Stop yer whining already


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Stop yer whining already

When's the new ladder? I hate all these dupes and bots! Blizzard doesn't care!

Shut up already! They've been supporting this game for 5 years since its release with extensive fixes and addressing multiple balance issues. That's nearly unprecedented throughout most of the gaming community. Cripes, it's not like dealing with Vivendi where they give you one patch and then tell a given community to go piss off when it's found to be woefully insufficient. In spite of maintaining a worldwide system of servers for BNet, Blizzard does not charge monthly fees for Diablo II, they released a new batch of runewords only a few months ago, and while they're not saying when, they have indicated that there will be another ladder.

You want to find a reason to get disgruntled? Try being a Homeworld 2 or Tribes fan. Yeah, dupes are obnoxious and so are the MF bots, but they aren't game killers. Nobody has stood by their old games like Blizzard has in the video game industry and I think it's time some of you ingrates learn to appreciate that. Especially since you're getting it for free.


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1. no one knows when the next ladder starts

2. blizz doesnt really care about d2 anymore. They are busy with warcraft and starcraft ghost. Check the arreat summit. they already stopped updating it.

3. its not like a new ladder will prevent dupes and hacks on bnet or anything. it will just minimize it for about a month before they start popping up again.

so these are your solutions:

1. play single player
2. play with only people that you know
3. play with people on these forums


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Arreat Summit hasn't been updated because it was a nonpaid initiative that certain Bliz employees took upon themselves to do. Although rife with errors, there really haven't been any major changes since 1.10 aside from the new Rune Words which they did update.

And no, while D2 certainly isn't a priority, they haven't completely abandoned the game which is more than you can say for most games 2 months after they get released. Bliz has a well earned rep for supporting their games long after they've ceased to sell record amounts which is why whenever they put something new out, it's huge. It's good business. They spend enough money keeping BNet running that I don't think it's a terrible thing that they don't have a huge staff of employees policing it at all times.

I for one am blown away by how many changes and additions have been made to the game for the better since it came out and I think it's time people recognize that. Could the game be better. Most certainly. Is it three times better now than when it first came out in spite of being a great game to begin with? Hell yeah.


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They still care about diablo2.

And about the Arreat Summit with updating, there isn't anything that they could add on that site, everything is already there, so it's normal that they stop updating.. there isn't any left to update.

and as I quote:

We'll also continue to post Diablo II related news here.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that people cool down.

Or I might have to cool people down, if you know what I mean.