Strongest 2-character party?


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Asuka Langley Soryu said:
Here is what I do, Meteorb + Concentrate barb.
I agree that Barbs are much better team players than people give them credit for. Shout, Howl, Battle Cry, War Cry, BO, and BC are all invaluable skills for parties. One reason they are less nessessary is the RUNEWORD with the Barb shouts in it. Many many team skills can now be gotten from items.

Druid Spirits-- any class can have
Barb -- BO and BC are achievable on a runeword
Necro Curses are usually available
Paladins -- Many Auras can be gotten from Mercs and items
Sorceres -- Enchant Charges from a Demon Limb Club
Assassin -- CoS charges are available

Team SKills you can't get
Amazons -- Multishot with Knockback (no one can really get that)
Paladin -- Conviction
Necro -- Lower Resist at higher levels and at hit causes to cast other than Pus Spitter (useless weapon and low chance to cast)

Biggest Damage Spells

Traps with BF and CB

Strafe - quick decent damage
Multi-shot- Its a lot of damage, just not to a single target
LF - Requires multiple targets to be effective

Barbs (none) -- only good as a tank

Fury with CB

Hammers <-- Probably best damage in the game
Cleric, only to undead

Corspe Explosion
Bone Spirit and Spear
Tons of minions -- they add up, and they are great defense

Orb -- less damage than blizzard
Chainlightning in the right situation
Enchant in the right situations

I think that these are what we are looking at. I"m not sure what should be added to these lists and what may be wrong. But I think all of this should be taken into account and then examine synergies

Like a:
BH Pally and a Multi-zon
Sorceress and a Conviction Pally
Enchantress and Multizon
Enchantress and Necro with minions and LR
BH Pally and a BH Meditation Pally
LS/CBS Trapsin with CB from BF and a Conviction Paladin

Last question is where is the tank, but in many ways the tank can be castable minions, or Mercs


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Here's my dream setup:

Helm: Crown of Ages/Shako
Armor: Enigma
Weapon: Heart of the Oak
Shield: Herald of Zakarum or Exile
Weapon Switch: Call to Arms
Shield Switch: Lidless
Ring: SOJ
Ring: SOJ
Amulet: +2/10+% fcr with resists or Mara's
Boots: Waterwalks or War Traveller's
Gloves: Trang-oul's or Magefists
Belt: Arachnid's Mesh

~Mercenary~ (Prayer/Defiance)
Weapon: Doom ethereal elite poleaxe
Helm: Anything
Armor: Anything (up'ed Duriel's Shell)

Helm: Shako/Crown of Ages/Trang-oul's
Armor: Enigma
Weapon: Beast Runeword
Shield: Homunoculus/Trang-oul's
Weapon Switch: Doesn't matter/ Enchant weapon
Shield Switch: Doesn't matter
Ring: SOJ
Ring: SOJ
Amulet: +2/resists
Boots: Marrowwalks
Gloves: Trang-oul's
Belt: Arachnid's

Weapon: Crescent Moon
Helm: Anything
Armor: Bramble

With this setup you get lots of tanks with Battle Orders, Battle Command, Concentration, Might, Fanatacism, Defiance (if using Exile), Thorns, Holy Freeze, and Prayer active. Remember, with both characters using Enigma, they both have the capability of moving practically anywhere they want. The Necromancer can negate physical immunity with his curses.

What you end up having is a huge army of skeletons and revives that attack quickly, are extremely hard to hit, that return damage if they are hit, that heal quickly, and can be redirected to a single monster at the whim of the Necromancer. Don't forget that Crescent Moon's Static effect is working all this time, reducing enemy monster's life to half quickly.


I almost forgot about Oak Sage. -_-
i have some experiance with a 2 member team, and i have to say i see really 2 options.

1 fire sorc with skelly necro.
sorc with enchant (and stop doing 1K enchant... GOGO 4+ K :surprise: it is a piece of cake getting 4K, 5 or 6 is possible and would be even more fun) and fireball / meteor (i want to have AT least +20 to fire skills, from + to all skills and + to fire skills). also the sorc has CTA on switch, so more life/mana/def for everyone.
the necro doing lower resist (so NOTING is ever fire immume), and skellys etc. when he has time to spare he can spam some bone spells as well.

2 fire sorc with conviction pally
i actually have experience playing like this, and for pure killing speed it is absolutely INSANE.
sorc with MAX fireball (mine has 20K somthing, 25K+ is possible, and you will have some - to enemy resists as well... so get that) and highest fireing speed.
pala does only have to lower resist like crazy... so super high lvl conviction ...

the pala doesn't even have to be able to tank very well, everything, and then i mean EVERTHING except end bosses DIES IN 1 HIT. even superuniques can't deal with 25K fire dmg when their fire resist is -100%.

everything the pala can do next to him lowering resists is just a nice bonus.... that is IF HE MAKES IT TO THE TARGET BEFORE THE SORC KILLS IT... :evil: :lol: (and believe me... that won't happen to often)

baalruns can go INSANELY quick like this, with sorc beamin to throne, givin TP, pala comes in, 5 sec later everything is dead.
then the sorc simply starts making a HUGE fire by dropping meteors (which has to be maxxed anyways) where the minions arrive, and you won't even notice them apearing, the sec they hit the ground they almoost all die. only lister and his crew might take a couple of seconds.

then baal... well... uhmm... yes...
when i did this i killed baal with fireball, and he is dead with less then 10 balls... considdering the spead the sorc will be fireing at. that means 3 seconds... oopsie


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My MF Team consist of a Berserker and a Blizzard sorc. With my BO and Shout we have 2 super mercs which have 4K Life, 5K Dmg, 10K Def respectedly, with Might aura and Holy Freeze aura.

I Taunt everything near to me, including Black Souls, Serpent, Dolls etc and they all die under the Blizzard easily. Those Cold Immune cannot stand long from my 7K Berserk damage.

Doing Baal run, he teleport to W3 entrance, I go to kill Eldritch and Shenk, Howl away the minions and just kill them, by my merc :p Then he goto kill Pinddle while I go down the stairs and get to the throne. Howl away those nasty monsters that guard the stairs. Then he join me to kill the Baal minions and later Baal.

Black Souls will drop their Lightning attacks, Serpents drop their Bone Spears when taunted, Lister will be Frozen, no fear of stairs trap, Find Item on corpses (good reward and negate revives), Lister pack can be frozen, Baal uses melee exclusively and have 0 Def because of my merc's 2 ETH Bonehew and slow to a crawl because of Holy Freeze from his merc.

Mind you we all have negative resists as we all in full MF gear (both around 500%). :)


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Boooyakasha said:
My MF Team consist of a Berserker and a Blizzard sorc.
I like the idea. It really sounds like the things that your Barb is bringing to the table are TAUNT (allowing you both to go without best defensive gear) and HORKING (why do they call it that?) for more treasure from dead bodies.

Its good to see the advantages of characters you didn't see.

I also agree the Fire or Cold Sorceress and the Conviction Pally are a good combo. But what spells would the Pally use other than Conviction. Conviction is that one aura, every almost every character really wants active, but the Paladin doesn't have any really good way to make use of it himself (Neither Vengenance or Elemental Zealot are really uber builds, especially in 1.10). Does he go Cleric? Charge?


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I really like this post for two reasons.

1. I often play at the same time as my roomate. It allows us to mule safely and its just more fun.

2. Version 1.10 makes it so much harder to solo. Not that its impossible. But we are both professional students, next year we'll be practicing. And its hard to get the best stuff on the ladder when you don't play as much as you used to. So teamwork is important.

3. Its hard to get parties of people you know together larger than two or three, even if you often play with more than one other person. Simply because of schedule conflicts or because games will be full or because people will be doing something else in the game.

Thinking that when this is all done maybe we'll put together a guide showing a good number of the combos. Not detailed but skill layout and item layout. Possibly with a paragraph on tactics.


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My suggestion is a venomancer/skellimancer and a hammerdin.

^ this doesnt mean a venomancer or a skellimancer, it means a necromancer with 20 rs, sm, pd, pe, and pn. This gives you at least 8 meat shields, insane poison damage (with the right items), and the unresistable fury of the hammerdin.


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SphynxCG said:
My suggestion is a venomancer/skellimancer and a hammerdin.

^ this doesnt mean a venomancer or a skellimancer, it means a necromancer with 20 rs, sm, pd, pe, and pn. This gives you at least 8 meat shields, insane poison damage (with the right items), and the unresistable fury of the hammerdin.

Even with the right items, I've never seen poison kill quickly. Maybe I'm very wrong, but I think the Hammerdin would be doing all the killing