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Statistic Forum Link Collection

Discussion in 'Theorycrafting and Statistics' started by Kijya, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Kijya

    Kijya IncGamers Member

    Feb 28, 2005
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    Statistic Forum Link Collection

    This thread is a collection of links that should provide useful on a broad selection of topics. It's not quite a FAQ but fairly close and should thus hopefully serve as such. If you have something to add then please notify me either by PM or make a post in the input sticky.

    Keyword List
    [SIZE=+1]A[/SIZE]bsorb: Mechanics
    Graphics Bug
    Affix: Calc1 | Calc2
    AnimationSpeed: Mechanics
    Area Levels: Area Listing | MF Area-Levellist
    Area Maps: Map Guide | AS
    Appearance: Armor
    Attack Rating: Base | Chance to Hit
    Auras: Dual Dream | Ideas
    [SIZE=+1]B[/SIZE]locking: Chance to Block
    Breakpoints: General | Amazon | Assassin | Barbarian | Druid | Necromancer1 2 | Paladin | Sorceress
    [SIZE=+1]C[/SIZE]alculators: AB | BB | inD | Shopping | Necro pets | Gamble upgrade | WereformIAS
    Chance of Potion Double Heal: Formula
    Chance to Block: Formula
    Chance to Cast: Mechanics | Items
    Chance to cause Knockback: Formula
    Chance to Freeze: Formula
    Chance to Hit: Formula
    Charge: Paladin skill
    Charges: Items1 2
    Charms: Guide | Skins
    Chests: Sparkly | Super | Runedrops
    Classic: Build guides and FAQ
    Character Level (Clvl): Item Creation
    Countess: Countess rune drops|Guide to Running the Countess
    Crafting: FAQ | Recipes | ZonGloves
    Crushing Blow: Wiki
    Cube: Recipes | Eth-bug
    Curse: Monster skill levels
    [SIZE=+1]D[/SIZE]amage: Ethereal Weapon
    Damage to Mana: Guide
    Defense: Base
    Drop Probability: No drop | Calc
    [SIZE=+1]E[/SIZE]nchant: Mechanics
    Energy Shield: Mechanics | BuildGuide
    Ethereal: Chances | Eth-bug
    [SIZE=+1]F[/SIZE]aster Block Rate (FBR): Table
    Faster Cast Rate (FCR): Table
    Fend: Bug
    Faster Hit Recovery (FHR): Table
    Fire Enchanted (FE): Bug
    Freeze: Chance
    Faster Run/Walk (FRW): Formula
    [SIZE=+1]G[/SIZE]ambling: Gamble upgrade
    [SIZE=+1]H[/SIZE]ellforge: Rune drops
    Hidden stats: Fade
    Hit Blinds Target: Mechanics
    Horadric Cube: Recipes | Eth-bug
    [SIZE=+1]I[/SIZE]ncreased Attack Speed (IAS): See Breakpoints
    Ignore Target Defense: Mechanics
    Imbue, imbuing: Mechanics
    Immune: Guide | Excel
    Items: By Mods | pickup order
    [SIZE=+1]K[/SIZE]nockback: Chance to cause Knockback
    Monster: Stats(de) | Monster Damage increase per player count
    Poison: Calculating Poison Damage
    Potions: Double Heal
    Prevent Monster Heal: until char returns to town
    [SIZE=+1]R[/SIZE]adius: Radius Image
    Range: Melee Range Image
    Runewords: Wiki
    Slow: slows target by
    Sockets: Wiki Staffmods: Staffmod tiers
    [SIZE=+1]T[/SIZE]reasure Class: groups | Treasure Classes 1.10 | A guide
    Weapon Speed: Act2 Merc IAS Tables
    [SIZE=+1]Y[/SIZE]ards by Resolution: Screen size
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