Story of my Amazon - Lady Of The Great Marsh


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Hi everyone, I want share a story of my Diablo 2 character. Sorry for my gramer mistakes.

9 years ago, I started playing diablo 2. We all know how we feel when we playing this game first time. As I play I got more and more addicted to game. I made an amazon and I loved my character. Every time she died I avenged her brutally. I was talking with npc s and playing with more role playing than the game texts. As I leveled up normal game ends and nightmare monsters are getting harsh on me. I was a child by the way I couldn't calculate the mechanics decently. My amazon was using javelin and full lightning build. I completed the nightmare difficulty the started to hell. It was really like hell and my amazon ended up at act 3 kurast - great marsh map because of the lightning immunes.

Passing 9 years i saw dreams of kurast jungle, i remembered that playing period many time. One part of my soul left with my character at kurast jungle. After 9 years I decided to start over. Amazon again. After weeks I completed the normal and nightmare mod with much more role playing in my head. I was going to avenge my first character.

And today my amazon reached the destination that her sister died and completely cleared the great marsh map. And I found the lightning immune monster that killed my old char many times and caused me to quit. That monster drop a jewel - the soul of my first amazon.

I am so peaceful now after taking my revenge and freeing her soul. I write a poem about her. I hope you will like it.

Lady Of The Great Marsh

A fighter who usually fights her way forth to explore the new.
An amazon who loves the forest and finds peace between trees.
An organism who belongs to nature, and withstands any act of spoil.
A survivor who likes to strive where is most wild and primal.

As the corruption hits the plants and spiders the marsh got black.
Crowds of aliens poisoned the green, unleashed the curse to spread.
Mutation created things that brings nothing but filth and death.
She loved the place more than anywhere but now the river turned red.

She fell before the lightning which comes from a ghost.
While she was cleaning the dirt that evil thing caused.
Her spirit hanging for the ages and not going to travel.
Her remains dissolved and nothing left but a gold jewel.

I heard your screams from the distance.
Took my bow and came for this instance.
Surpassed the trials as you did before.
For making you free and suffer no more.

Now I am standing in the place where you died.
My soul filled with wrath as your spirit cried.
I sought and found the ghost that slew you.
And its destroyed remains lying same as yours do.

I find a golden jewel from its lifeless mound.
It is like the thing that you have been bound.

I will protect your treasure as I will preserve this jungle.
Your haven is clear, and no dark thing will cause a struggle.
Feel free, rest in peace, fervor once you had is now rewarded.
The tale of Lady Of The Great Marsh will always be reminded.


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Very awesome; thank you for sharing.

Do you plan to finish Hell with this character? We would love to hear your entire journey and the type of gear you came up with. Have fun!


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I am happy you liked it <3 This story has too much importance for me.

Very awesome; thank you for sharing.

Do you plan to finish Hell with this character? We would love to hear your entire journey and the type of gear you came up with. Have fun!
No. Her quest is different from the game's main quest. Her only motivation was the screams of her fallen sister in her mind. That's why she came to Rogue Encampment.

She will protect the marsh for rest of her life. Maybe I will help my character to kill Mephisto for advanced security of jungle and rest of the Kurast.

And I will periodically join my character on keeping safe the Great Marsh by killing all the living monster in that map.