STD testing


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STD testing

Recently I've decided that I would prefer to have a STD test with a significant other before hopping in the sack for the first time. Recently there are outbreaks in several major cities including my own Boston of drug-resistance gonorrhea. And I just think that with all the STDs going around, I would be dumb not to want to have such a test done. Of course I'd take the test, too.

But I wonder how a significant other would be likely to react to such a test. Would you be offended if you had been seeing someone for a while and they told you that you had to get a STD test before going all the way in bed?

The way I see it, it would be really nice to be able to trust each other about it, but all the evidence I've seen shows that it's not enough. I have one friend, for example, who had a great relationship with his girlfriend, and they had talked about having children once he was financially secure. Instead, she took herself off the pill without telling or talking to him about, because she decided she wanted one now even if he didn't. His plans to go into the Marines were shot because of that.

While that example has nothing to do with STDs, it's a prime example of why I do not think trust is very... trustworthy, and STDs are serious business. I have high plans for my life, and I can't have something like that getting in the way.

But I still wonder if anyone I was seeing would dump me the moment I even suggested the idea.

EDIT: In case it's not clear, this thread has nothing to do with my current situations. I don't even have a significant other and I don't foresee the opportunity to jump in the bed with someone to be on the horizon at the moment.


Personally my opinion of the person would go up somewhat as it shows some foresight to consider doing this. However, most people would probably be offended as they'd think you're implying they're infected with something.


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Always good to get a clean bill of health, especially if your ex partners had a penchant for being lying tramps of either gender. Plus, you can pick up communicable diseases, like some of the Hepe...Hepi...liver diseases, from non-sexual contact.


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Well, there's a very easy test that only takes an oral swab that tests for mostly everthing...i think it gets messed up with the hepatatis cause cold sores are a type of hepatatis...

And its not like you'd bring it up during the "moment"
Woman: Did you foget the condom?
Man: No, but where did I put that STD test...

And it's less likely to be offensive if you take the same test at the same time