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Strongest builds?

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Ergroilnin, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Ergroilnin

    Ergroilnin Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 13, 2009
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    So while I do really enjoy my let's say less than optimal builds, I do eventually want to make the strongest builds for every character as well because being god is a fun too.

    What are the strongest builds for each class?

    Amazon: pretty sure it's LF zon.
    Assassin: I guess trapper?
    Barbarian: not sure here, berserker or perhaps WW?
    Druid: windy.
    Necromancer: probably bonemancer?
    Paladin: hammerdin hands down.
    Sorceress: pure lit sorc.
  2. srrw

    srrw Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 2, 2012
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    Highly depends. Only thing I'm absolutely sure about is that there is nothing stronger all-around than a Hammerdin /w Enigma. IIRC you play pre-1.13, so you can run absolutely everything without any problems what-so-ever. Unkillable unless you do something monumentally stupid and very high unresistable damage. About the only target you're missing out on is AT which is not that good to begin with (at least in my experience).

    Also, apart from the Enigma, it's one of the cheapest to build as 95% of his items are easily farmed at Mephisto.
  3. logoutzero

    logoutzero Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 9, 2005
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    Your wealth determines what build is strongest for each class in reality. Lit sorc isn't much without 200fcr and a source of Conviction (to me) where a blizzy can be made quite powerful with less.

    Another caveat is purpose. For some (most I think) players (at least in HC) it's more like "Which build is best suited for...?" Running WSK on /p7 requires a completely different design than moating Meph on /p3 or blasting Countess on /p1.

    With all that said, here are some of my thoughts:

    Amazon: LF is the bee's knees. I've witnessed some sick Strafers, but I could probably never afford to outfit one to that level.

    Assassin: Never had one.

    Barbarian: I think WW is going to outshine Zerk for playability and overall "god"-like performance. AoE (albeit limited) damage+leech is pretty tanky. Sure, Zerk can hit HARD, but 1 target, and no leech!

    Druid: See Assassin.

    Necro: With this guy, it's all about CE. Bone is really well suited for PvP, and while I've seen some really nice and powerful PvM builds utilizing bone skills, I think Poison is where it's at. Nova can get pretty crazy with all the support you should have access to. Just remember, it's all about getting that first corpse (or first 2-3 if you are playing in a higher setting)

    Paladin: An overly priced Fanatic Zealot is a sight to behold! I don't care much for hammers, but FoH, Zeal, even Smite have purposes where they outright shine. Charge is probably the highest LCS damage.

    Sorceress: I mentioned her above, but I'd be willing to bet that for all but the richest of players, Blizzard will be "stronger" than lit most of the time.
  4. bodry

    bodry Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 10, 2010
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    My favourites here with strong gear:

    Amazon: LF-zon is the strongest, BUT you will never teleport at an acceptable speed, so this girl will kill you with her slow animation, I utterly hate her. Once my javazon made me quit a Ladder season. :) My choice is Pit strafer+multi with Faith. :)

    Assassin: Trapper. Can do everything without Infinity, but with Infinity this is the safest caster build to clear players 8 games, crowd control with good damage. One day I will build a godly one in SP, favourite ladder character of mine.

    Barbarian: depends on your goal, WW or Berserk, they are equal in my eyes (strongest melee chars in tie with Fanatic Zealot).

    Druid: the class sadly is a huge meh, designed to pvp. I think a Fury druid with a good enough weapon is a better killer than a windy. Windy is funky to play sadly, unreliable. :(

    Necro: fishymancer, aka summoner. King of area clearing. I don't think Poisonmancer deserves a place here, the whole build relies on Death's Web too much. Good luck finding one. I would sooner Pat an untwinked bonemancer than a poison one, and that says something about the build.

    Paladin: hammerdin, the tank that causes magic damage, the defacto OP build of the game. Fanatic zealot is in tie for the first place as most damaging melee build (think about Grief/Death or BOTD two hander).

    Sorceress: Lightning/Blizzard/Blizzball sorceress, I tend to use Lightning. Blizzard is good with Tal Rasha's Set, but to be godly the build needs Death's Fathom and Nightwing's Veil. I have never found a Death's Fathom in my entire Diablo 2 career, that's why I always orientate towards a Lightning build in the end, runewords are much more accessible than waiting for that goddamn brown Dimensional Shard.

    (My all time missing grailers from playing this game for many years: Death's Fathom, Death's Web, Tyrael's Might, Astreon's Iron Ward, Steelrend, Schaeffer's Hammer, Griswold's Redemption. I have a bad habit of ruling out builds in my mind that rely on these items.)
  5. GooberGrape

    GooberGrape Diabloii.Net Member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    I'm purposely ignoring high items for the list below. If you already own Enigma and Infinity, you probably don't need a list like this in the first place.

    Amazon: Fishyzon (Freezing Arrow/Lightning Fury). All the upsides of the LF zon with the crowd control and immune-slaying Freezing Arrow. Plus you can run with all store bought items just fine, no uniques needed.

    Assassin: Trapsin, they have some very good crowd control and can run the game naked.

    Barb: WW if you can find weapons that hit the last breakpoint. You'll really need some wealth to make a good one, this is probably the most expensive class to outfit.

    Druid: Fury Wolf if you own a source of Amp Damage or Decrepify to break immunes. Otherwise maybe a Wind druid, but again you'll probably need Amp or Decrepify. You see a trend here?

    Necro: Fishymancer hands down, Corpse Explosion rocks and the Attract curse makes you invincible. Another build that can easily run naked.

    Paladin: Hammerdin I guess, but honestly I don't like Paladins much. No crowd control, no strategy, just big damage. Another class that requires a lot of wealth to do well.

    Sorceress: Pure Blizzard! She is the queen of item finding, dominating Mephisto, Pindleskin, and Ancient Tunnels while wearing huge amounts of Magic Find. If you're poor, build one of these first.
  6. japanzaman

    japanzaman Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 14, 2012
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    As others have posted, there is "theoretically" strongest and "practically" strongest. For legit single player, even at 1.13, you are probably best aiming for the "practically" strongest builds, as most of the theory stuff is almost impossible to do legit unless you are heavy into trading, which for me kind of defeats the "single" aspect of SP.

    Some people have managed to amass a fair amount of wealth in legit SP, either through good fortune, skill, or just plain old fashion patience. I would put practical powerhouses in the following:

    Amazon- LF all the way. Bowazons are insanely difficult to outfit optimally, and those Ruby jewels of fervor just don't drop out from the sky. For PvM, you really don't need the Jeweler's Monarch of deflection- a 4 normal 4 socket shield with facets will be more than enough.

    Assassin- Trappers are pretty sturdy even without Ladder runewords like Infinity. I once made a pure SP trapper capable of running every area of the game decently on hardcore completely from scratch in about 3 months of playing.

    Barb- A beserker optimized to run Pits might be the best item finder in the game, capable of finding every item. If you have Enigma and Grief, you can get the job done. WW are great for world stone and Trav.

    Druid- Wind is probably the strongest PVM, though some Armageddon druids can kill pretty quickly.

    Necro- Summoners are probably the easiest build to construct for any class. +skills all the way.

    Paladin- Depends on what you're running. Chaos Sanctuary is the Hammerdin's second home. In 1.13 the Hammerdin is kind of limited and cannot run World Stone nearly as efficiently as before without making some sacrifices to his hammer damage.

    Sorceress- I imagine the Lightning only because it has higher top end damage and there are several items that can lower lightening resist and are not impossible to find even in SP.
  7. Gripphon

    Gripphon Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 11, 2009
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    I have problem with word "strongest" from definitional aspect. What exactly does "strongest" mean? In what way strongest? Is that strongest in a way the build is as unkillable as it gets and still has decent kill speed, or strongest in a way that he can clear almost any area in the game fairly fast but still maintaining nice survivability? Or something else? Cause I see people combining efficiency and strength in this thread, so I have no idea what exactly is meant by "strongest". It naturally depends on the area too. I'll give more answers depending on what "strongest" means.

    Amazon: If we seek build that is really hard to kill and is killing fairly ok, then frostmaiden. If we seek build with nice survivability, but fantastic killing speed, then LF amazon. I would vote for LF amazon easily here.

    Assassin: trapper is easy answer in here because she can deal with anything in the game. Strong LS, strong fireblast, mindblast to control crowd, has summons to tank for her... Unbelievably strong character overall, I don't know do you feel unsafe anywhere in the game. I've run Pit, AT and WSK with her with no problems at all. Other assassin variants that are great are kick/trap variants. I don't really consider WW assassins good for PvM.

    Barb: If we seek efficiency, then Berserker is the king of the hill. But, I assume that has nothing to do with "strongest". WW barb is the "strongest" because he also has strong Berserk, can have few point stun warcry, has howl and powerhouse of a skill named Whirlwind. There is nothing close to being as strong as well build WW barb. He can run any area in the game. Berserker can have WW backup, but in general WW>>>Zerk for all around PvM playing, while Zerk>>>WW when magicfinding, so that's why I vote for WW barb with berserk backup skill rather than other way around.

    Druid: Windy is very strong and hard to kill build. I've done max block and vita variants. I can't really imagine death with max block variant, that thing is like Chinesse wall. Oh, and tornado, well... harder to control, but kills fairly fast. He can run Pit, AT, WSK, Baal and CS decently. I have no experience with shapeshifters, but no Enigma = NO from me for any kind of "strongest" build.

    Necro: again depends. If we seek build that is incredibly hard to die with and can kill fairly ok, then summoner. If we seek all around nec which can kill fast and is fairly safe, then Poisonmancer. I personally would never give vote to summoner cause I've run pretty much any area in the game with poisonmancer. He is quite safe and his killing speed is something summoner can only dream about. Except on Baal. I've run Pit, AT and CS with him with no problems and quite fast, and can't really imagine WSK being problem too. And no, you don't need Web for him to easily outclass any other necro variant in the game, Web is simply boosting your killing speed a bit. Even with hoto you would kill fastest from other necro variants. Except on Baal, there are ugly poison immunities you can't really deal with unless you make some hybrid with summoning skills. I mean poisonmancer is so strong overall that I never really understood hype with summoners. I mean I do since I played one, I've seen how safe they are, but that's about it. I mean, if I have to make comparison, then summoner is to poisonmancer what frostmaiden is to LF zon. One side has fantastic survivabiliy and ok kill speed while other side has nice survivability and great kill speed.

    Paladin: if I want to build best all around paladin, then I would make some Zeal/Hammer hybrid that can easily kill anywhere in the game. Otherwise, Hammerdin all the way, but not in any area in the game naturally. In Travincal Zealot will be better no matter what, while hammerdin has no equal when running CS. Possibly smiter is unbeatable Nihl runner etc...

    Sorc: blizzard sorc is my choice. She can run Travincal, is fastest leveling character in the game when running CS (there could be faster, I'm not really sure how is lite sorc doing in CS etc...), is widely known as AT queen, her efficiency of magicfinding is second to barbarians. She can run Meph for poor players. I mean, she is all around easy and effective sorc to play with. Lite sorc can be good too, sure. I'm not sure how is she as Pit or CS runner and how is she comparing to Blizzard sorc. I just know she is mad Baal runner, if running Baal means anything after all. What lite sorc doesn't have is as high survivability as blizzard sorc has cause she slows opponents down, has timer spells she throws and seeks safety while blizzard is doing damage, while lite sorc must cast all the time to have damage output. Nothing major. For all around sorc, I would probably build some hybrid between lite and cold to be able to kill any area in the game. Again, if that means anything. I prefer runners with a task. If I build sorc to run Travincal, she will run Travincal and not WSK or CS or whatever etc. For that reason I vote for blizzard sorc.

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