Str glich and D.Clone


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Str glich and D.Clone

I was just wondering how do you get a melee barb to have str glich
with a Eth Cara with only 90 base str
Gear is:
2x Raven's,
Highlords or Imp Brow,
40/15 SS,
40/15 Arreat,
Soul Spurs or Gore,
56/19 Rends,
T-Godz or Dungo,
Eth Botd Zerker

And also wondering how do you get D.Clone to start up.... i have wait'd for him for like 5 hours alrdy.. just left the comp on..., also sold a soj too :eek:


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There are zillions of dclone threads...

"A soj", most likely, won't spawn him (and if that was the last missing SOJ he would have spawned right away). A certain number of SOJs (exact number is random) have to be sold on a server to spawn the clone on this server, so you just increased the SOJ count on the server you are on, but there haven't been enough SOJs sold on that server yet.


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Beware that posting about how you use duped items is likely to get you flamed. I'd suggest taking a look over the rules and if you have a question, chances are that it's been asked 10,000 times already. Before creating a new thread try this out, it works wonders.

Otherwise, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.

There is a huge thread dedicated to DClone related things. Last I saw it was upwards of 4 pages long, so anything you need should be there. Just do a search for it.