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Strafezon PvM Guide (1.10)

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by S50, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. S50

    S50 IncGamers Member

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Strafezon PvM Guide (1.10)

    I dont really have a good name yet or I would name this guide :grrr: . Anyway I would tell you some of my background with Amazons and some ideas about Strafezons. Strafezons have not been very popular because of multiple shot's nice wide range of targets and with pierce, it was a ideal cower. This is very unfortunate because the most killing power and funnest bowazon, in my opinion, is the Strafezon. My experience would be still considered low but I can tell you the main idea of this build and how it works.

    Aside from the deeper and more specifics in strafe, there are areas to provide general ideas on Amazons themselves. However, these are further catorgized to bowazon, and does not really apply to javazons. You may just take a browse of some of the ideas and please, feel free to correct me.

    This build have one thing that differs from guided arrow and multiple shot that makes this build viable and great. Guided arrows could not match this damage, speed, and the overall killing efficency of the strafe. Multiple shot does not even boost damage and cannot focus on smaller or less targets.

    With this idea of speed, damage and multiple targets, strafezon needs one more big boost to make it ultimate for pvm. Attack Rating. Small problem that can be easily solved by penetrate.

    The rest of this build is similar to other bowazons, 10-12+ evasion skills such as aviod, evade and dodge. Pierce and critical strike, slow missiles and the valkyrie. These are the foundations of a bowazon, which can be invested in according to user's preference.

    At level 74 with all skills quest done your skills should look like this with pre-req:
    20 Strafe
    20 Penetrate (the more the better)
    10 Critical Strike (ideal, with some plus skills this would shine)
    10-12 Dodge
    10-12 Avoid
    10-12 Evade
    10 Pierce
    1 Valk
    1 Freezing arrows

    *Note* Most passive skills such as pierce, evasions, and critikal strike does not have big bonus after a certain level, usually around level 10-15 and with some plus skills it is effective enough.

    Valkyrie is not too much of a killer until you invest in it and even then you have better choices in summoner such as a Druid or Necromancer. For this build, it is tank only. Freezing arrows hold down big groups temporaily and can sometimes help with inumes.

    The stats depends on your equipment. With 2 ravens, you're pretty much set. However, dexazons, another under-rated build could be as viable in pvm. Vitazon, dexazon, its just another one of those damage vs life dilemas.

    Anyhow just switch between the dexerity and the vitality for different builds. However, you should take a browse in my strategy section to see which of the builds is suitable for you.

    Strenght - enough to use equipment after equipment (+strenghts)
    Dexerity - Enough for equipment or maxed
    Vitality - Maxed or base
    Energy - Base (leech)


    Weapons can be cheap or expensive, it is for you to decide. The efficency would still be rather comparable.
    -Goldstrike upgraded - fast speed and when upgraded, the 250% ed will give damage enough for this build.
    -Upgraded Lycander - slow but got fair damage and skills. Certainly a probable choice if including some Ias from gear.
    -Windforce - expensive but good for most cases. The range in damage is very big so resulting from one hit kills to 3 hits kill kind of perspective.

    I run on switch with Titans and shield which I will discuss below.

    Armor is basically everything else. Yes you can choose top notch armors that are basically gives no goldy bonuses or you can choose some cheaper ones which makes all the matter.
    -Lionheart - prime example. 20 Ed, stats, resist, who can complain? Make it on a Dusk Shroud for best looks, str/def ratio. Archon is too over rated, comparing 106 for 5XX and 77 for 4XX is just to the users eye, remember, 50% from evasion and you got tanks, decoy, valkyrie, and merc, what would defense do you? You get hit, dont cry, hit them back and leech it all.
    -60 IAS armor - I keep it in stash for when damage is of no importance, such as lower parts of the game or for rushing normal and nightmare. The speed helps make the process faster and definately more exciting.
    -Shaft - DR, medium life... meh, its not bad.
    Remember, this build is pvm - MF! Skulders, eth if you can afford.

    -Andy's Visage - strenght, leech, you guys know the deal.
    -Tal Rasha - dont laugh because this is cheap helm can show up alot of the top end helms
    -Shako - MF, skill, life, mana, dr, did I miss anything?
    -Vampire Gaze - Pvm, leech matters. This with shaft gets you the 50% you need. If not go with a String or Verdungo.

    -Strings of Ears - leech your way back to full in hits.
    -Verdungo - eh, same deal as Strings but if you feel like you got enough leech, go for the Vitality. Dexazons *hint hint*

    -Laying of hand - for start until you can craft a godly.
    -Souldrainer - is there gloves with more leech?!
    -Draculas - maybe this can compare with Soul but then the life tap is better for pvp and melee?
    -Godly crafted - should have 20 Ias, dual leech, knockback (this is important to keep enemies away), and optional passive or bow skills

    -War Travelers - Mf, damage, life, strenght
    -IK or Aldurs - life, fast run
    -Waterwalk - sure, why not?
    -Sandstorm - hmmm...

    Stormshield - out of the question because simply the stats are expensive and valuable. For the block, it isnt the best, DR, you have enough without it. Resist, dont kid me.
    Whistan - perfect block
    Mossers - everything about it is good

    Shields are totally optional. Sometimes my Amazon feel like running for a destination: quests, mf, that you want to run past some monster. To safely do that you would need it, otherwise it's not too important.

    Jewelery - I'll list them, you know why I mention them:
    -Cats Eye - best
    -Highlords - second
    -Ravens - best/second
    -Dual leech with resists - best/second
    The rings are for whatever floats your boat, both have their pros and cons.
    -Bul-Kathos - maybe...

    -Weapons - Shael, Ed/Ias, Ed
    -Armor - Ias, Ed/Ias, Ed
    -Shield - Shael/Perfect Diamond
    -Helm - Ias, Ed/Ias, Ed

    I prefer Ias over Ed because speed kills better than damage. Amazons to me is all about skills and speed. Big damage is for Barbarians.

    Dexazon Setup
    Upgraded Lycanders - Shael
    Vampire Gaze/Shako - Ias
    1 Raven 1 Bul-Kathos
    Crafted gloves
    War Traveler
    Cats Eye

    Vitazon Setup
    Upgraded Goldstrike/ Windforce - Shael
    Lion Heart
    Strings of Ears
    Gaze - Ed/Ias, Ed
    2 Ravens
    Crafted gloves
    War Traveler
    Highlords/ Cats Eye

    Sets: I include the sets down here because there is only one and it is very hard to say how it works. In my opinion I would use Mavina for Vitazons because of the lack of DR, speed and life items. This set is quite crappy but hey, if someone out there have a great Amazon using this, tell me how to use it.

    I'm very tired, this would be my draft of the guide, I will include strategies tomorrow. Critical replies expected, positive comments, whatever is accepted. You got ideas? I will add them.
  2. Shanksie1337

    Shanksie1337 IncGamers Member

    Dec 9, 2003
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    nice first draft :clap:
    i am also newish to zons, but here are a few of my thoughts:

    - Your Skill points are they with or without +skills - maybe a better idea is to list a % range to aim for - ie 70% peirce.

    - Max or lvl 17 Valk is a must - especially for those with lower life (dexazons et al). Also as a pure strafer (as opposed to strafe/fa), i rely on my merc's reapers toll decreping the PI's so i can kill them, and the valk really helps keep the merc alive too.

    - Personally i leave D/A/E at 1 point and let +skills push them up to ~40-50%. With a strafer your merc/valk/decoy should be taking all the hits.

    - i have found my strafer keeps both balls full with 7ML and 8LL on Hell, so Tal's mask is cheap and wonderfull - solves all your leech needs, +life and resists, why o why does it have to look so bloody awful :D

    Some equipment i feel also needs a mention:
    Mara's - resists aren't vital for a strafer but some is nice, plus skills and stats also nice. (lack's IAS but endgame i'd expect sacrificing IAS for mf anyways).
    Manald - ML and life, very cheap
    TGods - excellent boosts to life/str - tho 110 str rqd is a little high (but 134 needed for WF so it's a possibility).
    Mav's Belt - ML if needed
    Mav's Gloves - Str and dex with Cold damage
    Mav's Helm - 30 IAS - with good partial bonus's too (+1 skill with 2 items and 50% AR with 3 items).
    IK Gloves + boots or belt - +20 str / =20 dex & +25IAS as 2 set partial on gloves
    Whilhems Pride - Dual leech belt
    Credendum - +str & +dex with 15 res all.
    SANCTAURY runeword sheild in a high block sheild is also very very useful

    lol sorry this equipment bit seems to have gone wildly out of hand, i'll cut it off there :D
  3. Leto`

    Leto` IncGamers Member

    Aug 8, 2003
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    lacky guide ...

    upgraded witchwild string comes near windforce, don't laugh, it's true ... only 85% ias needed for 2frame BP, and cheap ;)
  4. S50

    S50 IncGamers Member

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I havent played with all equipment and bows, what I suggested for ideal* is basically what I use, except I dont have a windforce. Would someone like to dig up the firerate bp for me so I can post it on? I personally, for most my Amazons I have 10-12 evasion skills because that gets you 47-51 nicely and even with 5+ skills it will only give me around 58 or so, doesnt make that much difference. I said on the bottom, I was very tired and today I might be busy but I will work on some aspect of strategy and tweak some of the guide for you guys.
  5. trienth

    trienth IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    i'm going to pick on a minor point which is your 'dexazon' and her ideal gear. understandably there are 'loose' definitions of dexazons which allow some str, but iirc you'll have to add 75str before being able to put on your war travs(the first piece of gear you're wearing that adds str) and i think that's more of a Vitaless zon. so for a 'strict' dexazon, sacrifices have to be made eg. a piece of rare +str jewelery and +str is a must on your crafted gloves. and lionheart would be more relevant, again because of the +str.

    i'm not sure a dexazon will need to max penetrate also.
    my retired non-ladder lev ** vitaless zon has 497 dex(with eq) and 3 penetrate.
    took her for a quick strafe at hell frigid wp: 83% to hit enslaved
    quick hit and run at worldstone lev2: 76% to hit soul flayer (crazy midgets that run around act 3)

    i'm not sure exactly how much ar will be needed to get a good to-hit for baal's minions, but spare points are always good in valk, or fa (need something to deal with PIs ;) )

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