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Statistic Forum Guides

This thread is meant as a collection of longer guides and knowledge compilations that cover specific topics. If you have something to add then please notify me either by PM or make a post in the input sticky.

1.xx [thread=317032]Guide to Testing & Balance[/thread] (Electric Blue)
1.11 [thread=463472]Guide to Sparkly Chests[/thread] (Quickdeath)
1.11 [thread=392254]Item Generation Tutorial (v1.0)[/thread] (Warrior of Light)
1.11 [thread=485464]Skill Granting Items 2.1[/thread] (Kijya)
1.10 [thread=403178]Charm Guide, Final Version[/thread] (corax)
1.10 [thread=126824]MF Area-Levellist 85+/84/83/82[/thread] (melianor)
1.10 [thread=218836](Final) Area Listing[/thread] (Atrocitas)
1.10 [thread=178289]Rune Finder's Guide v2.0[/thread] (Urlik)
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