Stromshield question


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Stromshield question

Well I asked this in the community forums, at it started to get 50/50 answers, so I went to the games different lobbies and ask, and between the **** off loser, and noob crap I decided to ask it again in here, amongst the "real" players....barbarians...ok enough of that crap.

I traded for a stromshield, Hal I'm working on that concentrate barb as hard as I can.:), but problem is...I'm not sure its legit or not now, I mean 1.10 shoulda made all items legit now right? Cause I think its a .8 item.
It does say Stormshield, but it has the words Aegis under it...

Now if I remember right, aint it supposed to say Monarch under the title name?
It appears exact as far as looking at it, even in the trade screen, stats are same, but like I said except for the under title of Aegis, and holding it, its clearly a pavise (sigon looking shield, cept gold colored) instead of a monarch.

So some are saying I got scrwed, others are saying that they have one since .8, and all it did was change shapes as far as holding it, so it would be legit then. Just thought I would ask here, and maybe I can get some good news, an hopefully not lose it.
Only other thing I will add is, it came 1 open socket, but the past owner prob did that I assume, and the def is alot lower, its like 384, and most other storms I see have like 450 and up..kinda odd?

but...on a side note...being afraid I might lose it, I attempted to buy one again a hour later, and the gods of war granted me another seller, tho this time much more expensive, but its a monarch nonetheless, and alrdy socketed..with a hel rune, but i'll fix that.
But some input of my 1st one is very much appreciated.:)


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The Stormshield Aegis is one of the 08 dupes that made it through the rust storm. The chances of it being legit are so slim, you may as well hope that Tyrael's Might and a Zod rune drop from the same monster. I don't know how worried I'd be about it going poof, I mean it lasted through two patches and the rust storm. Either way, good choice on buying the monarch, the chances that's duped are significantly lower. Ladder is the cleanest, i switched to it after I realized the rust storm fixed only half of the 09 problems.


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These guys got to you before I could wake up, but they had you covered ;). The Aegis version is the .08 vesion, and is thus not very likely to be legit. All rust storm did was delete hacks; most common dupes didn't get erased.

On the upside though, you now own a piece of LoD history, and what is sometimes considered to be the best version of stormshield to use (since it takes a bit less dex to hit max block with it, while requiring more str, which typically isn't a problem, since str is nicer anyways).

And if you are worryed about it you could always trade it for a 290 then the 290 for an SS (unless prices changed since I quit realms)