Strafe pvper


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Strafe pvper

hi i want this to make this work so.

helm-giant skull with 2 40/15s (ill get the better helm after i get knock back on my gloves)
ammy-storm scarab 2 all zon skill,19 dex,11life,res
wepon-faith ( for ar i need badly)
wepon2-6bo cta
rings-2x perfect raven frost ( for ar i need badly )
gloves- 2 bow skills 20 ias other mods
charms-this is where i PWN
torch, anni , 37x 3max///20ar//20life


torch, anni ,9x bow 40 life bowaskillers,10x 3max////20ar///20 life

i think im gonna use the 37x sc route i will need the ar ( BADLY )

Von Lazuli

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Ammy is junk... What do you need +skills for? Take a highlords, plenty more damage there...

Swap the Gloves for a pair of +2 Passive, 20ias.

It is acctually costing you life to use the spirit on your CTA swap by my maths.
15 strength needed for Spirit = 45 BO able life.
lvl 11 BO versus lvl 10 BO with 45 more life is only more effective if you have more than 2400 pre-BO life.

Make sure you hit breakpoints... beware of next delay, etc...


Von Lazuli

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In that case, Metal Grid all the way... 400ish attack rating... and no having to perm... and resists...

All good things...