Strength Bug


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Strength Bug

I'm having some problems with my barbarian. I had 2 rings, 1 with 20 strength and 1 with about 20 strength. I changed one of them to a ring with 14 strength with +40 mana. When I looked at eq, nothing was red, so I though it was fine and I sold the old 20 strength ring. I left the game and joined a new, and when I looked everything was red and I was missing 20 strength, even with the 14 strength ring on. wtf ????


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Re: Strength Bug

Because wearing the ring(s) caused you to be able to temporarily equip an item which likely had a strength bonus. So when you took off a ring and looked ok, the item with the strength bonus held in a buggy sort of way, and wouldn't hold at re-join.

For example, say I wanted to equip an upped Arreat requiring 196 str, but I only had 176.
If I put on a 20 str ring then that would seem fine. However, now my str would read 196 + the 20 str points that arreats adds = 216.

Now remove the ring and the Arreat will stay on, however it's bugged on due to the str bonus on it. So now it would look like I'd have 196 str, which would not be true which would show up in a rejoin.

Either that, or you had a torch/anni poof on ya. But I think you would have noticed.