Strength glitch question.

Strength glitch question.

So I know that using charms (torch, anni, others) for strength when you dont have enough base will make you look naked. But I read somewhere that this is not the case for +strength from other items. So I was thinking:

I use torch+anni to get to 91 strength. Putting on treks gets me to 104, enough for an ap coh. The coh gets my str up to 124, enough for a t-gods. The tgods gets me up to 144, which is enough for an upped hoz.

Will this idea work in not looking nekked, or does the fact that charms factor in the equation and still make it strength glitch. W/o them, I would have a base of 60 strength, nowhere near enough to wear anything, but all the str needed for the coh and upped hoz came from items, not charms.



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That sounds like countering the str bug with respect to invisible equipment with the str bug with respect to items with str bonuses supporting each other or themselves. I see no reason why it shouldn't work and I also see no danger, except you can only wear something because of the second str bug.