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melianor said:
No problem with, always good to see some archmages popup.

My archmage is 7 years old. I started her back in D2 Classic and converted her to Xpac at lvl 67. She is now lvl 99 with 725 mf. She uses frozen orb, firewall and thunderstorm. I was told a few years ago that she "messed up".
I will happily report that I killed the druid that person had. She does have flaws... too much in strength(the armor she was using in D2), maybe too much dex, but her resists are nearly perfect and she can mf wherever I want
to. Yes, she is more fragile than my 1.10 hammerdin. I may even re-make her.
But? She is my oldest character, the one I've always rushed and mfed with
and I suppose I am sentimental about her. Her life is not high enough, I think that is her one flaw. But the right equipment? Can fix that. I have killed the above druid, and yes, a zealot and necro with her. I change her gear to make
her have a faster cast rate and higher resists. The skills don't actually change. I usually have her in Tal's armor, ammy and belt, a 37% HotO(I prefer the resists and lack of auto-tele over an Occy(, 47% travs, perfect Chancies, and 2 SOJs. She has 2 perfect Nagels in her stash, but? Not worth her death. I don't worry over she is lvl 99. Her inventory has an anni my Trang's nec found. (I hate the vampire look > P ) and multiple 7% smfc I've found over time. She has supplied every other of my 16 viable characters. What more could anyone ask for? No, she does not kill as fast as my hammerdin or my boner. Maybe not even as fast as my dexazon. My new meteor/orb sorc has higher life, but? She feels more fragile than my archmage. I know my archmage is a survivor. Her merc is lvl 98, a barb merc.
he takes care of physical damage as needed. I have her and she actually supplied me well enough to make an enchantress using a Beast, CoH, and other very nice things. You will never hear me say a bad word on an archmage. I can only say that everyone should have one and see just what they can do.


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Happy to see you had (and are still having) success with your archmage build :)

I find T-Storm a bit annoying to use as a main attack because it auto-targets indiscriminately. There might be a pack of lightning immune and cold immunes and it'll go off on the lightning immunes.

Firewall is a great spell, but i find it difficult to keep monsters in it. Even though you can use your merc, i don't find them all that reliable :(

Hydra has the same auto-target problem, in that it will hit fireimmunes also.
I think i'll go hydra/orb/cl. Orb till cold immunes are gone, cl the rest and hydra and survivors, teleporting, hydraing and let t-strom deal with them.


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I've decided to go for Hydra/T-Storm/Orb in the end. I knew I wanted a damage-over-time spell and a direct spell.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it works out. Thanks :)


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I just read this thread again today, and now I want to try to create the maximum possible damaging, but still practical, tri-elementalist there is.
What I have thought for skills is as follows (using this calculator):

FO/CL/Meteor (lvl 99 - 110 skillpoints)

20 FO
1 CM
5 FO prereqs.

20 CL
13 L
12 LM
1 CL prereq.

20 Meteor
9 FB
1 FM

1 static, telekinesis, teleport, warmth

With the following equipment (need suggestions - see below):

Visceratuant (upped for block)
2 x SoJ
+2 Sorc ammy
Any boots...

With 3 lightning, 3 cold, and 2 fire charms, leaving 2 x 8 slots for cube and other things (this is the practical part of the sorc).

This setup yields +15 to all skill trees.

(Note - I chose to put vipermagi instead of "Chains of Honor" because of the faster cast breakpoints... with viper the sorc reaches 8 fps... is speed > 1 extra skill?)

As for a mercenary:

Act 2 Holyfreeze (or Defiance?)

"Infinity" Weapon (conviction = damage)

With the skill calculator, the damage for each skill comes out to:

7-3646 CL
12-5943 L
7381-7691 Meteor
2411-2698 FB
491-514 FO

For FI -- Spam FO / CL or L
For LI -- Spam FO / FB
For CI -- Spam Meteor / CL or L

The the choices for dual immunities become obvious.


-Would there be a better skill setup (or better skill choices) for tri-elemental damage output?
-Would there be a better skill charm setup (would changing this make one tree be used more than the other)?
-Is there any better choices for equipment (would there be any equipment that would greatly increase the effectiveness of my build -- like nightwings over shako, or similar swaps)?
-I think infinity is a must for the mercenary in order to optimize damage output... what armor or helm could I use?
-What should the equipment be socketed with for the most damage output (have a mix of rainbow facets? or focus on a particular rainbow facet?)
-Should I have call to arms on switch? In other words, would it be worth it using the battle command from it (it gives 6 hard skill points + 12 = 18 ? does it get synergy from the BO on CtA too ? )? Using the battle command from CtA would undoubtedly affect my skill point distribution.

Oh, and if you didn't know already, this sorc would be a long term project, as I am definitely not rich enough to build it with all that gear listed today, or even in the near future. Thanks for any input!!


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Hello Again. I had a lot of luck with my sorc and am here to share the bounties of my success :)

I had recently aquired the full tal's set, so I figure what better sorc to make than a tri-elemental one :)

STR: 156
DEX: Base
LIFE: Rest

156 just so I could wear the spirit shield.

Skill points:
I'm assuming most people know about pre reqs so I won't bother listing them:

T-Storm: 20
Orb: 20
Hydra: 20
Fire Mastery: 20
T-Mastery: Rest

It goes without saying that one should drop at least a point into all the masteries, static field, teleportation and frozen armor.

My Char is now level 74, and cleans up Hell all by herself. It's really really rewarding to see Blizzard cookie cutters dance idly in circles in front of all the cold immunes while Hydra wows the crowd.

A Couple of Considerations:
Orb vs Blizzard: I finally decided on orb because it covers more ground. It is more of a screen killer than a specific area killer.

Hydra vs Firewall: I decided on Hydra and am not disappointed at all. I usually cast about 5 hydras with my fcr, and Hell Meph falls almost instantly to them. Under about one minute. Oh, and they do 560 damage per bolt. The thing is, you have 5 hydras spammed on Meph with the moat trick. Each hydra does collectively about 1500 damage, and there are five hydras, so 7500 damage total, assuming each bolt hits. Not bad for 40 skill points. The thing is Hydra becomes more dinky during normal play and versus the fast moving enemies. It still gets the job done though, and is A LOT more usable than meteor.

T-Storm Vs Chain Light: Chain Lightning's Damage is rather low just for chain lightning and the synergy. Also, it's VERY mana intensive. Plus there's the whole screen penalty which i don't really get but cuts down its damage to 7500. T-Storm hits often at 20 pts, and is enough to be a support spell instead of a search and destroy spell like hydra or orb.

So there you have it. My HydraStormOrber. Char Name is TheArchMagus under USeast Ladder. By far the most durable sorc I have ever had. Can get close enough to meph to static, can MF run with the best of them, can deal with ALL chars and can do everything ever other sorc can too. Highly recommend this build :)


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I've always been a fan of archmages... and before I quit I was planning my first char ever for 1.10 to be an archmage (figured it'd be good to deal with all the new immunities).

Anyway, I am now planning on doing one with Hydra (20 Hydra / 15 Mastery), CB / lightning (20 cb, 15 lightning, and 5 LM), but I cannot decide whether to go Blizzard or Orb. Support skills: Shiver armor (i want the increased defense), static, teleport. Rest into pre req's.

So my question is, what's more usable at 20 points and only 1 or 2 at most into the mastery (note: end game I plan on having atleast +12 to skills. After I get the stuff, that is...) Blizzard or Frozen Orb.

I've always used FO, and I know it is very powerful in all stages of the game. In contrast, I have never used blizzard. Ever. So I do not know how powerful it is, especially without synergies and such. I'd like my sorc to be pretty powerful and not be *too* slow going through the game... as in, I'd like her to be able to rush with the best of them. So I'm leaning toward Orb.

What do you think? Could blizzard be just as good? Or is it safer to just take Orb.

Oh ya, I am planning the points for lvl 99... as I plan to reach that level eventually.



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No one can help?

No one has any opinion on whether to take blizzard or orb in the build I mentioned above? (and why)




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I decided to post here after finally discovering other interest in tri-elementalists.

Note: This is a pure pvm guide. I am by no means a pvp expert and have almost no experience in that area. I'm a pure pvm player.

I've been a caster for years. Began playing before season 2 started and have been playing on and off ever since.

In season 2 the tri was much more enjoyable but I will admit in S3 its a bit more difficult.

Here is my basic build:

NOTE: Requires high + skills...

1 into warmth ( max of 5 if you think you need it...although most fire/cold have timers so you'll be fine)

Max fire mastery
Max 1 fire skill....I've chosen Hydra....only 1 skill maxed though...Meteor is another choice.

Max Orb (or do blizzard...its choice)....but only 1 skill maxed
Only 1 point into Cold Mastery (let the + skills do the extra here)

Now lightning...this is your weakest area but still very viable.

1 point into every lightning skill.....then with any leftover points start pumping lightning mastery. This will improve t-storm and nova. Nova will be your backup if necessary for fire/cold immunes. Cast and use T-Storm all the time. It will only do about 1000 damage at high 80's level but its still 1000 each hit...better than nothing!

Fire/Cold immunes are tough...but they will die with your t-storm and limited nova.

Get an act 2 cold aura merc with an Infinity and this works very well.

Tal's full set works well too with the resistance minuses, etc.

I have a level 89 sorc with the full Tal's set right now with this exact build and she's doing awesome. I had her at level 85 2 months ago and almost gave up but upgraded some equipment and decided on Tal's set and couldn't be happier. The fast cast rate is more than enough even with 40 chancies as gloves.

I just revived this sorc from a mule to a fully usable character. Haven't used her in 2 months. After 1-2 days with Tal's set she's up to level 89 and on her way to 90. She's doing all the teleporting to Baal in 8 player games and having a blast!

I have chosen fire skill GC' her hydra does 1700 or so with items. This includes an anni and sorc torch. Near maxed resists in hell.

I love the tri-builds...although I'm thinking of a nova/orb sorc next... :)

US East


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Mohrr said:
I decided to post here after finally discovering other interest in tri-elementalists.

Note: This is a pure pvm guide.
Sorry for the late reply but I only noticed this as I was checking the Sorceress forum. The tri-elementalist is an enjoyable character and is my favorite character as well.

I looked at your build and plugged it into a skill calculator. I need more info like how many +skills you have (+10?) and the exact layout of the skills. Since I don't have that, I'll do my best to analyze it. This is what I came up with. FO is your strongest spell. Hydra will end up being weak when you're done. Putting one point in all lightning skills will also mean that those skills are weak (as you pointed out). Why not max one lightning spell and put the rest into fire mastery? This way you have one lightning spell that can do decent damage and also make the hydra skill stronger.



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Here's a resurection for you....

Hello folks, been a what, about two years since I hung it up, but I've been asked, begged and yes even threatened with spagetti lashing if I say no,:rolleyes: to help out a co-worker who has just found the wonderful realm of Diablo II play.

Seems this "friendly" co-worker read my original build guide and, in passing conversation, figured out who I am IRL, so I've now dusted off the CD's pulled out the books, and all of my notes, and haveto start all over again....:rolleyes:

Just toshow you how lng it'ws been, I didn;t even know there was a 1.11b patch...thought it was still 1.10...hmmmm

Hey Mel, if you're still out there, can you shoot me a message telling me (high level) what they changed in this patch??

Anyway, this is just a quick message to ....

meessaa back.




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I like the thread - I have old sad Tri builds from 1.07 to 1.09 but nothing current. I think the timering and the Next Delays has changed a bit but the big change I see now is that the 3/4th element is physical Damage now. Lots of runeword built sorcs using the ability to get in their HTH and actually mix it up with Hitting Them (Gasp!) So you might want to take a look at some Mêlée Sorc build threads (Fire + Duel Dreams Melee in the stickys) and check into using 2 elements with Physical Damage as your third.