stones of jordan sold to merchants...


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stones of jordan sold to merchants...

i am in a PW'ed game (was doing a mef run to then mule)
when the message "7868 stones of jordan have been sold to merchants"

as well as two other messages 7923, and 7948

i know that there is some clone in my game... talk to me if u want the game information (ie, what game is called and the PW)

ladder USA east

i am staying in game of course...



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um, don't think i made this clear.. but i can not kill the clone, and I see no reason why some one else shouldn't.
I am not looking to get rich off of this at all.

wisper me ingame *elman1o1


I would be happy to come take the anni, but remember that Diablo Clone has not spawned until you see the message, "Diablo walks the earth," and the screen shakes.