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Stat/Skill assignments for leveling your Hammerdin.

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by ian_linington, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. ian_linington

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    Nov 24, 2003
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    Stat/Skill assignments for leveling your Hammerdin.


    Posting it here so that someone can add it to the right place. I took this out of the Hammerdin Guide and my be useful following the wipe of posts.... Sorry if it is in the wrong place :embarrass


    Ian L.

    o o o - - - o o o​

    According to Zarkano this is the best way to level up your Hammerdin. Looks good to me. Thanks to Ragnarod for this link:


    LEVEL 2
    +1 Might (prereq for Conc)
    +5 Str (30 str)

    LEVEL 3
    +1 Prayer (prereq for Vigor)
    +5 Str (35str)

    LEVEL 4 (DEN of EVIL quest done)
    +5 Str (40 str)
    2 skill points saved

    LEVEL 5
    +5 Str (45 str)
    3 skill points saved

    LEVEL 6
    +1 Defiance (prereq for Vigor)
    +1 Holy Bolt (prereq for Blessed Hammer)
    +5 Str (50 str)
    2 skill points saved

    LEVEL 7
    +5 Str (55 str)
    3 skill points saved

    I elected to stop adding to strength for a while since I could wear mostly anything I found including (if I was lucky) some of the set items.

    LEVEL 8
    +5 Vit (30 vit)
    4 skill points saved

    LEVEL 9
    +5 Vit (35 vit)
    5 skill points saved

    LEVEL 10
    +5 Vit (40 vit)
    6 skill points saved

    LEVEL 11
    +5 Vit (45 vit)
    7 skill points saved

    LEVEL 12
    +1 Cleansing (prereq for Vigor)
    +1 Blessed Aim (prereq for Blessed Hammer)
    +5 Vit (50 vit)
    6 skill points saved

    LEVEL 13
    +5 Vit (55 vit)
    7 skill points saved

    It was tempting to add to Blessed Aim but then Conc and BH would be maxxed 7 levels later. Also, in retrospect, I would not have been able to work on Holy Shield sooner than I did and would have regretted that a lot.

    LEVEL 14
    +5 Dex (25 dex)
    8 skill points saved

    LEVEL 15
    +5 Dex (30 dex)
    9 skill points saved

    LEVEL 16
    +5 Vit (60 vit)
    10 skill points saved

    LEVEL 17
    +5 Vit (65 vit)
    11 skill points saved

    LEVEL 18
    +1 Vigor (synergy for BH)
    +1 Blessed Hammer
    +1 Concentration
    +5 Vit (70 vit)
    9 skill points saved

    LEVEL 19 (RADAMENT quest done)
    +1 Vigor (lvl 2)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 2)
    +5 Vit (75 vit)
    9 skill points saved

    Leaving Blessed Hammer at 1 point until it becomes necessary to improve damage and pally can afford mana consumption.

    LEVEL 20
    +1 Vigor (lvl 3)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 3)
    +5 Vit (80 vit)
    8 skill points saved

    LEVEL 21
    +1 Vigor (lvl 4)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 4)
    +5 Vit (85 vit)
    7 skill points saved

    LEVEL 22
    +1 Vigor (lvl 5)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 5)
    +5 Vit (90 vit)
    6 skill points saved

    LEVEL 23
    +1 Vigor (lvl 6)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 6)
    +5 Vit (95 vit)
    5 skill points saved

    Still using just the normal attack I started with. Started to need BH in Flayer Jungle. Melee attack missing slightly more now but still adequate. Vitality compensating for damage taken.

    LEVEL 24 (LAM ESSEN quest done)
    +1 Vigor (lvl 7)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 7)
    +5 Dex (35 dex)
    +5 Vit (100 vit)
    4 skill points saved

    LEVEL 25
    +1 Vigor (lvl 8)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 8)
    +5 Vit (105 vit)
    3 skill points saved

    LEVEL 26
    +1 Vigor (lvl 9)
    +2 Blessed Hammer (lvl 3)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 9)
    +5 Vit (110 vit)
    all extra skill points used

    Blessed Hammer damage starting to fall behind so took 2 points in it. Noticed big jump in BH damage. The synergies were having small effect in damage increase while there was only 1 point in BH. Will consider alternating further skill points between Conc and BH depending on mana consumption.

    LEVEL 27
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 4)
    +5 Vit (115 vit)

    Did some Meph runs to try to upgrade equipment using BH almost exclusively. Took another point in Blessed Hammers so I could do good damage to Meph.

    LEVEL 28 (IZUAL quest done)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 10)
    +5 Vit (120 vit)
    2 skill points saved

    Will save Izual quest points for the moment so that I can get Redemption at lvl 30. Note how adding +1 to Conc gives only small increase in BH damage.

    LEVEL 29
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 5)
    +5 Vit (125 vit)
    2 skill points saved

    LEVEL 30
    +1 Redemption
    +1 Vigor (lvl 10)
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 6)
    +5 Str (60 str)
    no extra skill points saved

    Doing Diablo runs for items and exp. Running BH with Redemption aura. No need to drink potions at all in Chaos, only with Diablo. Will stop adding Vigor now until Conc and BH maxxed. Can afford to bump up BH now that I have Redemption. Balrog boss worse than Diablo.

    LEVEL 31
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 7)
    +5 Vit (130 vit)

    LEVEL 32
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 8)
    +5 Vit (135 vit)

    LEVEL 33
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 9)
    +5 Vit (140 vit)

    LEVEL 34
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 10)
    +5 Vit (145 vit)

    LEVEL 35
    +1 Concentration (lvl 11)
    +5 Vit (150 vit)

    LEVEL 36
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 11)
    +5 Vit (155 vit)

    LEVEL 37
    +1 Concentration (lvl 12)
    +5 Vit (160 vit)

    Did Ancients quest. Piece of cake.

    LEVEL 38
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 12)
    +5 Vit (165 vit)

    Did Baal quest. Very easy with the massive life and damage. Will stay in norm to get easy exp and items from Baal runs.

    LEVEL 39
    +1 Concentration (lvl 13)
    +5 Vit (170 vit)

    LEVEL 40
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 13)
    +5 Vit (175 vit)

    LEVEL 41
    +1 Concentration (lvl 14)
    +5 Vit (180 vit)

    LEVEL 42
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 14)
    +5 Vit (185 vit)


    LEVEL 43 (DEN of EVIL quest done)
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 15)
    +1 Concentration (lvl 15)
    +5 Vit (190 vit)

    Will max Conc now since hammers doing plenty damage. Pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to kill. Everything dies. Hammers rule.

    LEVEL 44
    +1 Concentration (lvl 16)
    +5 Vit (195 vit)

    LEVEL 45 (RADAMENT quest done)
    +2 Concentration (lvl 18)
    +5 Vit (200 vit)

    A little nasty in the sewers with the skeleton archers. Good fire resists a must. Despite the massive vitality, they take a good chunk of life out when pelted by a sizable crowd.

    LEVEL 46
    +1 Concentration (lvl 19)
    +5 Dex (40 dex)

    Starting to need more dex and str for equipment reqs.

    LEVEL 47
    +1 Concentration (lvl 20 - MAXXED)
    +5 Dex (45 dex)

    Maxxing BH now. Mana sufficient for needs now through gear and Redemption. Breezing through act 2 but watch out for the lightning skelly archers in Jail levels.

    LEVEL 48
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 16)
    +5 Dex (50 dex)

    LEVEL 49
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 17)
    +5 Str (65 str)

    Duriel bit the dust fast. Wonderful thing about the hammerdin; being frozen here doesn't matter.

    LEVEL 50
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 18)
    +5 Str (70 str)

    LEVEL 51
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 19)
    +5 Dex (55 dex)

    LEVEL 52
    +1 Blessed Hammer (lvl 20 - MAXXED)
    +5 Dex (60 dex)

    Hoo boy. Serious damage! Nmare is a breeze as long as the resists are okay. Will flesh out Vigor now. Block is very low and ranged attackers hurt a lot. The Flayers can be a pain, especially the pea-shooters and I find I don't stay stationary long.

    LEVEL 53 (LAM ESSEN quest done)
    +1 Vigor (lvl 11)
    +5 Dex (65 dex)
    +5 Vit (205 vit)

    LEVEL 54
    +1 Vigor (lvl 12)
    +5 Dex (70 dex)

    LEVEL 55
    +1 Vigor (lvl 13)
    +5 Vit (210 vit)

    Mephisto dies easily. More runs for equipment. Bremm with conviction aura is a serious threat. The merc dies here frequently. I leave it dead to save cash. Fire and poison resist maxxed is a must now.

    LEVEL 56
    +1 Vigor (lvl 14)
    +5 Str (75 str)

    LEVEL 57 (IZUAL quest done)
    +3 Vigor (lvl 17)
    +5 Vit (215 vit)

    Gloams are capital N nasty! Despite maxxed resists, a pack will quickly reduce your life to nothing. Even retreating doesn't help much. Of all the monsters in Act 4, they are the worst by far. Good idea to cast frequent portals.

    LEVEL 58
    +1 Vigor (lvl 18)
    +5 Str (80 str)

    LEVEL 59
    +1 Vigor (lvl 19)
    +5 Dex (75 dex)

    Diablo dies. Chaos runs seem easier than I expected. The Balrog boss is as much a pain as he was in norm.

    LEVEL 60
    +1 Vigor (lvl 20 - MAXXED)
    +5 Str (85 str)

    At this point, I'm finding that as much as I wanted to dispense with Holy Shield, I doubt that I can. Ranged attackers in Bloody Foothills can quickly stun lock me and cause me to die very fast. Spear cats especially fearsome. Will be boosting Holy Shield for a bit 'til I get something decent for block rate. Currently 25% and inadequate.

    LEVEL 61
    +1 Smite (prereq for Holy Shield)
    +5 Dex (80 dex)

    LEVEL 62
    +1 Charge (prereq for Holy Shield)
    +5 Dex (85 dex)

    LEVEL 63
    +1 Holy Shield
    +5 Dex (90 dex)

    LEVEL 64
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 2)
    +5 Dex (95 dex)

    LEVEL 65
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 3)
    +5 Dex (100 dex)

    LEVEL 66
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 4)
    +5 Dex (105 dex)

    Baal dies without too much difficulty. The hammers are doing 3000+ damage. With equipment on, I have almost 300 mana to draw from but I still consume a lot battling him because of his mana drain attack. Though I could go on to Hell difficulty, I'll stay in act 5 and level up Holy Shield to get a decent block.

    LEVEL 67
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 5)
    +5 Dex (110 dex)

    LEVEL 68
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 6)
    +5 Dex (115 dex)

    LEVEL 69
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 7)
    +5 Dex (120 dex)

    LEVEL 70
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 8)
    +5 Dex (125 dex)

    LEVEL 70
    +1 Holy Shield (lvl 9)
    +5 Str (90 str)

    At this point, I have 74% chance to block with a duration over 2 minutes.

    Not proceeding beyond this point for now. It was my intention to build this pally so he'd be 'hell-ready'. If I were to continue, I'd increase Holy Shield to lvl 10. That should maintain a 75% block, especially if I can get a better shield than the 'Rhymed' Akaran Targe I currently use. Further skill points would be allocated to Blessed Aim to increase BH damage.
    Subsequent stat points would go to vitality.


    The pally has the following:

    +20 Concentration
    +20 Blessed Hammer
    +20 Vigor
    +9 Holy Shield
    +1 Redemption
    +1 to all prerequisites

    90 Strength
    125 Dexterity
    215 Vitality
    15 Energy

    3119-3165 Blessed Hammer damage
    Chance to block 74% for 130 seconds
    Resistances all maxxed at 75% (actual numbers are 170 Fire/ 151 Cold/ 190 Lightning/ 181 Poison)

    As a side-note, I'll mention that he has none of the preferred equipment (Herald of Zakarum gilded shield, Vipermagi serpentskin armor, Wizardspike bone knife, Harlequin Crest shako, Arachnid Mesh belt, combat charms, skills amulet or rings). Nor have either of his socket quests been used. Yet, he's a formidable killer and would become even more so with them."

    End of Quote
  2. Ragnarod

    Ragnarod DiabloII.Net Pal

    Jun 21, 2003
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    Thanks a lot for reposting this Ian, I'm saving it to my comp, and I'll figure a way to include it in my guide
  3. PenFold

    PenFold IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    thank you, thank you, thank you! :):):) was just about to ask anyone if they had this stored. this is my first pally and both ragnarods and the other one is really helping me.

  4. Gangles

    Gangles IncGamers Member

    May 3, 2004
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    Thank you, Thank you. I followed the guide pretty much to a tee. My pally rocks and easily killed Baal at level 34. This was my first ladder char so I had to start from scratch and found that his lack of need for equipment has made him a great first char. I can level him high and let him trickle the gear down to some of the newer chars.
    Cheers to you and bottoms up :drink:

    (Amish) BarnRaiser lvl 36 Hammerdin
  5. Luckymofo

    Luckymofo IncGamers Member

    Jul 25, 2003
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    quick question: is meditation worth a point or should i just use pots?
  6. Tanatus

    Tanatus IncGamers Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    I'd disagree with this approach and would like point out that for maximizing damage of your hammer you need make a few changes
    first you need put every lvl +1 to blessed aim till you able get BH so in time then you finally get your primary attack due to sinergy it will have decent damage.
    second thing getting concentration up before BH make no sence. None of sinergy skills none of mastery will not give as much damage increase as a direct increase of skill points of your primary attack
    third holy shield really nice skill there is no reason to hold for it - get it at lvl 30 and leave at 1 point till later in game with items you will have decent duration and notable AC/block increase anyway (so to speak ~1000AC and ~69% block is more then enouth to solo hell .... as long as you hammers do 5K+ and you have 100+FCR)
    Best deffence in this game is offence thus maximizing damage from hammers is essential.
    On a side note I can only say that hammerdin the only class I had that was able solo hell at lvl 76 with very very medioroce equipment (only +5 to skills total +6 to offensive aura thou).
  7. DiabloJ2000

    DiabloJ2000 IncGamers Member

    Nov 15, 2003
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    Tanatus, why you don't pump up BH before its synergies is because of the mana cost at low lvls, maxing the synergies doesn't increase mana comumption.
    but i did max blessed aim before BH, it just happened that was i guess, since i was meleeing allot :p (pardon my spelling)
    well thats bout it, o yeh were u get 3k dmg? (what lvl skills, just curious cuz i wana know wut lvl i will b when i should have that much dmg :p)
  8. sunsmoon

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    I'd like to add that the hammerdin is the only character I've seen not die because of the dclone. My friends hammerdin died once because he ran out of mana--that's got me making my own just to hunt. :D
    ALSO to add, his is a 1.08 or 1.09 hammerdin who's living through hell--none of my 1.07, 1.08, or 1.09 characters are doing as well as his hammerdin is. *applause*
  9. Tanatus

    Tanatus IncGamers Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    I give 1 hint ... At lvl 30 every sane hammerdin invest 1 point in skill called redemption ... once you done it - you unstopable. Its work like wonder - create hammerfield then hit for a second or 2 redemption aura and you again full of mana and life. Hammerdin dont need huge mana pool its common misconception (templar need it) mana cost of hammer in relation to mana pool is simply insignigicant. With ~300-400 total mana you can in 8 player game hell total destroy Lester and Ko and still have like halth bouble of mana remain .... assuming you hammer do high enouth damage of course.
    Now about how to achieve highest damage at any given skills. Few rules here
    a) Points directly into skill will increase damage output more then anything else (supporting aura or/and sinergy)
    b) due to specific effect of concentration it been shown that the best way to maximize hammer damage is altenation between concetration and one of sinergy (I agree with captain_bogus that doing vigor first is have more sence)
    About damage with only +4 total to skills with maxed BH/Conc/Vigor hammer do 4+K damage. If you are really curious Captain_bogus guid have detailed table how damage of hammer changes with each skill point invested...
    Anyway general tactic is
    at lvl 12 you get BA then every lvl you put 1 point in BA untill lvl 18 where you put 1 point in BH, Conc, Vigor and BA at lvl 19 you should have enouth points saved to repeat same thing 1 point into BH/Vigor/BA/Conc ... After that you should pump first BH with using 1 point for Meditation (at lvl 24) and 1 point for Redemption (at lvl 30) at lvl 38 you should max out BH then you will altenate Conc and Vigor (you could do BA instead of Vigor but imo Vigor more usefull aura for transportation so... vigor first)
  10. lerixeh

    lerixeh IncGamers Member

    Jul 13, 2004
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    I'd like to just say.. I have a level 89 hammerdin with a 12k BH. He rocks no doubt.

    I only use him for hell rushes these days anyways. But to help fellow noobs who tried using this while making theirs.. I suggest different changes. I used a variation myself.

    Get str up fast to where you need it. Hopefully from that you can use sigons.
    Your paladin is going to be melee till level ~35-40. So put most points into blessed aim and alternate with conc. When you start getting close to 30 youll have around 10 into Conc/BA so start pumping BH and alternating with vigor. At level 50 you should have a decent damaging BH with the synergies and a min. lvl of BH at 10-15. From there you can start maxing BH which will start to really hurt your mana consumption but redemption will show it's true colors.
    (work with me on those numbers.. i popped them out of my head)
    So at the end of it all...
    max blessed aim
    max vigor
    max conc
    max BH
    1 redemption
    rest holy shield.

    GL :thumbsup:
  11. Quichote_nl_123

    Quichote_nl_123 IncGamers Member

    Aug 6, 2004
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    If you ask me the general Hammerdin build is rather simple... you just max Vigor Concentration Blessed-aim Blessed-hammer and put the rest in Holy-shield BUT

    since this build IS PvM and you want it to reach level 99 (ergo youll Baalrun a lot) Id suggest the adding a point to Meditation for the party-friendly element.

    My hammerdin build:
    20 Conc
    20 Vigor
    20 Hammer
    20 Blessed aim
    1 Redemption
    1 Meditation
    1 to all prequisites
    the rest all to Shield...

    funny how I can write all this text just to suggest adding a single point in Meditation :p aw well :thanks:
  12. RottenWomb

    RottenWomb IncGamers Member

    Sep 10, 2004
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    1 Point in Salvation never hurt anyone either.
  13. -Congo-

    -Congo- IncGamers Member

    Aug 31, 2004
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    Besides this being a good guide, I have to get my 2 cents in. Hammerdins are probably the most stereotypical cookie cutter build out there IMO. They are easy to make and very powerful, making it one of the easiest characters to play once you learn how to aim your hammers (total practice = 5 minutes). I made my first Hammerdin on ladder 1 without the use of any guides, and it turned out basically the same as the ones mentioned here. Except I had invested a point or two in Holy Freeze which meant that I had a couple of less points in Holy Shield at the end. Should I have scrapped him and rebuilt?

    The thing I like about placing a skill point when you level is that there is actually text describing what the skill does and lists that skill's synergies. It's actually pretty neato. So like was mentioned before, any Hammerdin is going to be melee until around lvl 40 or so and is going to be using some mismatched gear and the whole bit. So why not just put a bit of individual thought into your build. Would you think of pumping blessed aim early on so that you actually hit stuff, knowing that it's a synergie for hammers later on. Now I know some of you are going to say that these are just suggested skill and stat point allocations as you level. This I am aware of. However, you and I know that there are going to be people out there that are going to print this off and follow it to a T and are going to ask why they can't kill fast at lvl 20.

    All I am saying if you know how the character is supposed to function in the end, then have some fun getting there. I looked over Ash's Frenzy guide thuroughly before I built my barb...but mine turned out a little different and I think he's one of my funnest characters to play. Anyway, I wasn't trying to insult anyone. I really appreciate people taking the time to put these guides together. They are very helpful and I find myself reading most of them.

    P.S. Next time you're bored, take an untwinked character to lvl 80 or's good for the soul.
  14. Tanatus

    Tanatus IncGamers Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    Guys you gota be kidding me hammerdin melee past lvl 18???? :scratch: :surprise: :rant:
    I stoped melee past lvl 18 completely, yes I had to stack my whole belt with blue portions but - I leveled blazing fast from 18 to 24 (tombs till 20, then cows till 24). Once you hit lvl 24 (meditation!) if you do circle - kill everything with BH - recharge with meditation - you will kill things faster then you zeal everything on your way...
    I recall that at lvl 18 after you put 6 points into BA 1 point into BH 1 point into vigor and 1 point into conc total damage should be around 300 which is hell a lot - you should slaughter everything in normal in single hit (single player game).
    Again I highly recomend look carefull trough captain_bogus guide "maximum damage hammer - mathematical approach" That guide not only give step by step skill point investment its also give you perfect ideas what gear you should aim at low lvls and where you should lvl your char for maximum efficiency
    Final skill discribution for hammerdin pretty obvious
    1 meditation, cleansing, redemption, salvation
    rest goes into HS
    Some might suggest have alternative attack for PvP - well my advice use smite and have on a switch "beast" caddi with lvl 9 fana, upped HOZ with teleport on your right mouse and smite on a left and switch on BH/conc with fastest cast rate (125) you will be very deadly
  15. zarkano

    zarkano IncGamers Member

    Jul 3, 2003
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    Hello everyone.

    Been a long time since I posted. Saw this thread and recognized my list for levelling the hammerdin. Glad to see it's still of some use.

    However, one has to keep in mind that it was written during the time that 1.10 was still beta as single-player. There's been a lot of time to refine that list as most of you have since discovered. And many of you bypass this type of levelling anyway, right? Especially you HC's. :uhhuh:

    Don't play anymore, other things in life seem to get in the way. But hoping you all having a blast with a great game.


  16. msde

    msde IncGamers Member

    Sep 2, 2004
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    Hah, very funny. My hammerdin hit 18 last night, and does maybe 20 damage with his hammers and can cast a total of 10 of them. I'm not about to stop meleeing yet. Maybe at 24 this is more reasonable, but trying to kill anything with hammers at 18 is silly. I tried, and it takes most of my mana.

    I did a web search for this guide, and it's too long to paste into this post. As usual, the gear section is worthless, as it expects my new ladder characters to already have 2 SoJ and a Mara's. However, the rest seems sound.

    "Speaking of auras, this guy does not right away max Concentration. To achieve the maximum damage hammer at the lower levels it becomes necessary to max Blessed Hammer first, then balance Concentration with the synergies Vigor and Blessed Aim."

    " Total min = [(0.1285*BH^2+6.925*BH+5.6421)*(1+1.14*(BA+V))]* [1+(0.075*C+0.225)]

    Total max = [(0.1333*BH^2+6.804*BH+10.032)*(1+1.14*(BA+V))]* [1+(0.075*C+0.225)]"

    "Level 1 - 12: one point each in Might, Prayer, Smite, Holy Bolt, Defiance, Charge, Blessed Aim, and Cleansing. Save all other points. If you have done Den and Radament you should have 5 points leftover.

    Level 13 - 17: put a point in Blessed Aim every level. Trust me.

    Level 18 and 19: You should have plenty of points to do this. Blessed Hammer, Concentration, Vigor, and Blessed Aim. Now you can cast some killer hammers. And with your level 7 and 8 Blessed Aim they will be very powerful.

    Level 20 - 23: Pump Blessed Hammer every level. Do Izual, but save one point at level 23.

    Level 24: Holy Shield and Meditation. In case you don’t know, Holy Shield is your best friend for defense. It increases your chance to block and your defense rating.

    Level 25 - 38: Max Blessed Hammer, but go ahead and drop a point in Redemption at level 30. You should still be in Normal leveling up. At level 38 you should be at 20/2/2/9 for BH/Conc/Vigor/BA.

    Level 39 - 70: Here it gets interesting. What we have found is that at this point you should alternate Concentration and one of the synergy skills, Vigor or BA, to maximize your damage. I picked Vigor first arbitrarily here. You could just as well max Blessed Aim first. They add the same amount of damage. So at level 39 put a point in Conc, at 40 put a point in Vigor, and alternate until you max out both skills. This will occur at level 70. By the way, by level 51 you should be in Nightmare and done with Den of Evil and Radament. Kill Izual about level 60, move into Hell about level 70, and clean out the Den of Evil.

    Level 71 - 79: Max Blessed Aim. Grab the Hell Radament and Izual quests to complete your build.

    Level 80 and up: You are on your own now. Holy Shield is nice to increase your chance to block and save on some dexterity points for use in vitality."
  17. Tanatus

    Tanatus IncGamers Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    Nah gear selection is ok .... but for low lvl hammerdin I highly recomend look for next
    armor progression
    clvl17 - stealth, clvl 29 -skin of vipermagi, clvl63 enigma or upped vipermagi
    weapon progression
    +3BH scepter asap as you can equip it (~clvl 21) - suicide branch clvl 33 - hoto
    sheild progression
    clvl 15 - steel clush, clvl 33 (if I not mistaken) Spendor in good resist 2os paladin shield, clvl 42 HOZ
    helm progression
    clvl 15 - tarnhelm, clvl 27 - lore, clvl 63 - shako , clvl 67 +2pala/20FCR/2OS/res all/life/mana rare circlet (if you are really rich)
    P.S. I value Lore over Peasant crown for simple reason it give you +5 mana per kill and +30 lighting resist which is priceless at low lvl
    ammulet progression
    clvl 15 - eye ethlich, clvl 30 good +1 paladin/resist/life/mana, clvl 45 +3 combat - then Mara or rara/crafted +2pala/5-20FCR/15+ res all ammi
    my personal choice for low budget dwarf star/raven frost for richer ppl - I'd consider combo wisp/dwarf or wisp/bk
    belt progression
    clvl 20 nightsmoke, clvl 30 upped nighsmoke then t-gods (low budget) or arachnid mesh
  18. msde

    msde IncGamers Member

    Sep 2, 2004
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    enigma, HOZ, shako, mara's, and a raven's frost?

    where the heck do you MF that you can get all of this by level 70?
  19. Summoned

    Summoned IncGamers Member

    Jul 1, 2004
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    Maybe 5000 hell mephisto runs and 1500000 hell hephasto runs? (Assuming you don't multiplay and get to mephy by level 65 and act 4 at level 68)
  20. Tanatus

    Tanatus IncGamers Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    Here we go ...
    Do NM travis run .... a lot - collect ALL GC you'll find, collect ALL flawless gems you can find...
    Cube ALL GCs into skillers (hint: NM Travis GCs have highest chance in game to be cubed into skillers)
    Trade skillers for runes
    PaliCombat/PnB - Ist
    Fire/Cold/Trap/ - Mal
    WarCry/Pali Offensive/Lighting/Shadow/Java/NecroSummon - Um
    Passive/BarbCombat - Pul
    Price list
    Jah/Ber - 4Ist
    HOTO - 2-5Ist
    Mara - Ist-2Ist if near perfect
    Shako - Pul-Um
    3OS good deffense low str elite armor ~Um-Ist

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