Strength stuff


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Strength stuff

I am a Lvl 78 Assasin.

I want to use Nat set but need an extra 15 strength points.

What is best way to get extra strength.

Skillers or Rings / Ammy's ?

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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i guess u're having problem with str requirement in nat's armor.

use ik belt(25str and nice resist)/ik gloves(20str+20dex). using both items will give u bonus 25ias (if gloves is 1.10).

another suggestion is to put -% jewel with nice second mods or hel rune in nat's armor (if u have one with 3 sockets).
another alternative would be..

if you haven't done so already, do the 5 stat point quest in act3, that should give you 5 x 3 difficulties = 15 stat points, exactly what you need without having to sacrifice charms or different gear.


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another option:

Socket the helm and drop a P Amethyst in and find some + strength small charms untill you level enough.

Favorite Option:

Drop a Hel rune into the armor and that should drop the strenth req by 29pts. You can always unsocket it later using the cube.