Strange/annoying bug


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Strange/annoying bug

after completing norm (after getting a mule rushed)
started a game in nitemare
akara would only sell minor healing/mana pots (we varified that it was nightmare)

after completing a1,
lycander and drognan would only sell minor and light healing/mana pots
it continued that way for the game
a3 npcs only sellig norm/minor/light
a4 selling greater/norm/minor/light
a5 selling greater/norm/minor/light

next nm game i created all of the pot selling npc's would sell super/greater pots like theri supposed to in nm


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I've heard that what the NPCs sell is based on the level of the first character to talk to them. So if it's a mule that was just rushed to NM at level one, then yes, they should be selling minor potions.