STR on pvp Blizz sorc


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STR on pvp Blizz sorc

Hi I've got a Blizz pvp sorc with the following equip:

Nightwing 15cd
ormus 15cd with +3 blizzard
fathom 26
2x soj's and +str fcr ring
+20/-20 monarch
spirit moncarh
mid anni and torch

I'm having a hard time getting the str for anything. Ormus, nightwing, especially spirit and the monarch all require tons of str, even with my str ring, I'm still looking at 50 hard pts into str. Any suggestions???


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Not much you can do other than put 50 hard points into STR. It's not a total loss, Spirit shield does come with 22 Vit and about 100 mana, so you pretty much get those points back. Trying to use STR charms is pretty worthless (your better off using hard points in str and getting life/mana sc's)

Frostburn is so helpful isn't he! :wave:


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Excellent for damage output.

Your resists could be a bit dodgy though... depending on what shield you have active at the time.