Strength bug help


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Strength bug help

Ok, i am making this IK barb, and i want to get a full strength bug (so you cannot see any of my items at all).

Here is the strength requirements:
IK armor: 232
IK weapon: 225
IK helm upgraded twice: 196

And the strength bonuses:
IK gloves + belt gives a total bonus of 55 strength
I'm going for a torch with 15+ to all stats

and then the question: how much base strength should i get? I dont think i can afford Annihilus, but i have plenty of +strength charms...




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Enough charms to make add up to exactly what your heaviest equipment (armor I think) costs WITH your +str equipment on. You'll need to make up for the 55 STR from your gloves/belt with charms...the torch will help and count as a charm, of course.

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so, only helm, armour and weapon are displayed... the highest str requirement is 232, minus the 55 from the items gves 177 minus a further 15 for torch gives 162, this is the minium str requirements to epuip ik excluding torch with charms+other items... ie sarcacen would lower this further
.: 177-strength from items-strength from charms=base str required,
be careful tho u could end up not bing able 2 equip any of it my barb had that prob... twas annoying....


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i was going to do this for all the sets a while back but didn't bother as tals cant be str bugged due to orb having no reqs.
ik was always hardest to do

you cant upgrade sets so this is fairly 'tricky' to do and might need some socketing.
main problem is the difference in str req between helm(65)+armor(232)
to str bug helm you need 1 under its req from base+rings+amu
so 64str to start.
need to equip belt+gloves @110str to get 45 str. this needs 46 in charms
@155str need to equip armor @ 232 str which then needs 77str in charms
total str in charms needed = 123
assuming perfs:
torch = 20
anni = 20
large charm*18 = 90
small charm*1=2
total = 132 from charms (i prefer using grands but that needs sockets too)
15str torch and no anni = 110 which isn't enough

so to do that either you need to -req the armor+weapon or preferrably to +str the helm which as long as its str bugged counts the same as charms.

this may be done via switches etc but i dont like that sort of thing - this is selfreliant.


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Hmm yeah i realized that it wasnt possible to upgrade the helm... I have a barb torch with +20 stats but i cant afford Annihilus.. I just see alot of people with full strength bug and full IK, and i wanted to make the same type of char... Thanks for help @ all anyways