Starting up a Avenger...

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Starting up a Avenger...

Hi all, first of all, a little bit on me.

Played diablo 2 back in college, back in 1.09 (I think) back when LOD was brand spanking new. somehow I had stopped playing Diablo II, but I saw it for sale with LOD included and picked it up and started playing agian.

Anywyas, Starting a ladder Paladin, who design is going to fall under the avenger catagory. This is going to be "Untweaked" in that its only going to have stuff that I can find or beg/borrow (I don't steal) so I am making due with what I can find so far.

Now, Just finished act I - this is what my guy is at.

level 16 (nearing 17)

skill loadout is as such
Risist Cold/fire/light - each at 4 points
Prayer at 1
Might at 1
Sacrifice at 1
Zeal at 1

Items equiped are

Shield - Pelta Lunata
weapon - Grim Bolt Pilum - 1-7 light damage, 7 posion over 3 sec, light resist 10, mana on kill
Boots - Gorefoot
Helm - Soul Crest - 10 percent chance of Light bolt, +2 to life

The rest of the stuff is a +2 amulet of regen, a decent rare belt that has 5 low ablities, and some gold and MF rings and gloves.

Stats are

str 41
Dex 49(needs to get higher pronto)
Vit 67
En 25

I was thinking of as soon as I hit level 18 boosting up the Vengence up a bit and start using that as my main attack skill. (if you guys want the details on the stats of Gorefoot or Pelta Lunata let me know) Does anyone have any ideas on where I need to go with this guy? Been a long time since I played this wonderful game!

Well, off to get the cube so I can clean up my stash...


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Just take it slow. DOn't be afraid to hang around some free games too ! Some people mf so much "crap" (some or if not most are actually useful!) that they just dump them in such games since they can't get it off fast enough.

I would recommend stacking on pgems as well or start cubing the normal gems into flawless and flawless to perfect. Those babies do have some trade value and you can get some decent items with those.

Also you seem to have a sound understanding of the synergies and all so don't be too worried. As for dex, don't pump it up too high early, max block is not so important in normal, focus on getting your strength up so you can use better gear you come across. For example, Sigon set is nice for a budding Avenger but the str reqs are alittle steep. In addition the shield has fantastic block rates as well even for a low dex char.


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Welcome back..

Check guide sticky on top for guides and trade forums for free items or p gem items.

happy reading!

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If you play on US East I have some items I could toss yor way to help a bit. so if you are on US East leave your acct and I will contact you and give you whatever spare I have. Good luck starting up.

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I am on US east, so any help would be wonderful :smiley:

Drgong is the account, XonCarnif is the guy....

my build after resistance and and Vengence is also going to have zome Zelot<sp> to the build, as its quite useful to have it for the random hordes of low level critters, then switch over using W to my 2nd weapon with Vengence when meeting bosses or champs... :grin:

Guess my build is a Zvenger?


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I play on east also. hit me up sometime and I give whatever I can. haliker and haliker1 are my accounts.