Still Need Help Killing Duriel


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Still Need Help Killing Duriel

I posted an earlier thread asking for help and got some excellent replies, but . . . I still seem to be in trouble. The sad thing is, I got through this level before without much of a problem with a sorceress character, and with my current paladin, I am being annihilated. Here are my stats:

Level 24 paladin--avenger
Strength 76
Dexterity 50
Vitality 51
Energy 35

Defense Rating: 108
Life: 201


He is wearing a Lapis Studded Leather of Frost Shield Armor (I was thinking that a better quality armor might be my only real need here).

When Duriel hits, I lose a ton of hit points. I back up against the wall like I am supposed to and/or get right next to him and he just keeps wailing on me and I barely do any damage to him.

My two highest auras are Vengeance (4) and Thorns (4). Admittedly, last time I tried to go up against Duriel, I mistakenly had not activated Thorns and therefore was not dealing him a huge blow everytime he hit me. Many people have suggested getting life leech. HOW??

Any and all help will be appreciated--I want to leave ACT II!!!!


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First, what's your blocking percentage? Definitely get the best shield you can, and since resists aren't super-important for that fight, get one with the highest blocking percentage you can. Your dex might be kind of low to get 75% blocking.

Life leech is available on all kinds of things..just shop.

Most importantly...steel yourself for a long fight. As soon as you come into the staff chamber, cast a TP, then go thru the hole to Duriel's room. That way, when you die, just pop back down, cast a new TP. and go back in.

Expect to use healing potions...lots of them. Just keep throwing yourself at him over and over, even if you only get in one hit he'll still die eventually.


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I'm not sure to well anderstand (sorry my english is poor)
but if I resume
you try to kill duriell with thorn.
bad bad bad
use zeal (you must have one point ) or vengeance but I think it will cost you lot of mana. and might (I suppose you have one point)

and I will not say same Moog_playa but I agree all

PS : To be confirmed but I don't think thorn a good choice in SP.


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My suggestion is to use zeal and might or veng and might. If the battle looks like you are goiing to die, just switch over to thorns, just to make sure you can get in some decent amount of damage. Hopefully if you do die you have that tp like mentioned ealier.

My BIGGEST suggestion is to find a moderately high damage scepter that gives at least 1 to zeal to get a level 2 zeal or three swings. With it being high damage(like 12-25 or better i think.) veng is still doing something worth of damage.

When Duriel has hit you a few times and you nedd a healing potion, run away and let the dude hit your merc. That means you have to try and tank for your merc so that he can help when you are running away to let the healing pot do its magic. :bow:


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gabrielop said:
Many people have suggested getting life leech. HOW??
You can get life leach either from an amulet (but they tend to have a low percentage), but more commonly from rings or weapons.

I largely agree with with everything else that's been said.


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Iirc, act bosses are non-leechable, so ll useless ? Also, I never tried, but swallowing some thawing potions before battle might do wonders.
yea, buy a few thawing potions. drink 1 just before you go into his chamber and it gives you 75 cold res for about 30 seconds. keep on doing that and youll b laughing, as his cold wont effect you much. and do not use thorns, use vengence with zeal.


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Life Steal won´t do you much good this early in the game, since your weapon doesn´t deal much damage. Your main problem is the low life buffer of your character. I suggest:

* A shield with high blocking. Drognan can sell you a Bone Shield of Deflecting, if you visit him a few times.

* Get high Cold Resistance. Holy Freeze now does damage, so having a high resistance is a great help. Shopping and gambling gloves, belt and boots are good ways to get it. You can also use Thawing Potions. They grant a temporary (high) cold resistance.

* Have plenty of light healing potions (I suggest 2-3 columns in belt) and use them so often that you constantly have the healing fill-up "activated". Combined with a good shield and armor, this should heal much of the damage from Duriel´s stray hits. Portal out when the belt starts to get empty.

* Keep one column in belt with rejuves (partial or full) for emergencies, especially if you play hardcore. Rejuves can be made from chipped gems in a pinch.

* The weapon is important. My favourite for act 2 Normal is a 'Steel' Flail. Fast, good damage, easy to make, chance of Open Wounds, etc.
Zeal is a good skill to use with it.

* As others have said, try to alternate the tanking duties between character and merc. Even a rogue merc can take a few hits without dying.

* Duriel is around your level, so a better armor can significantly lower your "be hit" chances (combined with a Defiance merc, even more so). Fara sells Breast Plates and Splint Mails.

* If you have found a Combat Shrine somewhere close to a waypoint, use it. Skill Shrines, Armor Shrines and Cold Resist Shrines are less effective replacements, but still useful.

* Use Holy Freeze yourself, to make Duriel less of a threat. That´ll teach him!

Good luck taking down the big bad bug!


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The problem with the Avenger build is that you spend 3/4 of your life as a Zealot. Until conviction kicks in, vengeance plays second fiddle to zeal. you just can't match the damage output not to mention the mana comsumption. Most Avenger's have lvl5 zeal when they deal with Duriel. Just something to remember when you build another one. I remember my first paladin, I pumped prayer, thorns, a little zeal, and might. I made it through normal, players1 but after that forget about it (this was 1.09 too). I thought paladins were the crappiest character ever made. I blame Durf for not understanding that lvl30 skills are good.

If you're frustrated with Duriel, get a little poison in the mix, maybe on switch so you can hit him and run and let the poison do its work, while you heal. I don't know many characters without huge block who can just tank Duriel (WW druid or WB druid might be the exception). You're on players1, right? Sounds like it. Another trick may be to get a chance to cast amp damage ranged weapon. Once he's amped, close in for a few hits, this will double your damage for a little while. I think these may be hard to find, sadly. Like the other seasoned veterans of this forum have suggested, blocking goes a long way, crushing blow as well, but I doubt you have access to a perfect ruby or a Nef rune (countess could give you a Nef) for blood gloves.

Sorry I'm not much help. I'd send you some equip but it's usually good to do it once on your own.


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I killed normal diablo with smite. Maybe you can try that on duriel... lol. Problems low level PvM melee characters face:

-Not enough damage
-Leaching hardly possible due to low damage
-Not enough AR

Smite ignores target defence, so you'll surely get those hits in... Smite cannot leach, but you won't leach much with a weapon anyway. Maybe, use Thorns AND smite? Get lots of potions, and eep a TP open at all times.


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Run the false Tombs a few times on Players 8. This will get you up a few levels and you can use those points in Zeal (If you Dont have 4 in here yet) and get more vitality. Might find some more useful items too.


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Corndog said:
Run the false Tombs a few times on Players 8. This will get you up a few levels and you can use those points in Zeal (If you Dont have 4 in here yet) and get more vitality. Might find some more useful items too.
don't agree, don't need more level 24 at duriel. and 1 point in zeal is suffisant ! put more is going less for cinergies.


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Thanks everyone. As it turns out, my biggest problem was with my shield. I wasn't blocking squat with the one I had armed. So, once I switched, I wiped up Duriel the first time in and wasn't even close to being killed. Again, thanks for all the help!