stat and skill point alocation for PVP WWBarb

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stat and skill point alocation for PVP WWBarb

Well, I'm making yet another infamous WW + tele barb... Therefore, I need some help...Since I suck at this and really don't wanna mess up this barb...

Dream Gear: (gear I'll be aiming for and getting...slowly)

Helm: Ber'd Arreat's
Armour: Archon Nigma (duh...)
Weapon: Botd Cb + grief or Botd cb + for suggestions as long as it's a sword.
Boots: Goreriders ?
Belt: Dungos, or Tgods?
Gloves: Was thinking, maybe IK's or Steelrends, can anyone help me here?
Ammy and Ring: Angelic (both rings if I start missing a lot)
Ring2: Ravenfrost and Sorbing Gear (wisp, raven, dwarf star)

Ok, I wanted to know, with THIS setup, what would be the perfect stat point placement ?

However, I wanna be able to use it before I get nigma, so I'd have to use a slightly diferent "stat placement"
My available gear would be something in the lines of:

Helm: Arreat's
Armour: Upp'ed Shaft
Weapon: Let's consider I have botd Cb (I'm trying or Grief
Shield: (in case I use) Stormshield
Rings and ammy: I got those, Angelics and Ravenfrost..
Boots: Gores
Gloves: Atm, probably Dracs, but I could purge one of my chars of their IK's..
Belt: Dungos

So, how should I place my stat points so I can use both setups? I wanna have as much life as possible...I really need help on this, form the "guys with the numbers"...

As far as skill points go, I was thinking:

Max WW - 25 points (5 for pre-reqs)
Shout - 11 points (1 for pre-reqs)
Max Battle Orders - 20 points (pre-reqs already included)
Battle Command - 1 point (prereqs already included)
Max Sword Mastery - 20 points (no prereqs)

that's 77 skill points (assuming I didn't miscalculate) to cover the very "basics"...97 (number of available skill points up to lvl 85) - 77 = 27

Now, I was thinking:

Increased Stamina - 1 point
Increased Speed - 1 point
Iron Skin - 15 points
Natural Resiststances - 10 points

Is 10 points too much into Natural Resistances?
What do you guys think? I need help here...


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I wouldn't go for that "beofre enigma" thing, since if you use a upg shaft before enigma, you'd have to place millions on strength, while you can achieve an archon eni with very low base str. I'd just level it until 65 and then get his stuff on..

also your statpoint decisions, armor, and skills should depend on what kind of barb are you aiming for (exmpl, tvt barb, BvC, BvB barb etc...) If you're wanting to be competent in BvB, you should pour most of your points in iron skin after other skills are maxed.

if you are aiming for BvC, higher natural resist, and higher increased speed.

on your item decisions, you dont necessarily have to choose one, but you can switch depending on the opponent, i.e dungo vs physical using opponents, and tgods vs lightning based casters.
for gloves, steels are best imo. The high dmg boost is just so appealing.

dunno.. i'm not a real barb expert, but different set ups vs different opponents should be considered. gl dueling :p