Gonna try that, got a good build? Cause I find 50 but don't see a reason why I pic one above the other.

Thanks again !
Pretty basic stuff. Max Lightning Sentry, because that's your main attack, and Death Sentry, because that's the most useful LS synergy. Put 1 point in all of the utility Shadow Skills (Psychic Hammer, Cloak of Shadows, Mind Blast, Claw Mastery, Weapon Block, Burst of Speed, Fade). After that, what you pump depends on your preferences. You can pump Fire Blast, which when well-synergized can provide a FANTASTIC LI solution (once you learn how to aim it, that is), as well as a spammable spell to cast if you get bored. You can pump a Shadow (Warrior or Master) to give you a solid minion to rely on. You can pump a few extra points into Fade, although you're probably better off not going overboard (I usually cast Fade or BoS with just 1 hard point and the rest coming from +skills).

Simplest Trapper build: Max LS, DS, FB, CBS, SW in that order (you'll only finish maxing all 5 if you level into your 90s). Make sure somewhere along the way you put one each in Claw Mastery, BoS, Fade, Psychic Hammer, Cloak of Shadows, and Mind Blast. Or you can sacrifice one of those synergies for 10 or so points in a Shadow (Warrior makes the better tank and support trapper, but Master is better at killing LIs).



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Hello. Below is the martial sin that i had played in 1.10 times, hope i can help you even if a little.

The Indestructible


dragon talon 20
fade 20
weapon block 20
shadow master 20
dragon flight 1, mind blast 1 and all prerequisites 1
remaining skill points are advised to be spent at death sentry for some crowd contol. If you're gonna pvp however, you may want to max venom or cloak of shadows instead.(Tho I hadn't pvped back then, so pvp at own risk :p)


str: 85
dex: 80
vit: remaining- 400 at lvl 99
enr: none


weapons: Strength runeword at the primary hand, bartuc's at the off-hand.
armor: Duress runeword.
helm: crown of ages or vampire gaze or guillaume's face (orphan set helm).
boots: Upgraded goreriders.
gloves: Dracul's or steelrend if you can afford. Venomgrip or %20 ias set gloves or crafted safety gloves with ias, str and resists if you can't.
belt: Tgods or strings or vendungos.
rings: Dwarf star, raven frost and wisp projector are used as whichever absorb is required at the current situation. Crafted blood or safety rings with resist, str and leech are cheaper options.
amulet: Most unique amulets are suitable for this build. Crafted blood or caster amulets or good rare amulets with leech, resist, str mods are again natural cheaper options.

-Cast Cos, kill some monsters and lay death sentries.
-Crushing blow is the heart of this build, so try not to have less than %40. Without cb this build has so very low dmg output.
-Even if you have max resists, do not hesitate to add on more as much as you can for it is possible stack up your resists beyond the max res cap even if it does not affect you damage intake. Yet this extra resists can save you in case you are attacked with conviction aura or lower resist etc. be it pvm or pvp.


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A trapper is the easiest char to play until you get to Hell and a5 NM with lightning immunes. You just lay traps ahead of you and let them kill everything. The main difficulties are mana, and getting enought killing power from your traps.

Gobble lots of blues, increase your mana pool with rings and charms and get insight for your a2 merc.

You have to tough out the low levels. Glewgaws with the A3 hammer works great for lows. Switch to full angelics at lvl 12. This can carry you into NM. Use spirit sword at lvl 25. Then switch to 2 claws when you can get +2 or +3 trap skill claws and the str+dex they require.

The hard part comes in A5 Nm and hell where there are lots of light immunes. These guys pretty much ignore your main weapon. Solutions are get a wand with lower resist charges, use fireball, strong merc and SM, martial arts or infinity merc. I use the lower resist wand on bosses, fireball to support my strong merc and SM and have infinity for my merc. The infinity makes the most difference as lightning immunes become vulnerable to my LS. I have problems when my merc decides to take a nap though.

You also have to have a plan for max resists at hell level. You need to have a total of 175 resists and fade only gives like 50-60. Charms, Jade talon and COH are great and dont forget to do the Anya quests for resists. My guy is in A5 hell and almost does not need fade for max resists.


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Fire Blast. Yar.
Agreed. Fireblast tears through LIs once you learn how to aim it.

If you're having trouble aiming it, try mixing it in with Mind Blast or Psychic Hammer. Enemies are much easier to target if their stunned, and Psychic Hammer makes it so you don't even have to lead your targets- just fire where they are, and use the knockback from PH to keep them from getting away before the FB lands.

Also, Merc + Psychic Hammer is another fantastic means of toasting enemies who are LI (or LI/FI).



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Or MB the hell out of the immunes. Unconverted monsters higher lvl than you will die the moment they receive 1 point of damage from any source even if its just a lvl1 fireblast. After that mop up with some Death Sentry while the Master and Merc takes out the rest.

If the monster is a particularly annoying bastard like Lister who happen to spawn Fire and Light Immune (it could happen, he spawns fire immune by default), use MB to water down and stun the crowds first while the Lit sentry eats through those who are not converted. After that the unconverted monsters should die from Lit sentry.

Now setup death sentry and let it do the *** whooping and at the same time spam Psychic Hammer to keep Lister in KB so your merc can prod him to death. Drink mana pots if necessary but if you are running Insight merc, you should barely flick a sweat.

Overall the Lit sin has the easiest time with baal minions, just need to be real fast with your hotkeys.