Strijdje's Winddruid, upgraded and fine-tuned


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Strijdje's Winddruid, upgraded and fine-tuned

Hi there, since 1.10 i'm kinda addicted to winddruids and other forms of elementalists so i decide to write a winddruid guide, i know fenris already has one but i thought mine would maybe fill in on his guide...

Windmaster, druid build (1.10)​

- Introduction
- Stat allocation
- Skill allocation
- Skill progression per level
- Item section
- Which mercenary you should use?
- Faster Cast Rate
- PvP, short introduction, match ups and tips
- Magic Find set-up
- Hints and tips
- My Winddruid
- Final words

After beating the game with my wind druid, I thought that other people really should try this build, it’s fun to play. You don’t see them as often as, for example a fishymancer, vegasorc, or strafeazon (no offense guys) and they are great pit-runners. But there is 1 major difference with this build than the builds I just mentioned, the windmaster druid is very gear dependant in my opinion. You will need a lot of +skills to be effective in hell, I’ll explain this in the equipment section.

The windmaster druid is unique in its own way, it has a way to inflict quite a good amount of damage in the physical and elemental form (io cold damage). But beware, the elementalist doesn't show its potential until you get the right equipment. Also, the elementalist emphasizes spreading less damage over multiple enemies.

Stat allocation
Strength: enough for stormshield
Dexterity: enough for max block, depending on your equipment
Vitality: as much as possible
Energy: 60-70 will be enough.

This really depends on the kind of equipment you will choose to use, but you’ll want to use the best shield in the game for your druid, stormshield, so I suggest you to have enough strength to equip a stormshield, you can always socket it with a –15% req jewel with a nice 2nd mod or a Hel rune if you want to concentrate more on vitality. Lidless Wall looks very attractive with the +1 skill and mana but you will need max block, which is very difficult to achieve with it’s base blocking % being so low.

Blocking is the key to survival for a windmaster druid, I will explain this a little down further in the guide. Dex should be around ~ 220 with the bonus from your gear. . This way you will have 75% + at level 85+.

You wil use an Oak Sage, but vitality is still very important, pump this as much as possible

Very gear depended, if you’re planning on using some items which increase your mana, which is highly recommend, 60~ is enough. I have 60 energy, use a SoJ, Frostburns and Harlequin’s Crest, this gives me over 700 mana, which is enough. And remember, you can buy mana potions in 1.10, so why not make use of that

Skill allocation
Cyclone Armor – 20
Twister – 20
Tornado – 20
Hurricane – 20
Oak Sage – 20 (this skill is to be maxed as last, put it around 10 and then pump it while your lvling from 85+)
Grizzly - ~4 will be enough, your +skills will boost it to a decent lvl

Skills really speaks for itself, your main killing power will be Hurricane and Tornado so we max those and their synergies. Add a life spirit to that for better survival and another great tank in the form off a grumpy bear, he will benefit from the life spirit, your defiance merc (if u get one) and your + skills will make you love this bear more then your girlfriend. An other option for your bear, if u dont have enough +skills to make your bear lethal enough is to put 1 point in grizzly and pump the rest of these point in dire wolf, thus increasing your bear's life, which would make him more off a tank than a combination of a tank/killinf machine

This comes down of a total of 109 skillpoints, you will get 12 bonus skills from the quest rewards, so this build will be finished at lvl 98. Oak Sage should be maxed last, so you will reach your end goal approximately at lvl 85, where your Oak Sage is around lvl 10 (with +skills from your gear)

Skill progress table

To give you an idea how to put your skills:

1 - Raven
2-5 (+skill from den quest) - save these
6 - 1 in Artic Blast rest Oak Sage
7-11 - 1 in Oak Sage (5 will be enough for normal) save the rest
12–17 - Cyclone Armor
18–23 (+ skill from Radament) - max Cyclone Armor and rest in Twister
24 – 29 (+skills from Izual) - Twister and Tornado
30 – 65 - max Tornado and Hurricane ASAP, put a couple of points in grizzly. I suggest first Tornado for the PI damage...
65+ - max rest of your skills, max Twister (synergy) and Oak Sage

Item section

Ravenlore should be the best pick for this, but I recommend Harlequin’s Crest as the +mana, + life, and damage reduction will help you more than the +1 skill, and it has the potential of getting 74% mf, which is great for pit runs. Not to forget jalal’s mane, with a good +skills, FHR, resist and other useful mods will be a really good pick if u don’t have a ravenlore or a harlequin crest.

For the rich people there is only one option here, Heart of the Oak flail, +3 skills, 40% faster cast rate, resistance all 30-40%, +15% max mana and +10 dex (higher blocking) truly awesome...
The second best choice is wizardspike, 50% faster cast, huge bonus to all resistance’s and extra mana, it’s only drawback is that it has no +skills.
Suicide branch is also very sweet for a winddruid, +skill, FCR, resist and a good boost to your mana.

Only one option here, Stormshield, As a windmaster druid you will be in the line of fire most of the time since the monsters will need to be in your Hurricane range if you want to do any damage. This means that you will need max block, high life and max resistance’s. Therefore your best choice is a shield which gives you these three, socket it with a perfect diamond and your set . Second best choice and for building up progress I suggest the Lidless Wall, however, if you will use this one as your end-game shield, prepare to be beaten up alot.
If u want to see how u can get a good % too block use this formula:

Total Blocking % = [Blocking x (Dexterity – 15)] / (Character Level x 2)

Sounds strange but a Chains of Honor mage plate/wire fleece is the best armor in my opinion, it looks like a melee characters armor, but you will be looking for +skills and + resistance on your armor, maybe some magic find but thats it. Chains provide a whopping +65 to resist all making it easy to achieve max resistance and don’t forget the +2 skills it adds. On top of that it has 25% MF, 8% PDR and life replenish.
Off course a enigma would be truly the best but hey, with a Jah and a Ber in it :uhuhh: I have a enigma breastplate on my druid which saves me ALOT of stats in strength, so i can invest more in vit, but stil enigma is expensive, so prepare to give a arm or a leg for it. A good mid lvl armor would be Skin of the Vipermagi, faster cast, + mana, + resistances and + 1 skills.. Shaftshop, Skulders ire and if u invest more in strenght a Arkain’s Valor will suit your druid very well. All in all a great armors if you can’t get your hands on the runes to make Chains of Honor, Or Enigma

Frostburns +40% mana makes it possible to invest less in energy, and more in vitality and dexterity. IK gloves can be off help too, it has huge STR and DEX bonuses, another good choice will off course be rare gloves or caster gloves. Trangs ouls gloves are a good choice too, with the 20% FCR

A Stone of Jordan and a good FCR & resits is all you need, if you don’t have a Stone of Jordan, you can use a Bul Katho’s Wedding Band, but be prepared to invest a little more points into energy then. Also a Ravenfrost will be needed, Cannot be Frozen, 20% cold absorb, 20 to dex, great ring.

Number one pick here is the Arachnid Mesh, giving +1 skills, +5% max mana and faster cast (you will want to cast those tornado’s quick, real quick), on top of this it slows your enemies. If u cant afford this, a Thundergods Vigor or Verdungo’s Hearty Cord should be your pick. Thundergod has a nice bonus to strength and vitality which allows you to invest more points to dexterity and vitality, and +10% max resistance to lightning, which comes in handy with gloams. Verdungo’s belt has a bonus of 40 to vit and a 10-15% dmr, use this if you’re not using Stormshield or the Chains of Honor armor, because PDR is capped at 50% in 1.10 and more wont have any effect.

These don’t matter really, just use some boots that run fast, you can use Immortal king’s, Natalya’s boots, Aldur’s boots or War Travellers for more MF. Silkweaves are also a nice pick because of the +max. Caster boots will be really sweet too, only makes u spam those tornado’s quicker

Mara’s kaleidoscoop just rocks, +skills, + stats and a huge bonus to your resits… if u already have enough res, i suggest crafting as casters ammy or use a rare one with 10% FCR

Look for elemental charms with +life, mana or resistance. Small charms with life, mana, resistance or a combination of these three mentioned, deserve a place in your inventory too. Elemental charms are not that rare to trade so u wan to use 6-7 off those, throw in a couple of life//res small charms and 2x2 for your cube and your set

Which mercenary should I pick?
You have the choice between two heroes, the trusty defiance mercenary and the beloved holy freeze mercenary. You will already have max block, so more defense makes you harder to hit, but is this really needed? On the other hand, your Hurricane deals cold damage, thus slowing your enemies... why not make your enemies even slower? In this way they will take more damage from your Hurricane and u will be attacked less.

The choice of your mercenary is really 100% a personal choice. I choose a Holy Freeze mercenary and it works nice, he does a heck of a lot damage and tanks almost everything.
For his equipment, a good old shaftshop, gaze will do the trick, basiclyy all he needs is a fair amount of Life leech, a big hurty stick and good defence… mine uses a shaftshop, vampire gaze and a reapers toll, he rarely dies…
Reapers toll is a sweet pick here, cause it will make the critters even more slower which wil give you some more breathing space

How much Faster Cast Rate will i need?

FCR will be needed to spam your tornado’s quicker, which means more tornado’s thus more damage thus less risk

Thanks to Fenris for his FCR table
18 frames = base
17 frames = 4%
16 frames = 10%
15 frames = 19%
14 frames = 30%
13 frames = 46%
12 frames = 68%
11 frames = 99%
10 frames = 163%

FCR will come from your equipment,

Weapon: Heart of the Oak, 40%
Wizards spike, 50%
Suicide branch, 50%
Gloves: if using a Trang-oul’s 20% otherwise 0%
Armor: if using a vipermagi, 30%, otherwise 0%
Amulet: if using a casters or rare, max 10%, otherwise 0%
Shield: 0% you’ll be using a Stormshield, if u cant afford it, use a Lidless wall, 20%
Belts: Arachnids 20%, if using a t-gods, or verdungo’s 0%
Boots: 0%
Rings, you will use 1 caster ring, 10% if used 2, 20%

This ends up to a maximum off 170% if u use all possible FCR listed above, which will get you a 10 frame tornado :drool: I recommend around 99% so u still have a good cast rate but wont need to give up on your resist or life… Because remember, u wont have much too cast once your dead now do you…

How to play a Winddruid, a few guidelines...

Basically you will start a game with casting a cyclone armor, a bear, your ravens, and a ghost… when u venture into the wilderness cast your hurricane and get your tornado… i have my left button attached to tornado and right button to teleport (enigma). In the beginning you will find it kind off difficult to aim, the trick is to aim a little behind your target, just practice a little in the blood moor and you will see what i mean.
You shouldn’t have much trouble with critters until you’ll come across a Stone Skin//Physical immune.. u can always have a wand with Lower resist charges on your switch or Amplify damage, otherwise give your merc a little Open wounds and poison damage and your set.

Good Areas for a Winddruid

Good areas for a winddruid will be WSK 2, 3 and Baal, the pit on p6 and RoF
Basically because the good chance to find high lvl gear there, great exp… Remember to pack some full rejuvs :lol:


PvP will be a good option for a winddruid, certainly once you own a enigma armor due to the fact that when u teleport your minions will be next to you and missles like, bone spear/bone spirit, guided arrow etc will hit your merc first, thus making your druid almost untouchable for others. With melee chars you shouldn’t have much trouble because u will easily do 4-5 k physical damage so after the cap u will sill do around 2 K damage, which makes 2-3 tornado’s enough… Sorcs are not that dangerous too, because off your Cyclone armor, just remember to keep it fresh after 2-3 orbs.

You’re most difficult opponents will be WW sins, Bonenecro’s and Hammerdins… All i can say is watch out for those WW sins, with their Open wounds and Poison damage 1 hit will be enough, Hammerdins simply just rock so try and stay out of their hammer-field, spam tornados in the hope he might walk into 1 or 2, against bonespear/spirit, use teleport alot and let your bear/spirit take the damage, patience will be your best bet against those…

Have some +elemental gear in your stash, Lightning res & absorb helps alot against FoH pally’s and pure Sorcs (against blizz sorcs use a 4 sock (pref with life) cold res armor, and dual ravenfrost, if its allowed off course) Remember, refresh your Cyclone armor against them, cyclone armor = key to survival

I don’t have much experience with duelling in 1.10 cause i only duelled allot in 1.09 in my “battle net” time but try to duel a versatile ranch of characters, this will increase your exp and thus your duelling skills...

Magic Find set-up

Off course a winddruid is a great mf-runner, baal, mephisto the pit, all he can run reall nice
a example set-up would be:

Ali Baba (prefer IstIst but Mf Jewels will do the trick too)
Skulders Ire (ptopaz)
Shako (ptopaz)
Amulet, any with mf, or resits if you're lacking any)
Stormshield (pdiamond or ist for the richer people under us ^^ )
War Travellers
Chance Guards

u can have a Ali Baba with a Rhyme runeword on your switch for the final blow... With this kind of set-up you will be killing slower but you will have around 400% mf witch will be a great start for some good finds

Hints and tips

? Due to all your +skills cast your ravens, i have 5 ravens which hit 14 times, blinding enemies is really useful.
? Recast your cyclone armor when u get the chance, gloams attack hard and even with a lvl 31 cyclone armor it only takes them 4-5 hits to destroy it.
My Wind Druid

As requested :lol: my Winddruid stast and skills
Wind_whisperer lvl 89
strenght: 171
dexterity: 221
Vitality: 280
Energy: 62
Mana 712
Life 1302, 1941 with spirit
Res all maxed (thnx to lots of small charms)

SKills, Wind skills all maxed, grizzly 3 and my spirit ~12 (to be maxed)
Heart of the Oak (38%)
Shako (umed for pvm, ptopazed for mf)
Enigma breast plate (to save stats in strenght for more vitality)
Trang oul's bracers
Arachnids belt
Mara's kaleidoscoop
Stormshield (pdiamond)
switch, wiz spike and rhyme shield

Charms, 6 elemental skillers with life or resits, 7 small charms with life and or resits, 3 7%mf charms with 5% resits to fire, 8% to lichtning and 6% to cold resitance
Tornado damage = 4512
Hurricane = 2972-3698
Cyclone armor = absorbs 3,3K elemental damage

Final Words

Well I hope you enjoy the windmaster druid, these were just guidelines for this build, feel free to ask any questions or tell me what I can improve in this guide

Well I hope you enjoy the windmaster druid, these were just guidelines for this build, feel free to ask any questions or tell me what I can improve in this guide

Regards, Robin

Ow and sorry for any typo’s, Dutch guy here ;)

Post your reactions here so i can make this guide even more usefull for everybody


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ahh, was hoping for something pvp: any chance you know how many times one tornado hits an opponent? was thinking it could be framebased


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Explain view on why you put into mana, do you think any into mana is necessary ?

Explain why you put into grizzly, I dont think 3 points is gonna add enough dam to him to make it worth it.

why dont you have the cannont be frozen mod in gear selection

for mfing why not switch out of arachnids and put on tals, and / or why not use engima it has mf and teleport, you'll lack some mf but you will be able to do runs faster .. cost benefit problem.

Boots dont matter .... since when ?

other shield selections would be nice ... whistans, gerkes, mosers, rhyme etc.

'the pit on p6 and RoF' minimuze slang.

Not a bad guide just a lot of holes in it and needs to be a lil more descriptive.


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Great guide. but I have seen many no block wind druids and they never die, they all mf and say that CA is they're only need. Please explain.


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Still haven't mentioned Delerium in a druid helm. It can provide up to +5 tornado, +5 hurricane and +4 cyclone armor.

Second, you say you need more strength if you go with Valor, but since you only give Stormshield as a shield, you already have enough strength for it.

Suggest rare boots - you can get a nice chunk of resists from them.


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You forgot to mention that an Act 1 fire rogue with a WildWitch String socketed with a shael is a viable alternitive because it cast amp damage and with a shael the merc shoots faster.


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I appreciate the effort you've put in to making your guide. here are some comments/suggestions/critiques:

1. as was stated before, you said max block is a must, but there are many vitawindys that to just fine, my friend has one actually. You should try not to pidgeonhole your guide to block only

2. If you are going block, why is ss your only choice? There are many good shield choices out there, and while ss may be the overall best it is my no means the "only" choice. whistan's guard is great for blocking %, rhyme grim shield or heater is a really excellent choice to those who can't afford ss, and sanctuary is a great shield for both blocking and resists as well.

3. Rare boots can be so good.... lots of res, mf, frw, fhr... they can be incredible if you get the right combo. Don't leave things out just cause the letters aren't gold or green.

4. Your pvp section is lacking terribly, and although it was a valiant effort, I would suggest you turn this into a strictly pvm guide. Fenris's pvp guide is a very detailed and excellent wind druid guide, and the small amount of information (some of it misinformation) your guide gives will just be confusing and misleading to someone who wants to build this char for pvp. The misinformation would be regarding the minion stacking bug. You described it incorrectly, which can greatly affect the outcome of duels. GA and BS and others don't work in the same way as spear, MS, teeth, etc work for minion stacking. I'll refer you to DemonicTutor's excellent explanation here for a complete description, as this post is getting long already:

5. you say you'll "need" a soj, or at least a bk ring (which i find completely incorrect... that may be your goal but by no means do you need those to be successful in hell), and also need a fcr/res ring. Then the next sentence, you say one also "needs" a ravenfrost. Since we only have 2 ring slots, instead of saying we need all 3 rings, you might want to suggest some ring combinations, or just say what has worked for you in the past.

6. You say our choice of merc is 100% choice... yet say we only have a choice between 2 of the many types of mercs??? How about a list of the pros/cons for the mercs in each act... how they shore up your weak points, or accent your strong. Act 5 barbs can survive fine with oak sage, and can be better than act 2 depending on the equipment you have available for htem. Act 1 rogues die the least (smartest AI) and deal out some great damage... also, you can get a fire arrow one which will work against CI/PIs.

Again, you assumed that only a limited array of things is open to the build because it seems that's all you've played it with. However, you do seem to enjoy the build a lot, and have a great urge to share it with others, which is great.

I would just suggest to you to look up more options on equipment choice to include in your guide, among other things that I listed above, and please, please just turn it into a strictly pvm guide. You will be a lot more helpful to others this way.



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the ptopaz's can be switched for ists-more mf

4 ist shield=even more mf

pvp=10 ele skills gcs with life/fhr
1 annihlus, 9 life/mana need to methion 7%mfscs


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Points really are never needed in energy i think. You can make a pretty viable elemental druid build without any points there. One or 2 mana charms, and maybe a +??% mana item, and you are pretty much on your way.

Since the ele druid really never needs much over 90 str, then you can pretty much invest a lot into either vit or dex. Though blocking is important, i prefered keeping a block % of around 50 - 55%.

Oh and i made a nice druid, who used a Lidless, and was rocking. Didnt even think about having a SS (mainly due to the fact that i am nowhere rich enough to own something that good). :)


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Personally, I think not having max block is crazy if you have any. One could argue a good two handed weapon (or lidless + weapon and 0 dex) is viable, but going halfway is just a bad call.

75% block is twice as effective as 50% block (1hit in 4 lands rather than 1 in 2) for less than half again the stat points. With most shields, it takes a druid 2 1/2 dex points per level to max blocking. 5 extra life (or say 12 with oak) vs 1% block is a no brainer.



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Am I right in assuming that DR gear is important for PvM wind druids? Cyclone armor should take care of magic, right?


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Great guide. Don't mind the abusers who always find holes in everyone's guides. Course it does give you some feedback for another revision. Thanks for the info.


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I agree. I think this is a solid guide. Make the updates and post it again and I will include it in the guide listing.



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Great guide.

My comments:
- Make it strictly pvm. As mentionned, there's already a good pvp guide.
- Don't let the otrhers comments take you down, while they can be more diplomatic, I've seen many important comments. Furthermore, I don't know any solid pvm winddruid guide... IMO, you should update it a few times and summit it to the strategy compendium, nothing less (hey man you're gonna make History :) ).
- As for the merc and %block, many uses a defiance merc, therefore minimizing the physical damages. Remember, one of the most dangerous monster in the game are the gloams. Even with max resist (very recommanded) and cyclone armor, you might find yourself casting cyclone armors one after the other rather than tornados... And while dex gives you a good return in the block %, with a high level you need to invest a good amount of dex even with a good blocking shield and a oak sage optimize all the points in vitality.
- There is many way to organize the equipment section. First you should classify the needed mods. Then, from what I have seen elsewhere, you can put items in: top, medium, low and development categories (think it's from the meteorb sorc guide in this forum).
There's a uptade about ravens and summons resist at the chaos sanctuary. Might be worth to gives a look at that.



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"u will easily do 4-5 k physical damage so after the cap u will sill do around 2 K damage, which makes 2-3 tornado’s enough… "

ah.. i thought its 1/6 for penalty in pvp.. that wouldnt get u 2k..heh other wise pretty nice 4 a windy..put lacks in strategy against various build tho..


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No way in heck do you need 700 mana. I don't have a single point in energy on my HC wind druid; he has about 400 mana and gets along just fine. Super mana potions drop so often in Hell that it's not even funny, and if they don't drop, buy them :p.

Frosties aren't good at all for this build. Trang's, or magefists are much better.