Strafezon advice


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Strafezon advice

So I'm relatively new to Diablo Online and decided to make a strafezon. As with all newcomers i had almost no gear to begin with (just partial sigon set). But now I worked myself up to 75lvl and I am going to mf in the pits (i've created my ama with the help of Shank's Pit runner guide).
Yesterday I traded for a buriza. I don't know if I should stay by it or keep looking for a better bow (I have lycander or WF in mind). Even if I'll want to have a better bow it won't be fast so I have to stick with buriza for a while. And now my question: What to do with it? Should I socket it? If yes, than with what and why?
And my 2nd question: I've maxed Strafe, Penetrate and valk. I now have spare points and don't know where to put them...


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First of all, I edited your posts so they are one instead of two. There is an edit function that you can use for up to an hour after your original post.

Secondly, an upped Buriza is nice, but the strength requirements MAY not make up for the points you could have put into Dex. There are a few threads around debating this so you may want to search for them. Search for phrases like "Buriza strength" or similar and you'll probably find them.

Next, if you can find a different bow, you will be better off with regard to killing speed. The suggestions made above are good and it is worth trying to find one of those or trade for one. WWS and WF can be had for Pgems, but probably more than 30. Maybe 60. I don't trade so I am not sure of the prices. The upgrade recipes can be found here:


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ahh dacar. WF is worth HR+ on west :p and probably similar on east, but WWS is still relatively cheap.

as someone posted above. the problem with buriza is it's slow attack speed. WWS would be worthwhile, non expensive and great bonuses.


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I'm using a Harmony with wws on switch myself. I hardly ever use wws tho, since the elemental damage from harmony combined with elemental damage from the valk does the trick against PI monsters.
I'll be using a faith when I can afford it.
PS: Harmony is ultra cheap.


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Zorandel, I have a Lycanders Aim you can have for free if you need it.


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