Sticky Sausage Fingers


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Sticky Sausage Fingers

Ahoy to Flux and Elly (sp?) -- I must say, the latest podcast made me LOL. Elly, your voice rules and Flux, I appreciate keeping so active in the community and making the geek cool in your podcasts.

I must know... where you are located and where Elly's accent comes from.

Thanks again! Keep it up --



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Glad you enjoyed. We actually talked about the origins of our accents in one of the early shows. #2 I'm pretty sure, in our segment after the Max interview. I should probably pull the transcript at some point, since this question comes up fairly often. (Elly's accent origin. Not mine. No one gives a **** about my boring American non-accent.)


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I think it's pretty obvious where her accent comes from (and no, it's not a state of the USA!)


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I'm English digitalforce.
Thanks Elly. Keep it up :yes:

Are you guys even gonna do a podcast before Monday? Seems like torture since you guys all the info and we don't.

All I am praying for is a 2011 release.. :cloud9: Dont care about the Monk's milk, trading or the color of Flux's under drawers



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Re: Sticky Sausage Fingers

I'm English digitalforce.
You sound exactly the same as DJ on a local radio station. Y'all must be from the same region or something, no idea which since the only one I can identify is Liverpool (thank you Beatles.)

Anyways, keep up the good work.



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Re: Sticky Sausage Fingers

Just wanted to take the opportunity and say big thanks to everyone involved in the podcast.

It has a lot of character and shows the dedication you have had for the Diablo franchise over the past decade and hopefully many to come.

Been listening to every one so far and I really like the mature tone you are keeping (I assume most of you are in their 30's?), spicing it up with witty humour here and there but not straying too far from the topic.

:thanks: and keep it up!


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Re: Sticky Sausage Fingers

I must know... where you are located and where Elly's accent comes from.
I had transcribed that portion of the episode, but it was still incomplete as a whole. I just didn't have enough free time to continue the transcripts, but here's the part that Flux alluded to. ;)

Flux: As I’m proving. And then, once the podcast went live, a few people in comments were like, “Hey, is Elly Australian?â€

Elly: I didn’t think my accent was remotely Australian at all, but apparently it is. Australians listening to this will be thinking, “God, that’s an awful Australian accent!â€


Flux: That’s what you always say about my English accent. So…

Elly: Oh, that is terrible! That’s like Dick Van Dyke off thingamajig… Mary Poppins. Laughy! It’s awful.

Flux: Okay. Where were you actually born, my dear?

Elly: Cambridge.

Flux: And you grew up in that area? Or you moved around?

Elly: No, moved around. Sort of Bristol, and Barrett – which is on the other side of the country to London. I know you only know where London is, so…

Flux: I don’t even know where London is.

Elly: Oh, excellent. Um, well…

Flux: It’s in the middle, right? By that big river?

Elly: Yes, the Thames (\temz\). God!

Flux: Also known in America as the Thames.

Elly: Right. Yeah. I can imagine that. No… it’s, yes… so, no, I didn’t grow up around that area.

Flux: And you do not have one of those specific regional dialects that we hear about where people can tell what neighborhood someone grew up in.

Elly: No, I don’t think so.

Flux: You moved around enough.

Elly: Yes. A lot, really. So, I think, maybe I have a little west country accent now because I’ve been over here for a few years. Maybe! I don’t know. But, on the whole no, I think I’m without accent.


Flux: And as we mentioned last time, you were in Edinbra! Also known as Eidenburg. Also known as something – who knows what it is. How do you say it?

Elly: Edinburgh.

Flux: That’s where you lived in the late 90’s when the Diablo I website began and when I started working on the website with you. So, obviously you picked up some Scottish in theory?

Elly: I don’t think so, actually.

Flux: Just to pretend as if anyone cares, I was born in New York… in America!

Elly: Were you?

Flux: Syracuse, New York my parents lived when I was born.

Elly: Alright, I didn’t know that at all.

Flux: That’s what they tell me anyway. I mean, I don’t remember. I’ve seen baby photos of me with these huge mounds of snow that are, you know, five times my little infant height. But, frankly, I think pretty much all babies look just alike, so it could be anybody for all I know. They can’t prove that’s me.

Elly: Mmhmm.

Flux: And, then my parents lived for a time in North Carolina. Nor’Carolina. And I no doubt picked up some horrible… I mean, a beautiful Southern drawl. I can’t say horrible, we have Southern listeners perhaps. Can people in the South run podcasts? *laughter* Yes, of course they can.

Elly: You’re trying to offend everyone today.

Flux: Yeah, I know. It’s only the Irish that can’t operate podcasts. I’m sorry. No, wait. What? *laughter* Anyway, I lived in North Carolina for some time. Nor’Carolina. And I lived in Las Vegas for a couple of years after my parents got divorced and then I lived in Texas for a couple of years. This is all before I was 11, by the way. I moved around quite a bit. And I’ve been in California since I was, oh, 15 or so. Southern California and now Northern California for the last six or seven years. And I used to visit my grandparents every summer in the Midwest who lived near St. Louis and much more of a Midwestern drawl. So, my accent is probably somewhat of a mongrelization, as is yours, Elly.

Elly: Probably, yeah. I don’t know. You just sound American to me, so…


Flux: Well, you just sound English to me. So, we’re even.

Elly: Well, there you go then. There you go.



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Strewth, with it written down like you realise just how much beep you talk :)


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*looks around* Hmmm... this seems a good place to leave generic fanmail...

Hey guys, although I have been on the wiki and diablo incgamers off and on since 2008, I hadn't really gotten into the pod casts here... untill the last month or so... I've enjoyed them enough to go back and listen to all the old ones... They're great to listen to in the background of DII and torchlight... I was actually getting set-up to fight the Ancients in single player just when Flux made a throwaway comment about how hard the ancients were (once upon a time) if they spawned with the wrong immunities. They killed me, of course :whistling:

Anyway, good job. Keep them coming.:yes:


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I have only recently starting listening to the podcasts and enjoy them very much. I have to say that I am a particular fan of the engwish accent, non offence Flux ^^, and the casts are always fun and informative!
Good job all round :)