Statement on Max Block and Sorc


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Statement on Max Block and Sorc

Now in the past I havent really argued the use of Max block but always stated it too certain things to get it and that if you dont have these then you are flurting wiht disssaster. I had never made a max block sorc (i hate sorcs really), but I decided since some items dropped that made it possible, and all to give it a shot.

My new sorcy although not the "top of the line build" is very impressive to this sorc hater.

max Blizz
Max Mastery
Max Glacial
17 Telekenisis
1 ES
1 Warmth
working on cold synery
all the rest are prereqs
3 static

tals belt (nightsmoke unitl last night)
New Oak Ring Meph dropped last night (was rez/energy)
rare ring rez/energy/mana/life
Crafted ammy +1 with nice stats 15 dex 9forgot rest)
+2 Magic Circlet with 2 sockets 25 strenght!!!! I traded a FAL for it and added two topaz
Switch is Ancinets (will be rhyme)
Alibaba with 2 MF jewels

Inventory has about 8 17-20 small lifers
2(0 big mana charms
(2) large mana charms
Gheeds (Andy dropped last night) 22%
couple small rez charms
8 open boxes

Life is 998
Mana 724 or so
1400 or so with oak

84 strenght
170 Dex
240 or so vita
base Energy

I dont get hit much teleporting around, oak lives fine if I just burn my way there but it is a caster magnet if I stop to kill things and dies fast. Its worth having but agrevating it dies so quick.

Merc will have that reapers toll soon, Black Hades topazed and ATM CoT. In case he gets a kill I want him to have some mf!

With Bo in small games she is tuff to hit, teled thru many bad packs of guys last night and never swallowed a juv.

A Shako would probably put this build over the top but i amm hppy thus far.

I still stand on that expecting to make maxx block untwinked is not the best way to go, but it sure is pretty nice when you can make one.

BTW, unless they redo skills again I doubt I ever make an orb sorc again. Glacial maxed with my skills is over 300 damage, Blixx is almost 1900. Cast blizz and spamm Glacial while blizz falls puts out a ton of damage per given time, and Glacial stopps things in thier path. I love blue statues! Fanatic Lidster minions tend to be pretty gentle frozen!


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Looks like a nice build there Stinger.

BTW, I saw that your a GOLD PAL member, is that b/c u got that 1 referral? And how exactly does that work?


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Just costs more, but no more banners!!!

i do 95% of my time on here at work, so those banners can be an issue!

Not even sure what you mean by referral?


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HAMC8112 said:
Can you explain what an aok ring is Stinger, must be a noob cos i dont know that.

Wisp Projector or Natures Peace.

I use Natures Peace on my sorc myself.


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Just costs more, but no more banners!!!

i do 95% of my time on here at work, so those banners can be an issue!

Not even sure what you mean by referral?
If u look @ your Public Profile, above the title : Additional Info.

Shows "Referrals : 1"