Stop spamming your friends list


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Stop spamming your friends list

<begin rant>

I've had so many people I've played with and their good people and we add each other to friends lists and then a couple days later they start messaing another friend. But, instead of using /m <account> <message> they just /f m <message> and start having a conversation.

Whats even more sad is that I politely ask them to stop. They refuse. Then I ask them to remove me from their list. They refuse. Then I have to either ignore them and remove them from my list, or if they really piss me off, find out the game their in and go PK their ass till they remove me from their list and I also add them to ignore.

What is so hard about this? If I'm playing in another game at an intense moment I dont want to see the green text over and over about something else going on. If you are msging me... I have no problem with it. But msging other people should be sent to THAT person, not your whole list.

And then you won't even remove me from your 'friends' list when I ask you to. I don't want to be your friend anymore... how hard is that? If you aren't going to msg properly, remove me from your list... simple. I'm sure as hell not going to play with you or help you if you spam me.

If your going to message someone... message that person. The easiest way to msg a person is:

/m %f# <message>
Where # is the placement the person you want to message is on the friends list. ie....
if you /f list and you get the following:

1. pacman (blah blah)
2. mrspacman (more blah blah)

To message mrspacman:
/m %f2 <message>
or, you can /m *mrspacman <message>

/f m <message> will send out your message to EVERYONE on your list.

Its rude, inconsiderate, and annoying. I've gotten to the point where now I will ask them to stop once, ask to remove me once, and 3rd strike I just ignore them and remove them from my list. Unfortunately that means I've removed a lot of good players and people that I could trust in game simply because they are being immature and cannot properly msg.

</end rant>


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yey, didnt know that /m f%# worked! that nice!
I dont use the /f m anyway, but this sure will speed up when writing to friends with stupid accountnames :D


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there was a thread about this like a month ago or something

but yea.. it sometimes gets annoying but I always just pressed "n" to clear the screen